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Tuesday, March 04, 2014

What to wear while travelling long haul flights

Travelling on a long haul flight is always known to be extremely taxing on your well being as well as your clothing. Even the most frequent flyers are known to feel extremely tired after travelling on a long haul flight. However, very few passengers understand that this experience can be made even worse if they do not wear the right clothing on the aircraft. Nothing can be worse than having to meet family and friends or go for business visits after a long haul flight in stained, uncomfortable or creased clothes. By following a few simple guidelines, you can ensure that you save yourself from this embarrassment and also ensure that you have a pleasant and comfortable time on board. The simplest rule is to ensure that you don’t wear something which is too tight, too cold or too warm to wear. The idea is to be as comfortable as possible. Here are a few clothing tips to increase your comfort levels in those small and cramped up economy class seats.

Dressing up in various layers

The cabin temperature varies from airline to airline and aircraft to aircraft. Therefore, dressing up in layers is the best option available to you as it allows you to shed a layer of clothing or put one on, when you feel too hot or too cold. The outer layer should consist of a jumper or a cardigan and you can wear a t-shirt, shirt or blouse underneath. Also, it is always better to wear natural fibres and not man-made fibres.

Wearing loose clothes

Wearing loose clothes will always help you stay comfortable during the flight. The best option is to wear comfortable tracksuit bottoms and refrain from wearing shoes which are not airy or are too tight. Light clothes are also important as they can help you from preventing deep vein thrombosis or blood clots, a common symptom that occurs during long haul flights.

What to wear when travelling on business

If you plan to go to a business meeting straight from the airport, you need something which looks professional and smart. However, even so, your best option is to wear something for the most part of your journey and change into a business suit just before your flight is scheduled to land. This will allow you to look fresh despite having endured the tortures of a long haul flight.

What to wear when travelling with kids and infants

When travelling with your kids and infants, you need to ensure that you look decent when you get off the aircraft. Remember, the chances of something spilling on your clothes is extremely probable during a long flight. Your best bet is to always carry a spare set of clothes which you can change into just before the flight lands. You’d probably need to spares if your kids are really small.

What not to wear on a long haul flight

Now that you’ve understood what should be worn on long haul flights, it is important for you to understand what to avoid at all costs.
- Nightclothes and pyjamas – Think about it. Would you walk around your house in pyjamas all day long if you had others living in the house as well? Would you go out and meet strangers in pyjamas or your nightclothes? Then how can you believe that they re the right things to wear on an aircraft. There are some things which are best to be kept private and your pyjamas are just one of them.
- Refrain from wearing sexy clothes such as low cut dresses or clothes which have thigh high hemlines. Long heels are out of the question as well. Apart from the obvious issues of these clothes being extremely tight and uncomfortable, there is always a chance of a wardrobe malfunction happening on the aircraft.
- Tight clothes are a strict no as well. There is no way you can be comfortable on an aircraft wearing tight dresses. Think about your poor blood vessels. They just don’t have any room to breathe for a long period of time. Think about the fact that you might end up suffering from deep vein thrombosis.

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