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Sunday, March 02, 2014

Top 10 strangest natural wonders of the world

The world is full of prolific wonders which can blow your breath away. Almost all inhabited areas boast of having a unique natural wonder and an amazing piece of architecture made by Mother Nature. However, there are some wonders which are far different from the stereotype blue lakes, clear blue skies and majestic mountain tops. These “different” natural wonders form a part of the strange natural wonders of the world and it is their diversity and uniqueness which makes them so charming. Here is proof that nature can wow even the most avid travellers with its plethora of sights and no matter how much you explore and how many places you visit, there is still a unique experience waiting for you in some corner of the world. To offer justice to each of these magnificent wonders which are so unique in their own ways, we have refrained from ranking any of them.

Marble Caves, Chile

The Marble Caves in Chile are known to be one of the strangest natural wonders that mankind has ever seen. Well, at least until space travel to far away worlds becomes a holiday option. These caves have been painstakingly carved by Mother Nature over a period of 6000. Continuous wave erosions have slowly created the unique patterns which give the caves their marble effects. The blue green waters of the Carrera Lake also helps in enhancing the look and making the caves seem more beautiful.

Eye of the Sahara, Mauritania

Beware of the all seeing eye. The Eye of the Sahara is a humongous circular depression which stretches over 25 miles and resembles a huge eye right in the midst of a featureless part of the Mauritania Desert. The eye is impossible to make out from ground level, but if you’re lucky enough to fly a space ship, you can see the eye from outer space. In fact, it was used as a landmark by ancient astronauts. Contrary to what you might want to believe, the eye has not been formed by aliens from some other planet. It was formed slowly over thousands of years as the winds eroded different layers of sediments and rocks at varying depths.

Blood Falls, Antarctica

It seems that even nature believes in having a few gothic sights for its pleasure. The Blood Falls offer a shocking sight which makes it seem as if blood is falling down the face of the Taylor Glacier. While we’re not even getting into the local assumptions and folklore, the scientists first believed that this feature occurred due to the fact that the algae present in the area gave the water a dark red colour. However, it was later discovered that the water gained its dark red colour due to the high amounts of iron present at the source of the falls, a pool which is buried at a depth of 1300 feet. What makes the sight even more weird is the fact that when some poor animal wanders inland and loses its way, its body never decomposes. The remains are left strewn about for all to see.

Vaadhoo Island, Maldives

Visit the Vaadhoo Island if you wish to see the most romantic lighting that the world has to offer. Unlike the painstaking efforts and thoughts that need to go behind making a man made landscape seem romantic, mother nature manages to do it with the blink of an eye. The Vaadhoo Island is famous for its bioluminescence which is present in the waves and gives the waters a magnificent blue glow. This phenomenon that radiates a mesmerizing blue glow from the waters is due to the presence of a particular species of phytoplankton.

Travertine Pools, Turkey

The waters of the Travertine Pools are known to have healing effects and bathers have been bathing here for thousands of years. However, the healing property is not what makes the Travertine Pools famous. The Travertine Pools, also known as the home to the cotton castle, boasts of offering tourists with sights of a magnificent formation of calcium carbonate which can be seen from a distance of more than 10 miles. The waters found in the Pools flow from 17 different subterranean hot springs which have a very high concentration of calcium carbonate. This calcium carbonate forms soft deposits on the surface and hardens over time until they begin to resemble a fountain made from chalk.

Sailing Stones, Death Valley, California

No man on earth has seen the sailing stones of the Death Valley actually move, but that does not mean that they are stationery. In fact, evidence of their travels is visible on-site in the track marks which these stones leave in their wake. Some stones are also known to leave behind deep groves and some have left behind marks that indicate that they traveled for more than 700 feet from their origin over time. No one is really sure how rocks that weigh more than hundreds of pounds move across a dry lake. The general theory is that when the rocks are icy they are moved across the surface by the strong winds.

Cano Cristales River, Columbia

The Cano Cristales River, also known as the River of Five Colours, is by far the most beautiful river that the world has ever seen. The river offers the onlooker with a kaleidoscope of five different colours due to a plant known as the Macarenia Clavigera which calls the river floor its home. However, if you want to see this sight for yourself, it is important to get the timing right. the best time to gawk at the breathtaking beauty offered by the Cano Cristales River is between the months of July – December.

Spotted Lake, British Columbia

The Spotted Lake got its name due to the fact that it actually leaves spots behind when the water evaporates during the summer months. As the mineral rich waters evaporate, they leave behind huge concentrations of calcium, salt, sulfates and titanium which form polka dot styled patterns of different colours such as yellow, brown and green. You will not be allowed to get up close to the lake as it is considered to be sacred among the locals, but you can check out its magnificent beauty from a nearby road.

Socotra Archipelago, Yemen

The Socotra Archipelago has literally been left untouched by mankind ever since it separated from the super continent of Gondwana millions of years ago. As a result, Mother Nature has been allowed to flourish undisturbed at this UNESCO World Heritage Site which has given birth to 700 unique species of plants and animals and more than 180 species of stunning birds that cannot be seen anywhere else on the planet. The archipelago is also known for its unique trees which ooze blood coloured sap and bear poisonous cucumbers.

Champagne Pool, New Zealand

The Champagne Pool located in New Zealand is one of the most spectacular and strangest natural wonders which was formed more than 900 years ago. The surroundings are so different from what you see on earth that it seems as if the Pool flew with the lost city of Atlantis when it left its original world and took refuge on Planet Earth. Well, we do not believe that Atlantis or its legend is true, but the Champagne Pool definitely seems to be from another planet.

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