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Sunday, December 29, 2013

Top 10 Romantic Destinations in North America

The sheer size of North America and its breathtaking natural beauty makes it impossible to zero in on a few places and define the best from the rest. Despite taxing our brains for days, we could not come up with an extremely definitive list of the Top 10 Romantic Destinations in North America. In the end, the subtleties made all the difference and many destinations found their place in the list or lost out to others on the basis of minuscule factors. We fear that this is all that we can do for you. We have taxed our brains and offered our readers with the Top 10 romantic destinations worth visiting in North America. Now you need to do the actual legwork and decide on where you wish to go with your loved one for the next romantic escapade. Donít forget to send us your comments after your holidays!

10. Miami, US

Known to be one of the sexiest and sultriest cities in the US, Miami is full of abnormally gorgeous people, sweet and salty nights and extravagant beauty. It offers an experience which cannot be found anywhere else in North America. If natural beauty is not your thing, the city is also an ideal destination for a Hollywood styled romance. From serene vistas and beautiful locales to lusty locations and a vibrant nightlife, the city has it all.

09. Lake Louise, Alberta, Canada

It seems like Lake Lousie was torn away from the heavens by early man and placed on earth. The lake itself is extremely beautiful and offers one of the most romantic vistas that in North America. Its picturesque Victoria Glacier and the majestic Rocky Mountain offer the perfect backdrop and the Chateau Lake Louise offers tourists with the perfect place to stay or spend an evening in a locale which seems to be right out of the Adam and Eve books.

08. Las Vegas, US

Las Vegas, also known as the Sin City, is an ideal place where couples travel for wild adventures, non stop fun and wilder parties. As unusual as it might sound, the city is also popular as one of the most romantic destinations in North America. Glitzy and flamboyant, the city is popular as the best playground in the world for adults with its rooftop roller coasters, gondoliers and all night entertainment activities. To add a spark to your relationships, thing about visiting Vegas and exploring its surreal sights, sceneries and locales.

07. St. Lucia, Caribbean Islands

The island of St. Lucia might be advertised as your typical tropical paradise, but it definitely has a lot more to offer to the honeymooners and romantics than just exotic beaches and unending vistas. The island boasts of a magnificent rainforest interior where rolling hills transform into volcanic mountains that touch the sky. St. Luciaís charm lies in its untouched beauty, vast stretches of sand, majestic volcanoes and exotic waterfalls. It also offers tourists with an unending supply of serene coves and isolated bays with each seeming to be more beautiful than the other.

06. Montreal, Quebec, Canada

Any list of the Top 10 Romantic Destinations in North America is incomplete without mentioning Montreal. Montreal is a fairytale city which comes to life every winter. Its Nordic charm and mesmerizing culture make it an ideal spot for romance and the presence of beautiful vistas, old world heritage, ancient architectures and an array of adventure sports such as cross country skiing, snowshoeing, snowmobiles, ice fishing and ice skating offer tourists with endless sightseeing options and things to do. Some of the more traditional charms include cuddling with your loved one in front of the fire after a day in the cold and the charm of serenading your sweetheart amid sheets of snow.

05. Maui, Hawaii, US

The island of Muai is one of the top honeymoon destinations of the world and its exotic beaches and beautiful resorts also offer the perfect settings for destination weddings and romantic getaways. Romance is something that is quite easy to find amid the splendid vistas on offer. Whether you spend your days hiking to one of the many beautiful waterfalls, enjoy a luxurious couples massage, stroll with your loved one in one of the many beaches, cruise along the golden Kihei coastline or watch an intimate sunrise from the top of the Haleakala Crater, wrapped together in a blanket, youíll understand why it is so natural for couples around the world to go on and on about Maui. Love comes naturally while in Maui, perhaps in a much better way than anywhere else in the world.

04. Tulum, Quintana Roo, Mexico

Tulum is an extremely popular ocean strip located along the Riviera Maya and is home to the best fashion designers of the world during each winter season. These designers are joined by world famous celebrities and wannabe actors who marvel themselves in this serene and chic oasis. What makes Tulum unique is that itís not just about people watching, lazing on the beach and sun worshiping. The place also offers a wide range of exotic activities such as the chance to explore old world Mayan ruins, shopping at local boutiques and experiencing one of the most romantic sunset walks. No wonder the Mayans called this fabulous place their home. There was simply no point in going anywhere else once they discovered the breathtaking beauty that Tulum has to offer.

03. Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada

The city of Vancouver is known to be one of the most beautiful cities in North America. You can simply feel the love in the air and get intoxicated by the breathtaking architecture, a grand culture, futuristic skyscrapers, long rivers, a rich wildlife, an even richer scenic beauty, a vibrant nightlife and a wide mix of accommodations which range from boutique hotels to super luxury resorts to eco lodges. Some of the most romantic things to do in Vancouver include a horse drawn tour of the Stanley Park, a couple spa therapy at any one of the luxury spas and a meal on a cruise floating along the river.

02. St Martin, Caribbean Islands

Flip a coin to decide whether you visit the French side or the Dutch side while visiting the St. Martin island. Be rest assured that irrespective of your choice, you will find a tropical bliss waiting to be explored. The island is just 87 sq. kms. in size and it offers tourist with the best of the Dutch and the French cultures. From extravagant beach villas to cosy Creole cottages, the accommodation options available are endless and the 39 sun bathed beaches ensure that you have a new beach to explore for every day spent in St. Martin. You could also take out time to explore the beautiful Marigot harbour, ancient hillside ruins and man-made luxuries or spend time exploring the natural treasures on display. Some of the most popular activities on the island include snorkelling, partying, shopping, windsurfing and parasailing.

01. Tofino, British Columbia, Canada

Even the name sounds immensely romantic. There is no doubt about why Tofino is the Number 1 destination on our list of the Top 10 Romantic Destinations in North America. The town offers tourists with mesmerizing natural beauty, numerous secluded spots, swanky resorts, exotic restaurants and an extremely dynamic art scene. It is the most ideal place in North America for nature lovers and couples who want to spend some time exploring the beauties that Mother Nature has to offer. Sightings of famous Hollywood celebrities are quite common and Tofino has also been a part of a number of whirlwind romantic honeymoons, the most notable being the Scarlett Johansson and Ryan Reynolds honeymoon.

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