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Sunday, February 16, 2014

Top 5 las vegas theme casino hotels

Top 5 Las Vegas theme casino hotels
The City of Sin is known to be the most fabulous destination on earth for those looking to have a gala time. Hundreds of casinos, magnificent themed hotels, some of the most luxurious accommodations of the world, the mesmerizing sights of the Las Vegas strip, a myriad of exciting adventures and activities and a plethora of man made attractions ensure that millions of domestic and international tourists visit the city year after year. To keep up with their exotic feel, the hotels of Las Vegas invest millions of dollars in recreating the perfect look or perfect feel of faraway locales to provide their guests with an aura of romance and mystery and a party loving atmosphere. To help travellers narrow down the list of the most popular theme casino hotels, we have compiled a list of the top 5 Las Vegas theme casino hotels.

The Venetian Las Vegas. Average Room Tariff – USD $230 per night

The Venetian Las Vegas is known to be one of the most luxurious and one of the grandest hotels in the world. Boasting of the signature Venetian charm, the Venetian Las Vegas has been themed on the iconic canal city of Venice. It leaves no stone unturned when it comes to providing to the authenticity of its theme. Apart from replicas of iconic Venice landmarks such as the Doge’s Palace and the Rialto Bridge, the hotel has also trained pigeons to flay around flap around its piazza to offer tourists with a typical Venetian atmosphere. The exterior designs and constructions might be considered as near perfect replicas, but the interiors are another matter altogether. Tourists are greeted to the mind boggling sights of gondolas floating down the canals, shop lined avenues, magnificent sculptures and exquisitely designed frescos. When you add factors such as the swimming pools which are made in Italian styled gardens, authentic Venetian food, lavish spa treatments and surreal luxuries into the equation, you get a hotel which plays up one’s imagination like no other. The casino at the Venetian is also known to be one of the best casinos in town. All in all, The Venetian Las Vegas is like a mini city in itself and offers its guests with all sorts of luxuries and entertainment activities that they can possibly think of.

The Bellagio. Average Room Tariff – USD $160 per night

The Bellagio has been themed to resemble a typical lakeside village of Tuscany. The exteriors of the Bellagio might be artistically designed, but it is the interiors that make one’s senses tingle. The mosaic floors, designer showrooms and a splendid art collection are definitely worth a look and other factors such as a beautifully decorated lobby ceiling and a world famous dancing fountain simply add to the atmosphere offered by the hotel. The Bellagio is also known to house one of the best nightclubs in town – The Bank - which is famous for its champagne flows, artificial snowfalls and crocodile leather lined bars. Some of the best restaurants of Vegas such as the Le Cirque and Olives are also located in the Bellagio. Furthermore, the hotel also hosts the magnificent Cirque du Soleil’s O, an acrobatic performance that never fails to amaze the onlooker.

The Luxor. Average Room Tariff – USD $250 per night

The Luxor takes its guests into the world of Ancient Egypt and recreates the incredible aura and atmosphere of the ancient era with the help of magnificent recreations of popular Egyptian landmarks such as the Sphinx, a 30 storey black glass pyramid, humongous statues of Pharoahs and the largest lobby in the world. The swimming pool has been framed within temple columns and the hotel also offers margarita popsicles to its poolside guests. Despite having toned down its original theme, the Luxor still manages to provide its guests with an authentic Egyptian theme. One of the nightclubs located in the Luxor is also themed on the Savile Row of London. We’re sure even the great Egyptian queen Nefertani did not have such luxurious surroundings.

Caesars Palace. Average Room Tariff – USD $160 per night

The Caesars Palace is one of the most magnificently themed hotels in Las Vegas. It has been themed around the splendours and luxuries of Rome. Its sheer size and grandeur is sure to overwhelm and you simply cannot help but get seduced by the magical combination of an old world atmosphere and modern age luxuries. The marble and granite swimming pools have been modelled on the Pompeii and are known to be among the best in Las Vegas. The hotel also offers plenty of entertainment activities, shows and concerts that last you a lifetime. One of the most famous areas of the Caesars Palace is the Garden of the Gods. This magnificent outdoor pool area offers tourists with 4.5 acres of swimming pool estates, four sapphire pools and two whirlpool spas. The humongous and super luxurious beds and mirrored ceilings also makes helps to make the hotel extremely famous among couples. What’s more, the staffs are also known to wear gladiator costumes to add to the décor.

New York - New York. Average Room Tariff – USD $140 per night

The New York - New York is quite similar to the Venetian in the sense that it successfully manages to take the theme of an entire city and scale it down to manageable proportions with utmost precision. The New York - New York hotel offers tourists with a splendid replica of the Manhattan skyline and boasts of 12 different skyscrapers which are real life replicas of the actual ones located in Manhattan. It also offers a 47 story replica of the iconic Empire State Building and a 150 foot replica of the world famous Statue of Liberty. The world famous Coyote Ugly bar is also located at the New York - New York hotel and the Cirque du Soleil’s Zumanity Show is something worth watching out for.

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