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Monday, February 17, 2014

the rules of carry on luggage

The constant changes in rules and policies when it comes to carry on luggage has seen strict limitations being set on the items which are allowed as a part of the carry on luggage for travellers across the world. Generally, airlines are known to be extremely strict in terms of the things that you can carry and cannot carry on board. It is important to understand these various rules if you want to save yourself from those long and tedious searches at the security check points if you get caught carrying something that is not allowed as a part of the carry on luggage. Here is a list of a few things that you can and cannot bring on board.

The 3-1-1- rule for carry ons

Remembering the 3-1-1- rule can take you a long way in ensuring that you always carry the right things when travelling by a flight.The 3-1-1 rule simply states that your toiletries must be placed in 3-ounce containers which must be packed in one small sized zipped bag. Each passenger is allowed to carry one such bag and this bag must be removed from the carry on and placed separately in the screening machine. Moreover, the 3-1-1- rule does not just apply to toiletries. It also specifies what sort of items are not allowed on board. Some of the most common items which are prohibited from passing the security check points at airports include salsas, syrups, sauces, jams and dips, unless they have been stored in small sized 3-ounce containers. The same rule also applies to scented oils, creams, liquid soaps, lotions and snow globes. However, it is possible for travellers to purchase these items beyond the security checkpoint if they need to.

Do not carry liquids

The term “liquids” is broadly used to cover a wide range of items. Simply put, refrain from carrying any sort of liquid such as jams, creams, salsa, gels, etc. in your hand baggage. Remember, most airlines do not allow you to carry water bottles as well. If you are carrying a flask or a water bottle, you’ll have to throw away the water before you can board your aircraft. If you must carry water on board, you need to purchase it from one of the outlets located past the security checkpoint at the airport. However, you are allowed to carry toiletries provided you carry them in 3-ounce sizes and pack them in a single zipped toiletries bag.

Exceptions to the rule

There are several exceptions to the 3-1-1 rule for your carry on luggage. Parents who travel with their infants are allowed to bring nourishment and baby food for their kids, even if they are packed in containers that are larger than the standard 3-ounce size. However, these items should be declared for inspection at the security checkpoints. Parents are also allowed to include baby food in jars and cans as well as liquid filled teethers for their infants. Other items that are allowed on board in special cases include medicines, creams and other items which are considered to be essential for the infants. There are a number of medical exceptions as well. Over the counter medications which are made in aerosol, liquid or gel form can also be brought on board the aircraft if they are carried in the standard 3-ounce containers. Passengers are allowed to carry medicines in the form of liquids if they can prove beyond reasonable doubt that such liquids are essential for their well being on board the aircraft. However, this rule has a number of clauses and restrictions. Passengers are advised to go through the rules of carry on baggage for the airline that they choose to fly before packing for their journey.

The Metric System

If your country does not use the metric system described above and you are unaware of the ounce conversions, all you need to understand is that you can carry your liquids in 10ml containers and jars.

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