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Friday, January 31, 2014

top 10 luxury airlines in the world

Well, more often than not, we all get stuck in those low cost economy airlines which hardly offer any service and charge through the roof for things like luggage as well. Most passengers flying on these low cost airlines feel like obnoxious idiots trying to fit their overweight and oversized handbags into the overhead luggage compartment. Luckily, there are a number of airlines which offer a splendid service and their Business and First Class experiences are among the best in the world. So, we suggest that you try out these carriers every once in a while. From specially designed infant chairs to super comfortable seats, from the over attentive flight attendants to generous servings, these top 10 luxury airlines in the world are bound to offer the plushest service and a variety of perks to their First and Business Class flyers.

10. EOS Airlines

The EOS is an all American business class airline which is headquartered in New York. What makes this relatively unknown (except on the routes that it flies) airline rank among the top 10 is the fact that it offers a level of luxury like no other. Despite having space for about 220 passengers on its 757 carriers, the EOS only carries 48, with each passenger having a space of 21 sq. ft. The curbside escorts are also known to whisk passengers through airport security checks and simply being in the airline makes one feel like a celebrity.

09. Thai Airways

From complimentary Dom Perignons and the La Grande Dam to duty free shopping and on ground limo services, Thai Airways is famous for making its passengers feel like kings and queens. After making a profit for 40 consecutive years, the airline has now become one of the largest airlines in the world and is a recognized airline brand all over the world. The word best comes in use quite often for the luxury class passengers of Thai Airways – from the best food to the best wines to the best flight attendants.

08. Japan Airlines

Japan Airlines has been one of the major leaders in First Class comfort ever since the year 1951. The main feature offered by the airline are the special coddling spaces such as the Skysleeper Solo on select aircrafts. The seats boast of Poltrona Frau leather upholstery. Other features include built in massage features in the seats, down pillows, comforters, side cushions, traditional Kyoto food and authentic western cuisines.

07. Cathay Pacific

Most flyers hope that the flight never ends while flying in First Class with Cathay Pacific. The Hong Kong based airline is known to be one of the best options in Asia and offers amenities such as five course meals, Elemis amenity kits, Tang sleepwear and dozens of audio and video options.

06. Swiss International Airlines

The choice between Lufthansa and Swiss is an extremely difficult one when it comes to travelling First Class. Swiss is known to have a long standing reputation for efficiency and courtesy and all services and amenities expected from a top international airline are present aboard the Swiss International Airways. Some of the main features include duty free on—board shopping, a vast range of dining options that range from seven course meals to light snacks, Sprungli chocolates and La Prairie toiletries. The airline also offers a variety of cool techie features such as allowing passengers to monitor flight data such as distance flown, airspeed, etc. on their video monitors and the option to watch the space around the aircraft with the help of two on-board cameras which are located in front of the aircraft and below it.

05. Virgin Atlantic

Considering the fact that the one and only Richard Branson is at the head of the iconic airline, one could not expect anything less from Virgin Atlantic. The airline instantly became BAs arch rival the moment it was launched in the year 1984 due to the constant young blood VS old guard comparisons. Some of the main features of the Virgin Atlantic luxury class include in flight massages, on demand meals, roomy beds, exclusive Snooze Zones on certain flights and more spacious appointments than the British Airways.

04. British Airways

British Airways is as iconic as it gets in the airline industry. Apart from starring in James Bond movies such as Die Another Day and Goldfinger, the airline is also popular for having one of the best luxury class services in the world. From the specially designed a la carte menu and the Molten Brown Travel Spa to flat beds which extend to 6’6” and demi-cabins which double up as work stations, bedrooms and sitting rooms, the airline is known to offer the very best of services to its luxury passengers. Evening and late night passengers can also avail of free lounge access at the airports to help recover from a tiring flight and rejuvenate themselves for the connection, if any.

03. Emirates Airlines

Despite having started out with just two airlines (which is less than the private collection of major celebrities around the world), the Emirates has managed to climb the international ladder and expand itself into one of the largest airlines in the world. What makes the Emirates luxury class so popular are perks like private cabins complete with dressing areas and showers, superb service, a 500 channel entertainment system and magnificent comfort and luxury levels. In fact, it is the thoughtfulness and million dollar service which has transformed the Emirates into a multi-million dollar airline.

02. Lufthansa

Lufthansa, the extremely popular German carrier, is one of the most iconic names in the airline industry. The First Class passengers can enjoy exclusive amenities such as exclusive terminals in Frankfurt, continually updated on-board cuisines and wine selections, seats offering generous space and adjustable privacy screens between the seats. What’s more, the sleeper seats are located at distances of 92 inches apart from each other and extend up to 6’6”.

01. Singapore Airlines

Topping the list of the top 10 Luxury Airlines in the World is Singapore Airlines as usual. It offers passengers with a wide range of luxuries such as Givenchy designed sleeper suits, Bvlgari toiletries, book the cook service which allows passengers to pre-order their meals and wines, grand sky suites offering a magnificent atmosphere and décor and Connolly leather on the seats. In fact, the luxurious surroundings makes one feel like they are riding a luxurious sports car instead of travelling on a plane.

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