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Friday, January 10, 2014

The best low cost airlines of the US

The era of luxury travel has long since given way to the age of budget travel. Long gone are those days when a price of an air ticket was almost equivalent to the price of a small house. Today, passengers are offered a plethora of choices among budget airlines which offer lower prices and decent services. Yes, the bags of pretzels, the sodas and the pillows might be missing, but the difference in prices is well worth the effort to carry your own food and your own pillows. Here are some of the best low cost carriers operating in the US that are worth considering.

07. Jet America

The patriotic designs that can be seen on the wings of Jet America might evoke a sense of patriotism and remind you of pies, but don’t expect the airline to serve you with free food on board. What made Jet America so famous is its popular campaigns and promos such as the $9 seats. According to the airline, it offers 9 seats worth $9 each on a first come first serve basis on all flights that operate in the Midwest, Florida or on the eastern seaboard.

06. Spirit Airlines

It might have been founded as Charter One in the year 1980, but it gained popularity as Spirit Airlines. Today, it offers more than 200 flights on a daily basis to more than 40 destinations across the Caribbean, Latin America and the US. It offers a unique menu pricing policy which allows passengers to pick and choose their selections. The various menu options include front seats with extra elbow and leg room, in flight beverages, snacks, travel insurance and checked baggage.

05. AirTran Airways

AirTran Airways operates more than 750 flights all over the US which also includes about 250 departures from Atlanta itself. The airline offers extra large overhead racks for your luggage, satellite radio, cheap airfares and spacious emergency exit seats which can be availed for an extra $6. The airline runs a fleet of Boeing 717s which help it to keep the costs down and in turn the prices low. So be prepared for that extra noise in the cabins. After all, there has to be a downside to economical travel.

04. WestJet

Known to be one of the best low cost carriers operating in the US, WestJet is a Calgary based airline which runs around 380 daily flights and offers economical connections to cities all over the Caribbean, Mexico, Canada and the US. WestJet is considered to be one of the fastest growing airlines and is extremely popular for its passenger friendly incentive programs and attractive fares. The airline also offers live TV and access to a number of airport lounges (provided you are a member of the program).

03. Virgin America

Virgin America is a relatively new entrant into the low cost scene of America. It made its debut in America in the year 2007 and became an instant hit for offering low cost connections between destinations on the East Coast and the West Coast. Unlike some of its competitors, Virgin America also offers excellent seating comforts. However, you might have to pay extra for snacks, in flight movies and pillows.

02. JetBlue

JetBlue does most of its business on the east coast corridor and it has a hub at the JFK Airport in New York. JetBlue is considered to be one of the most popular choices for travellers heading to Miami, San Juan and Fort Lauderdale. It also offers convenient connections with international airlines such as American Airlines and Lufthansa. Another factor that makes JetBlue so popular is the legendary leg room that JetBlue offers on its aircrafts.

01. Southwest

Southwest is considered to be the best low cost carrier in the US. The airline might have launched its operations with stewardesses sporting minis and flashy boots but it has transformed its image and sexual mores with time. When it realized that sexuality and sexy stewardesses cannot help it sell tickets, it came up with an extremely attractive scheme which soared its popularity in the US markets. The airline began to offer its passengers with economical alternatives to exorbitant last minute bookings and has never looked back ever since. The airline attendants are also known to entertain you with a number of jigs such as “don’t forget your luggage” and the constant jokes. All in all, Southwest might not be the cheapest low cost airline in the US, but it is by far the most entertaining one.

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