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Saturday, February 15, 2014

the most fantasized holidays in the world

When weather conditions around your hometown don’t seem to particularly inspire you, it is time to think about taking that much needed break and visiting one of your most fantasized destinations. Yes, budgets are always bound to be an issue, but with the right planning you could actually end up having a great time. If you still can’t take out the time or the money, you can always dream about visiting one of these exotic destinations one day or another. Here is a list of the most fantasized holidays in the world.

Bali, Indonesia

The beaches of Bali have become a household name for all kinds of tourists, backpackers and honeymooners. A tour of this exotic Indonesian island which is surrounded by balmy waters, magnificent landscapes, great cultural delights and volcanic lakes is as close as one can get to experiencing a heavenly vacation. From private villas with secluded tropical backyards to candlelight dinners aboard a cruise, from sipping wine under the stars to partying through the night on the beach, from checking out stunning architectural delights to snuggling up to the sand amid picture perfect beaches, there is always something for each and every traveller in Bali.

St. Martin, The Caribbean

St. Martin is an island which has been completely divided among two cultures – the French and the Dutch. The French are in control of the quieter areas around the north while the Dutch are known to occupy the livelier southern areas of the island. The best way to explore St. Martin is to rent a car and dictate your own pace. Remember to explore the Illet Pinel Island as well as the Le Galion Beach while in St. Martin.

Riviera Maya, Mexico

Riviera Maya might sound to be an ancient civilization, but it is actually home to some of the most exotic beaches of Mexico. The area is known for its endless expanses of coastlines and luxurious all inclusive resorts can be found all along the way. The area is also famous for its magnificent nightclubs and a vast array of exciting corals from the Mesoamerican Reef, the 2nd largest barrier reef in the world. Those looking for a bit of history can explore the long forgotten Mayan ruins and check out the magnificent old world architectural wonders. From the laid back feel of Tulum to the classy sights of Playa del Carmen to the frenzied happenings of downtown Cancun, there is never a shortage of activities to choose from while in Riviera Maya.

Flores Island, Portugal

The Flores island covers an area of 55 sq. miles and is located in the western tip of the Azores archipelago. The island is surrounded by a plethora of majestic peaks and gorgeous valleys, beautiful lagoons which are bordered by hydrangeas, a number of hot springs and remains of ancient volcanoes. Flores takes its name from the word flowers due to the mesmerizing display of wildflowers that can be seen all through the island. The Flores Island is also home to seven beautiful inland lakes and a number of mesmerizing waterfalls. In short, the Flores Island is a nature lover’s paradise.


Croatia is comprised of more than 1000 islands which are scattered all along the Kornati Archipelago and is known for its old world cities, exotic beaches, delicious cuisines and heart warming sunshine. Tourists can spend hours exploring the treasures of rustic towns such as the Hvar Island or medieval cities like Korcula. Other things to do in Croatia include trips to UNESCO listed towns, island hopping from one striking island to the other, tasting authentic cuisines, enjoying splendid sunsets and swimming in the cleanest waters of Europe.


Sardinia is known to be the second largest island in the Mediterranean and is surrounded by fascinating blue waters and boasts of an enchanting old world history. The island is full of beautiful tropical beaches, sumptuous delicacies, exotic wine and breathtaking sceneries. Some of the most famous attractions in Sardinia include the vibrant activities of Clgliari, the trendy cultures of the Costa Smerelda and the ancient sights of the medieval town of Alghero.

Hopping along the islands of Greece

European tourists who do not wish to spend a bombshell on flights can simply head to Greece, a destination which is as exotic and fanciful as it gets. The country offers tourists with a vast number of sights and islands to choose from. So whether you prefer to set shop in one island and enjoy the delights of Mother Nature away from prying eyes or whether you prefer to hop from one island to the other mixing up with the locals as you go, a Greek island holiday is your best bet for visiting paradise. Some of the most famous sights include the mountains of Crete, the trails of Oddysseus on Inthaca, the lush green settings of Zakynthos and the clear seas of Paxis.


Talk about the most fantasized holidays in the world and the name Fiji is bound to keep cropping up. Fiji, a destination known to be one of the top honeymoon spots in the world, comprises of 322 magnificent islands and offers tourists with as much as they desire or as little as they want. Known to be a paradise on earth, Fiji can offer a plethora of activities such as windsurfing, hiking, snorkelling, whitewater rafting and sights such as old world villages, traditional fire walking ceremonies and breathtaking natural beauty. Fiji is also full of exotic resorts which allow tourists to get pampered amid silky soft sands, sapphire coloured waters, lush green palm trees and picture perfect settings.

The Maldives

The Maldives comprises of a cluster of islands located off the Indian coast amid idyllic natural settings and exotic surroundings. It is the ideal spot for those seeking an eternal paradise and there is no better place in the world to sip a cocktail and enjoy the feel of turquoise waters lapping against your feet. The islands are also famous for their rich marine life and underwater wonders such as the exotic green sea turtle are definitely worth a watch. For that dream holiday, all you need to do is visit the Jewel of the Indian Ocean and allow it to enthral and captivate you with its rich natural sights, picture perfect scenery and exotic wildlife.

The Seychelles

Just thinking about The Seychelles is enough to conjure images of secluded romantic getaways, exotic fantasies and luscious coastlines. The Seychelles are located off the African coast and are known to have all the features that one would look for in a classical paradise. Tourists can spend their hours exploring the capital city of Victoria or try their hand at mountain biking or deep sea fishing. But the most popular activity in the Seychelles is to do nothing, relax in one of the exotic beaches, take in the magnificent sunshine and simply gawk at those breathtaking cliff faces.

Taha’a, French Polynesia

The Taha’a is one of the lesser known islands of the French Polynesia and neighbours the world famous Bora Bora and Tahiti Islands. However, despite its unknown status, the Taha’a is known to offer even more delightful sights that its world famous neighbours and the relative lack of tourists does its beauty no harm. A trip to Taha’a is ideal for tourists looking for the mesmerizing beauty that the French Polynesia has to offer minus the large crowds of the Bora Bora and Tahiti. Snorkelling and scuba diving in the Pacific and embarking on a helicopter ride to check out the mesmerizing views of the Tahitian lagoons are a must while in Taha’a. Once you come to know about the true beauty that Taha’a has to offer, there is no doubt that it would top your list of the most fantasized holiday destinations in the world.

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