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Sunday, January 19, 2014

Top 10 Cheapest Travel Destinations in Europe

For the intrepid travellers, there is hardly any other continent which offers drastic challenges as well as delightful victories like Europe. There are some countries in Europe which would literally cause the budget travellers to pay with an arm and a leg to cover the entire holiday costs. However, there are a number of countries in Europe that boast of offering tourists with some of the best travel experiences in the world at the least possible costs. Tourists can choose from a whole range of sights and delights in Europe without having to shell out truckloads of money. These top 10 cheapest travel destinations in Europe not only offer travellers with a myriad of sights, breathtaking architecture, beautiful cultures and excellent cuisines, but also offer budget accommodation, peaceful surroundings and exquisite travel experiences.

10. Porto, Portugal

Portugal has always been an extremely popular tourist destination in Europe due to its splendid and picturesque beaches. However, instead of venturing into the tourist traps and beaches, budget travellers should try and visit Porto, also known as Wine City. The city offers a plethora of sights which consist of a perfect blend of baroque architecture and modern designs. It also boasts of a UNESCO World Heritage Site status for its historical city centre that is full of splendid architecture and medieval constructions. But, that’s not all that Porto has to offer. It is also known to attract some of the top DJ’s in the world and boasts of an extremely vibrant nightlife. Those desperate for a beach holiday can visit the Matosinhos Beach, home to the world famous Optimus Primavera festival.

09. Berlin, Germany

Despite popular belief that Berlin is an extremely expensive destination for travellers, you can have some of the best holidays in Berlin at costs that suit almost every budget. Yes, the flight fares might not be among the cheapest, but if you look at the wide range of budget accommodations and affordable attractions that Berlin has to offer, you would realize that the city could actually fit your budgets perfectly. In fact, with an average cost of $108 per traveller, the city is known to offer one of the most budgeted holidays in Europe. The city offers tourists with a plethora of activities, glitz and glamour, museums and galleries, operas and nightclubs, a magnificent historical past and splendid architecture.

08. Budapest, Hungary

Budapest has a lot to offer to the modern day traveller at extremely affordable prices. Not only does its currency offer a solid value, it is quite easy to find affordable and cheap restaurants, nightclubs, bars, attractions and hotels in Budapest. The city also receives top marks from backpackers and the average daily cost per passenger hovers just under the $100 mark. Remember to check out the thermal spas located all over the city. Many of these spas offer attractive discounts as well. Architecture is considered to be a treasure in the city and you can find a variety of architectural styles such as the baroque, eclectic, neoclassical and art nouveau styles. The city is also famous among romantics, mainly due to the mesmerizing views on display.

07. Plovdiv, Bulgaria

If the dirt cheap beer prices are not enough to excite you, just remember that Plovdiv is affectionately known as the Paris of the Balkans. Agreed that it might not boast of a name as big as some of the more costly destinations, but it definitely offers an excellent array of opportunities. Known to be a university town, Plovdiv has an excellent nightlife with salsa, house, chalga, hip hop and Balkan folk pop on offer. Those looking for historical sights and cultural buffs will enjoy the delights offered by architectural wonders such as the Bachkovo Monastery, an Ottoman empire mosque and the Roman amphitheatre. Other places of interest include day tours to Trigdad and trips to a ski resort located nearby. For all you cheapstakes out there – the town also offers a free city tour every Wednesday!

06. Riga and Liepaja, Latvia

Riga, a city right out of your fairytale books, is an upcoming European destination which is known for its unique liquor and one of the most popular club scenes in the continent. Make sure that you try out the Riga Black Balsam liquor while in the city. If the capital of Latvia seems too trendy for your liking, head out to Laipaja, an ex military town which is home to extremely beautiful beaches which are renowned for their seclusion and the privacy that they offer to tourists. Liepaja is also known to be a major centre for rock music and the Liepajas Dzintars rock festival is extremely famous all over the world. Make sure that you visit the extremely famous Rock Café while in Liepaja.

05. Lisbon, Portugal

Lisbon is known to be one of the cheapest destinations in Europe, particularly due to the dirt cheap airfares and budget accommodations. Lisbon offers tourists with all sorts of attractions and sights that one would expect from Portugal without all the fuss and chaos that most major cities of Europe face. Gothic cathedrals, quaint museums, delightful monasteries might be a part of the experience, but the true delights of Lisbon lie in the narrow lanes and beautiful back streets.

04. Krakow, Poland

Krakow ranks high up in terms of accommodation affordability and is known to be the third cheapest city in Europe. The daily lodging and travel costs range to just $28 for backpackers and $58 for budget tourists. What’s more, the city also offers a myriad of Gothic and Renaissance era architectures. Some of the must see sights in Krakow include the Wawel Castle, the Old Town, a day tour to the Tatras mountains and the Wieliczka Salt Mine.

03. Kiev, Ukraine

Kiev, one of the most Russian cities outside of Russia might be full of politicians and gangsters, but it is also known to be one of the most beautiful cities in Europe. The city is at its best during the months of summer when you can gaze at the golden domes that light up the banks of Dnipro. What makes a trip to Kiev so unique is that you don’t need to spend money to take in the sights that the city has to offer or go from one place to the other. All you need to do is choose your spot and spend time gawking at the beautiful scenery and natural sights on display.

02. Antwerp, Belgium

Antwerp’s playfulness is for all to see. From the mesmerizing designs of the Museum Aan de Stroom to the fashionable historic district of the city, Antwerp boasts of delightful sights and attractions which make sure that you always have more than enough on your itineraries without having to spend a bomb. The things that set Antwerp apart from the rest of the European competition are its stylish architecture and inspiring art galleries, vintage clothes and designer wares, surprising natural delights and old world structures. Some of the must see sights in Antwerp include the Zuid, the Royal Museum of Fine Arts, the Koolsterstraat and the Het Steen.

01. Istanbul, Turkey

Topping the list of the top 10 cheapest travel destinations in Europe is Istanbul. Not only are the airfares to Istanbul quite low, but the city also offers tourists with a plethora of budget accommodations, cheap shopping opportunities and inexpensive sights and wonders. Moreover, Istanbul is famous for offering tourists with old world architectural wonders such as the magnificent Ottoman mosques and palaces as well as new world attractions such as world class cuisines, a vibrant nightlife and exquisite museums and galleries. Irrespective of your budgets, the time that you want to spend in the city, your personal preferences or who you travel with, Istanbul – the hippest city in the world always has something that is just right for you.

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