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Saturday, January 11, 2014

The best low cost carriers in Europe

Ever since their inception in the 1990s, the low cost carriers of Europe have become extremely popular. Today, they account for 1/3rd of all European travel and offer a vast range of destinations for tourists. However, the growth of the low cost carriers has reduced in the recent times due to lack of new places to expand to. Furthermore, most of the major national airlines have reduced their fares by discarding extravaganzas and keeping in flight amenities to a bare minimum. It is also being predicted that the non hub and short haul air traffic will eventually be the sole territory of these low cost carriers in Europe. However, you can take advantage of the low fares and decent services that the best low cost carriers in Europe offer today.

07. Norwegian Airlines

Norwegian Airlines, one of the largest carriers in Europe, has spread its wings and extended as far as North Africa and the Middle East as well. This allows travellers to take advantage of the low cost fares offered by the airline across Europe. Some of the most popular connections offered by Norwegian Airlines are the London New York, London Los Angeles and London Fort Lauderdale routes. The fares on these routes start at a measly 149.

06. Air Berlin

Air Berlin is one of the most dramatic examples of the changes in the European airline markets. Air Berlin absorbed several of the small carriers to emerge as the second largest airline in Germany and the third largest low cost carrier in Europe. The airline operates its hubs out of the Dusseldorf, Berlin Tegel and Palma airports and also boasts of a frequent flyer programme. Air Berlin is also becoming a part of the one world alliance which is centered around American Airlines and British Airways.

05. Pegasus Airlines

Pegasus Airlines, the popular low cost carrier based in Turkey, has become famous as the cheapest carrier in Europe with the average fare hovering around 63.19 euros. The airline was founded way back in the year 1990 and has expanded to over 61 destinations and 24 countries today. It offers its flyers with its very own frequent flyer programme and operates its hub from the Istanbul Sahiba Gokcen Airport. The airline reached one of its most important landmarks in the year 2011, when it became the first airline in the world to integrate the Groundlink End to End Network Solutions to its fleet.

04. Wizzair

Wizzair is considered to be the best low cost carrier for travellers looking to travel around Eastern Europe. It operates its hubs from the Warsaw, Katowice, Bucharest, Belgrade, Budapest and Sofia airports and offers flyers with connections to more than 60 cities in the Eastern Bloc. The airline offers a bare minimum service to its flyers, but in no way comes across as miserly and offers a fairly decent customer service.

03. Aer Lingus

Aer Lingus was originally formed in the year 1936 to offer services between the UK and the Emerald Isle. Today, it is the national airline of Ireland and offers services to more than 10 million passengers per year. It also offers an extremely impressive list of in flight entertainment opportunities such as movies, TV shows, music on demand, radio stations, gaming options and in flight WiFi. Some of the main connections offered by Aer Lingus include cities in the UK, US, Canada as well as cities such as Sydney, Abu Dhabi, Morocco, Canary Islands, Melbourne, Sydney, Bahrain and Puerto Rico.

02. EasyJet

EasyJet is the largest airline in the UK and offers connections on more than 600 routes across 30 countries. It ferries about 59 million passengers each year and offers one of the cheapest fares in Europe. The airline also offers connections for less than $50 as well. EasyJet is known to fly throughout the UK and to a number of the main European cities along with cities in countries such as Morocco, Cyprus, Egypt, Israel, Jordan and Turkey.

01. RyanAir

RyanAir is probably the best low cost carrier in Europe and is known for offering super low fares on its base price tickets. However, these tickets include bare minimum services and you need to pay extra fees for things like blocking seats, using credit cards for your purchases and reissuing boarding passes. That being said, RyanAir is an excellent option for passengers looking to spend about a fraction of the price that other airlines charge on the same routes. It offers connections to a number of cities across Europe, Cyprus, Morocco and the Canary Islands.

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