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Saturday, January 04, 2014

Tips for travelling abroad

Its not like the world has become unsafe for travellers and travelling to a foreign land can be extremely dangerous. What you need to understand that there are some desperate people and places in the world. But thatís the story everywhere. All you need to do as a traveller is take care of certain basics and keep a low profile. As long as you manage to stay away from the public eye and blend in with the millions of tourists, you should be just fine. Here are a few tips for travelling abroad which can drastically help you improve your safety and security.

Email a copy of your itinerary to a close friend or relative

Make sure that someone in your family or friends circle has a copy of your entire itinerary before you leave for your holiday. It is not necessary to call and check in with them every day, but you could keep updating them from time to time so that they are aware that you are safe.

Separate your money sources

Never keep all your cash and your credit cards in the same place. As a traveller, you need to be prepared for the worst, which would be losing your money or your credit cards in this case. Therefore, you should keep some cash and credit cards in your wallets, some of them in your luggage and some of them in a separate location such as your hotel safe. Most travellers also prefer to carry travelling pouches which can be worn within oneís clothing instead of carrying cash in their purses and wallets.

Scan all the important documents before you leave for your journey

Always make sure that you keep a scanned copy of all documents and passports that you are carrying with you. This can help you save a lot of hassles and time when you may have to produce a copy of a particular document, in case something gets lost.

Make sure that you have travel insurance

Travel insurance has become essential in todayís world. Due to the ever rising health costs, you would be much better off if you knew that there is an insurance policy which will take care of your medical bills and expenses if you get injured or fall sick while travelling abroad.

Being sensitive to other cultures

Every city and country has its unique customs and traditions. While the best way to understand a culture is to immerse yourself into it, you should be wise enough to make sure that you donít overdo it. For example, hugging is extremely shocking for the French.

Steer away from shortcuts

Irrespective of how safe and secure the cities that you travel to seem to be, never venture away from the main roads. No matter how tempting it may sound, always make sure that you steer away from taking shortcuts. Also remember to never enter alleys and narrow passages as you are most likely to get mugged in these places and not on the main roads.

Keep local emergency numbers handy

Make sure that you have a list of the local emergency numbers for the places that you visit handy. Some of the most important numbers that you should always carry include the number of your countryís consulate or embassy, the phone number of the local police station and the number of a hospital located close to the place that you are travelling to.

Thereís an app for everything

Remember that the modern day world runs on Smartphones. As a result, you will always find an app for anything your heart desires. Make sure that you download the best travel apps before you depart for your holiday as these apps can be extremely useful on a holiday.

Avoid flaunting your money

Having a lot of money is great. But make sure that you avoid flaunting it in public while travelling abroad. Firstly, remember to leave all valuables and priceless possessions back at home. Secondly, make sure that you try to pay by credit cards at major restaurants and hotels so that you do not have to display the amount of cash you are carrying. Finally, never try to advertise your fancy gadgets and electronics as you might fall victim to mugging.

Stop pretending to be a superman or superwoman

Face it. Youíre not superman or a superwoman. Youíre not even James Bond or Ethan Hunt. So stop trying to act like them. In the unfortunate event that you do get mugged, simply hand over your wallets, watches, etc. and walk away from the situation. Remember, if you paid heed to our advice, all these items are already covered by your travel insurance. Itís your life that is far more valuable and cannot be replaced by any insurance company.

Never give money to beggars

While there are exceptions to this statement, you should generally try to avoid giving alms to beggars in public. Encouraging begging is really not the best way to spend your money and you would be better off donating money to a local charity if you really want to help make a change.

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