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Saturday, March 01, 2014

The best hotel breakfasts in the world

Having that perfect breakfast can be the ideal way of kick-starting your holiday and ensuring that you have a pleasurable time all through the day. To help you in making your journey more comfortable and to provide your holiday the perfect start, a number of hotels around the world specialize in creating that perfect breakfast experience. From chocolate dipped donuts and a lavish selection of pastries to the freshest ingredients and the very best tastes to the perfect ambience and a wide selection of international delicacies, these hotels are known to offer you with a breakfast experience that you will never forget throughout your life. Here is a list of the best hotel breakfasts in the world.

Shangri-La Guangzhou, China

Breakfast at the Shangri-La Guangzhou is served at the Horizons Club. It boasts of a magnificent view of the city, the perfect ambience to have breakfast and a humongous selection of foods and beverages to choose from. The Shangri-La Guangzhou prides itself in offering one of the freshest breakfasts and its spread is sure to ensure that you find a breakfast combination that is just right for you.

The Hacienda del Mar, Cabo San Lucas, Mexico

The Hacienda del Mar offers its guests with an open air breakfast experience at its rooftop restaurant. With surreal ocean views also on offer, there is no better way to start your day in Cabo San Lucas than to have breakfast at the Hacienda del Mar. Nothing can be better than to begin your mornings with those delicious salsa sauces, authentic Mexican cuisines, a rich basket of traditional Mexican pastries along with an international selection of breads and eggs.

Ballyfin, County Laois, Ireland

There is something that is definitely unique about the way they serve breakfast at this magnificent Irish property. The Ballyfin serves its guests with breakfast in a dining room which features a humongous fireplace, surreal paintings by the famous artist Willem Van Der Hagen and impressive chandeliers. You can also choose to dine on the terrace which is known to offer scintillating views of a lush green garden and an extremely alluring waterfall. The food is prepared from the freshest produce and meat purchased from notable purchasers of Ireland and the guests are allowed to join the chefs to pick out their own eggs prior to breakfast.

The Bernini Bristol, Rome, Italy

Most people in Rome consider breakfast to be a cornetto and an espresso. However, the Bernini Bristol Hotel is known to offer one of the grandest breakfasts that the world can think of. Breakfast at the Bernini Bristol is served in the splendid breakfast room which overlooks the Triton’s Fountains and the Piazza Barberini. The food and selections offered for breakfast manage to match the splendour of the views and guests are offered with plenty of selections of juices, breads, pastries and eggs.

The Fullerton Bay Hotel, Singapore

The Fullerton Bay Hotel serves its breakfasts at the Clifford, a breakfast room which is known to be far more dramatic than most breakfast locations around the world. The restaurant boasts a unique atmosphere thanks to its exquisite décor, dark wood furniture and floor to ceiling curtains and the 30 foot windows that magnificent views of the Marina Bay. The menu boasts of local delicacies such as the “bak kut teh” and the “mee goreng” as well as a wide range of international selections, egg preparations, fresh fruit juices and delicious pastries.

Waldorf Astoria, Orlando, USA

Most hotels in the USA lay great emphasis on the quantity of their offerings. However, the Waldorf Astoria Hotel located in Orlando is known to lay a great deal of stress to offering its guests with the healthiest breakfasts, the freshest produce, a wide range of exotic delicacies and fruits and magnificent choices and selections.

The Peninsula, Bangkok

One can literally spend an entire day sampling the various kinds of exotic juices and coffee offered by the riverfront breakfast room at the Peninsula. Not only are guests offered with the best possible views to kick-start their day, but they are also offered with the best food that Bangkok offers for breakfast. The food is made from the freshest local produce and boast of a unique French flavour. The pastries served at the peninsula are definitely worth trying.

Four Seasons Hotel, Amman, Jordan

The Four Seasons Hotel in Amman is known for its splendid breakfast service, use of fresh and exotic ingredients and careful menu selections. The wide range of choices also ensures that there is something perfect for all kinds of travellers and guests are likely to find the right breakfast at the Four Seasons Hotel irrespective of their food habits.

Ponta dos Ganchos, Santa Catarina, Brazil

The Ponta dos Ganchos is known to offer a sumptuous 10 course extravaganza every morning to its guests. Breakfasts normally start with one of the green juices which are made from vegetables that are plucked from the on-site gardens, go on to freshly made breads and a splendid array to spreads and end with exotic tropical fruits and Brazilian coffee. Those who still feel hungry or are used to eating heavier breakfasts can also sample the heavier food items such as stuffed pancakes, a selection of eggs or pan-fried manioc flour with cheese.

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