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Sunday, January 26, 2014

The wackiest airport souvenirs in the world

When it comes to purchasing souvenirs from airports around the world, travellers can simply choose from three types of products the good, the bad and the crazy. From voodoo dolls to water from the Niagara Falls to gold bars to Prince William and Kate inspired tea bags there are a number of wacky and crazy souvenirs and gift items available at airports all over the world. This section aims at covering the wackiest airport souvenirs in the world that money can buy.

10. Local Microbrews at the Portland International Airport, Oregon, USA

The Portland International Airport is known to be one of the best airports in America for shopping. It offers travellers with access to a wide range of products and commodities. However, what tops the list of things to buy for most travellers are the local microbrews of Portland which are sold at the airport.

09. A dental clinic at the Guarulhos International Airport, Sao Paulo, Brazil

The Guarulhos International Airport in Sao Paulo offers tourists with an extremely practical option it allows them to get their dental treatments such as whitening done while they wait for their flights that too at a fraction of the costs that they would pay in Europe and North America.

08. Alpaca Sweaters at the Jorge Chavez International Airport, Lima, Peru

The finely woven alpaca wool sweaters are considered to be the best souvenirs for any tourist visiting Peru. The Alpaca is a small Andean camelid which is quite similar to the Llama and has been used for wool ever since the time of the Incas.

07. Origami Creations at the Narita International Airport, Tokyo, Japan

The Nippon Origami Museum allows tourists to take home a variety of Origami supplies and magnificent origami creations. These souvenirs can also be bought at the Narita International Airport located in Tokyo.

06. Scorpion lollipops at the Phoenix Sky Harbor International Airport, Phoenix, USA

The scorpion lollipops found at the Phoenix International Airport are known to be one of the wackiest airport souvenirs. These lollipops offer tourists with one of the most unique lollipops in the world. They consist of a hard candy with a real scorpion in the centre.

05. Gold Bars at the Dubai International Airport, Dubai

Well, what else could you expect from a nation that is gold crazy and drives the oil markets around the world. The Dubai International Airport is known to have ATMs that dispense gold bars instead of cash. No, were not kidding its for real.

04. Water from the Niagara Falls at the Lester B Pearson Airport, Toronto, Canada

The Lester B Pearson Airport in Toronto offers tourists with bottles of water taken directly from the Niagara Falls to take back home as souvenirs.

03. Race-Horse shoes at the Louisville International Airport, Kentucky, USA

Kentucky, a place known for its crazy horse races allows tourists to take home used horseshoes dirt and all of real race horses. You can purchase these horseshoes at the Louisville Airport in Kentucky.

02. Voodoo Dolls at the Toussaint Louverture International Airport, Port au Prince, Haiti

The Port au Prince International Airport in Haiti allows tourists to purchase those creepy spell binding voodoo dolls. Well, make sure that you just use it for decorative purposes.

01. Figures of famous people pooping at the Barcelona El Prat Airport, Barcelona, Spain

The Barcelona El Prat Airport can boast of offering the wackiest airport souvenir in the world. It offers figures of famous personalities pooping among its gift shop items. As crazy as it might sound, these figures are actually a part of the Catalan culture.

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