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Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Travelling to Asia during the fall seasons

Travelling to Asia during the Fall Seasons can be as enjoyable as any other time, provided you know what to do and where to go to. There are a few destinations which are known to offer tourists with some of the most splendid sights during the fall seasons. And then there are destinations in the typhoon belt that simply become uninhabitable for tourists during the fall seasons. Well, rain or no rain, you can actually choose magnificent sights in Asia and get access to unique and diverse festivals, provided you plan your journey well. The fall seasons are generally a transition phase in Asia. As a result, the weather is quite unpredictable. The fall seasons also coincide with the harvest seasons and the monsoons in most regions in Asia.

Advantages of travelling to Asia during the fall seasons

There are a number of advantages of travelling to Asia during the fall seasons. Some of them include –
- The rains – There are many destinations in Asia which experience extremely heavy rainfall during the monsoon seasons which makes travel unpleasant. However, there are a number of destinations which offer the best travel experiences during the monsoon seasons. The best kept secret of the Asian monsoons is that it doesn’t rain all the time. You can easily find rain free days, pleasant mornings and adequate sunshine during the monsoons. And when it does rain, it simply adds to the natural beauty of the region. The secret is to understand which places to visit and which places to avoid.
- Fresher Air – Pollution has been an ever present problem in Asia. But the rains help to clear the air and offer a much needed change from the stifling atmosphere that is normally found in most places in Asia.
- The Temperature – One of the biggest drawbacks of travelling to Asia for most travellers are the high levels of humidity and the excessive heat. However, the rainy seasons help to bring a much needed relief and also helps to decrease the humidity and temperature levels.
- Lush Green Scenery – The rains help to improve the natural surroundings and the scenery by making the tropics more lush than ever and greener. The waterfalls present all over the continent are also full of water which helps to make them seem to be even more dramatic.
- Better value for money – The monsoon seasons are generally known to be a lean phase in Asian tourism. Simply put, the wet seasons of Asia coincide with the low seasons in the continent. This can help you to get extremely attractive deals and magnificent discounts on your fooding and accommodation.
- Lesser crowds – The best part about the rainy seasons is that the normally crowded places and extremely popular tourist locales also seem to be quite chilled out. The number of tourists that you find in most Asian destinations are far lower than what you would see during summers and winters. This simply means more space, relaxed sight seeing and a pleasant experience for you.

The best places to visit in Asia during the fall seasons

1. Japan – Japan is one of the best places to visit in Asia during the fall seasons. The koyo, translated to red leaves, transforms the country’s landscape and the momiji gari parties are worth watching. The fall seasons bring about a festive fervour in the entire country and the visually stunning koyo makes the scenery ideal for boozy picnics. You can see beautiful shades of gold, red and vermilion surround the forested hillside, the temple grounds, the city gardens, the city pathways and the numerous shrines located all over the country. Some of the best places in Japan to experience the fall seasons are Hokkaido, Kyoto and Hakone.
2. Shanghai, China – Shanghai is a unique city which has one leg into the future and the other leg into its much cherished past. The elegant scenery and beautiful natural surroundings ensure that there is more than enough beauty on offer during the spring and fall seasons and the presence of world class hotels, restaurants, shopping, sight seeing and historical sites ensure that there is always something to do in Shanghai.
3. Udaipur, India – Udaipur has the typical Indian royalty written all over it. One of the best places to visit in the mesmerizing city of lakes is the Taj Lake Palace. You might recognize this 17th century palace from its role in the popular James Bond movie Octopussy. What makes it so special is that you can book a package at literally 50% of the normally exorbitant rates at the Taj Lake Palace during the fall season. But Udaipur is not just about the Lake Palace. Its natural splendour and breathtaking beauty increases manifolds during the fall season and the presence of rain helps to provide the city with a beautiful green cover.
4. Seoul, South Korea – Seoul might have suffered tremendously during the second world war, but it is one of the most upcoming destinations in Asia. Most tourists think of Seoul as their first choices while travelling to Asia during the fall season due to the presence of upscale shopping opportunities, magnificent skyscrapers, a lively nightlife and a variety of international and ethnic dishes.
5. Singapore – Singapore, once a British colony, is one of the most magnificent cities in modern day Asia. Known to be a major commercial center in the world, the city scores high marks for its beautiful attractions, efficiency, cleanliness, cuisines, shopping, restaurants, tourist friendly facilities and a multitude of hotels to choose from.
6. Phuket, Thailand – You might want to avoid the mainland areas of Thailand, but the islands are another matter all together. One of the best places to visit during the Asian monsoons is Phuket. This normally overcrowded destination is relatively empty during the fall seasons and the prices of most accommodations and attractions are far more affordable. The low season also offers tourists with pleasant weather conditions, provided they don’t mind the occasional rain.

Places to avoid in Asia during the Fall Seasons

You would be wise to avoid a few Asian destinations during the fall seasons as they are extremely vulnerable to typhoons and can lead to an extremely troublesome experience. Some of the countries that should always be avoided when you visit Asia in the fall seasons include the Phillipines, Laos, Thailand, Cambodia and Vietnam. The Phillipines is among the worst affected spots as it is the first stop for most typhoons.

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