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Tuesday, January 07, 2014

The best child friendly airlines of the world

Ever had to travel with your toddlers or your children in an airline and felt every single eye falling upon you out of irritation, out of anger or out of pity? As a parent, one of the biggest nightmares is to travel with your child on an airplane as the possibilities of things going south are endless. Your child could face ear pain due to the cabin pressure, hunger due to the fact that your toddler food ran out because of possible delays or boredom due to sitting in a cramped up place. All these issues are bound to make their tantrums and cries worse and you should be prepared for a few dirty looks and even some rude comments from your fellow passengers. But it certainly does not have to be this way all the time. The best child friendly airlines in the world are known to be extremely family friendly and their services are bound to cross your expectations. Their unique amenities and compassionate staff makes sure that travelling with your child becomes a lot simpler.


As you would expect with the Emirates, they simply raise the bar for child friendly airlines so high that most other carriers can simply stare from the distance. Apart from the magnificent Emirates’ on-board entertainment system, the airline also offers children with a long list of Disney classics, interactive games, audio stories and generous goodie bags. If your children are flying on their birthdays, the airline can also arrange for a cake on-board. Other child friendly features offered by the Emirates include baby food, toddler kits, child size headsets, a variety of puzzles and games, story books, coloring books. Diapers are also available on request.

Singapore Airlines

One of the best aspects of booking your journey with Singapore Airlines is that they offer bassinet seats and bulkhead seats to passengers flying with infants (provided these seats are available at the time of booking). They also offer specially designed child meals, infant meals, diapers and baby wipes on request, in-flight entertainment activities, activity packs and goodie bags for children under the age of 12. What makes Singapore Airlines special is that they have a contract with Dora the Explorer. As a result, they offer kids with Dora watches, Dora slippers and Dora the Explorer packs with push toys.

British Airways

British Airways has successfully managed to be known as one of the best child friendly airlines in the world primarily due to its kindness to the young ones and sympathies for parents travelling with their kids and toddlers. As a result, the airline goes out of its way to ensure that the parents are comfortable and that the children always have something or the other to do so that they allow their parents to breathe in peace. One of the best features is the SkyFlyers activity pack which includes a log book that allows kids to record details of their travels and collect signatures from the captain of the flight. Other child friendly features include infant seats, baby food warming, bottle warming services, activity packs that include sticker books, electronic games and cuddle toys for all flights longer than 3 hours, in flight entertainment, kid friendly channels, movies and cartoons. The airline also has a unique “feed families first” policy which makes sure that the kids get their meals before anyone else in the airline does. What’s more, there plenty of chocolates, yummy fruits and exotic veggies in the kid meals to keep them occupied while their parents eat their meals in peace.

Air Tahiti Nui

French Polynesia might be known to be a honeymooner’s paradise, but those who travel with their kids or infants can definitely expect a great flying experience with Air Tahiti Nui. The airline makes sure that all its guests are treated like royalty, irrespective of whether they travel economy or business class. The kids also get special attention from the airlines with the air hostesses checking in every once in a while. Some of the facilities available for children include entertainment backpacks which include magnetic puzzles, coloring books, crayons and bandanas, kid friendly meals and snacks, diapers on request, alcohol wipes, rattles changing pads and bibs.

Gulf Air

Gulf Air earns a spot on the list of the best child friendly airlines in the world due to its unique child friendly concepts such as Sky Nannies and Family Check In Counters. Not only do parents who travel with kids get priority at the check in counters, boarding areas and baggage claims, but they can also avail of the Sky Nannies services. The carrier has specially trained nannies that travel in their long haul flights and assist parents in taking care of their kids and toddlers so that the parents can get some much needed sleep or rest that all long haul flights require.

Cathay Pacific

Cathay Pacific, known to be one of the top airlines in Asia, simply could not be left behind when it came to offering families with child friendly services. Some of the specialized services that they offer include bassinets, baby food warming services, bottle warming services, child meals, colorful backpacks with a variety of games, stationery, activity books and baby meals.


The national airline of Germany deserves kudos for its child friendly services, magnificent service and the German industriousness. The airline offers its younger passengers with a specially designed kids menu that offers them with funnily named items such as the Tiger Tail (chicken filled pancakes) and the Pirates hand (fish sticks and cabbage). It also offers the family travelling with a child with a personal guide to help them navigate the complex passageways of the Munich and Frankfurt airports. These guides also go out of their way to help passengers with access to restaurants, hotels, baggage claims and car rentals. Other services include free meals for children, coloring books with crayons, puzzles, card games, and baby food for long haul flights.

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