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Monday, February 24, 2014

the most pet friendly airlines in north America

Travelling on an airline with a pet can be as worrisome as travelling with your child and equally nerve wracking. Flying with a pet can also be extremely frustrating, especially if your pet is large in size. But there are times when it becomes imperative to fly from one place to the other as there is no other option which is feasible. To help out out passengers to make their journeys a lot more comfortable, a number of airlines have come up with pet friendly policies. Here is a list of the most pet friendly airlines in North America.

Pet Airways

Pet Airways is the only pet airline in the world where the pets are offered a seat in the main cabin instead of a cargo hold. This airline specifically caters to pets only. As a result, its popularity as a pet friendly airline knows no bounds. The Pet Airways is the best option available to travellers when they need to transport big sized dogs such as the Great Danes and the Mastifs. However, the airline offers services to 10 cities only.


JetBlue is one airline where you can actually your pet to travel in luxury. The airline allows passengers to take their small sized pets into the cabin directly as long as they weigh less than 20 pounds and are smaller than 12.5 inches in width, 8.5 inches in height and 17 inches in length. The airline gets full marks when it comes to ensuring animal safety and health and it also tries to allow pets to travel in the cabin whenever possible. JetBlue also offers an excellent JetPaws program for passengers who travel with their pets quite frequently. This program is free to join and offers travellers with a Pet carrier bag tag, Travel Petiquette and a free pet travel guide. The fee to fly your pet with JetBlue is $100 per flight.

Delta Airlines

Delta Airlines offers its passengers with a unique Delta Pet First service which makes things extremely easy for travellers flying with pets. It allows the smaller sized pets to travel in the cabins for a fee of just $125 per flight for all domestic flights in the US and Canada. Passengers are also allowed to check in kennels for their dogs and cats.

Air Canada

The pet services offered by Air Canada is quite similar to Delta and JetBlue. It allows the smaller sized pets to travel in the cabins directly as well. Moreover, Air Canada has professionally trained and certified animal care staff on hand to help passengers with their pet care and help in making their journeys more comfortable. However, a pet health certificate might be required on certain flights and there might be a few blackout days for pets travelling in the cargo area during the winters.

Southwest Airlines

Southwest Airlines allows passengers to carry their pets on board for a fee of just $75 per way. It also offers branded carry on kennels for a cost of $50. Moreover, the airline also allows two small dogs or cats to ride together, making it an extremely budgeted option if you have more than one pet and they are small in size. However, the on-board kennels should be able to fit under the seats and the pets should not be heavier than 10 pounds. All pet reservations with the Southwest Airlines needs to be made by phone.

United Airlines

The United Airlines allows its passengers to carry all sorts of small sized pets on board as long as they are small enough and light enough to travel in the cabins. However, certain itineraries have restrictions for specific breeds. You would be wise in checking out the latest rules and regulations directly with the airline before booking your tickets.

Frontier Airlines

Frontier Airlines gets high marks when it comes to pet travel as they allow passengers to carry a wide range of small sized and light weight pets in the cabins, provided they are secured in the appropriate kennels. The airline also charges just $75 per flight. Moreover, if you are travelling in a group and have a huge family of pets to take care of, each member of your group can carry one small sized pet carrier with them and you can carry as many as 10 pets on the airline. However, the airline counts the pet as your carry on luggage.

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