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Thursday, February 06, 2014

The best airports in Europe

The best airports in Europe
Airports are a place where most travellers end up spending a lot of time while flying to different countries or cities on holidays or while travelling for official purposes. An airport can go a long way in providing the perfect beginning to that wonderful holiday. However, get the airport wrong and you could end up cursing yourself and ultimately ruining your mood for the entire holiday. The role of airports becomes even more important if your flight gets delayed and you need to spend hours at the airport with nowhere to go. Here is a list of the best airports in Europe that can provide that ideal start to your holidays or act as the perfect place to end your journey.

10. The Athens International Airport (ATH), Athens

The Athens International Airport is extremely popular among travellers for its free WiFi, the level of cleanliness, friendly staff, a museum inside the airport and airport tours. There are a number of 24 hour restaurants and coffee shops as well. This ensures that there is always something to do at the airport and travellers can easily pass the time while waiting for their connections. The armrests also provide comfy arrangements for travellers looking to catch a short nap before their next flight.

09. The Warsaw Chopin Airport (WAW), Warsaw

The Warsaw Choppin Airport might have metallic seats without armrests but it more than makes up for its poor seating arrangements with free WiFi for 30 minutes, Pay in lounges, mobile charging points, prayer rooms and shower facilities. However, the airport is not the place to be after 11pm as everything seems to close for the night.

08. The Prague Vaclav Havel Airport (PRG), Prague

The Prague Vaclav Havel Airport recently introduced the Fun Center which offers travellers with private rooms, lounges and access to the Xbox and movies. The airport also consists of a museum and a movie theatre. Tourists spending the night at the airport can lay down in the comfortable seats. However, most of the seats have armrests. The airport also offers a transit hotel and day rooms for those willing to spend the extra buck. Some of the popular facilities at the airport include 24 hour restaurants and coffee shops, luggage storage facilities, prayer rooms and a hotel inside the terminal.

07. The Kastrup Airport (CPH), Copenhagen

There are a number of seats without armrests which allow passengers to curl up for a snooze before and after the security checks. Some of the other facilities include dedicated rest zones, free WiFi, a hotel which is internally connected to the airport, spa facilities and pay-in lounges.

06. The Oslo Airport (OSL), Gardermoen

The Oslo Airport offers tourists with access to 24 hour restaurants, comfortable sleeping arrangements, cushy red benches which offer the perfect place to relax, pay-in lounges, free WiFi for 120 minutes, a hotel which is internally connected to the airport, internet kiosks and luggage storage facilities.

05. The Frankfurt Airport (FRA), Frankfurt

Being located in one of the financial capitals of Europe, the Frankfurt Airport experiences massive traffic on a daily basis. However, despite the large influx and outflow of crowds, the airport seamlessly manages to run its operations and still offer enough room and facilities to make all sorts of passengers feel comfortable. Most of the seating arrangements are armless and therefore allow passengers to stretch their legs and catch a nap. Other attractions at the airport include airport tours, live concerts, a casino, pay-in lounges, 24 hour restaurants, dedicated rest zones with reclining chairs, free WiFi for 30 minutes, luggage storage facilities, prayer rooms, spa facilities, gaming room, laundry services, mobile charging points and internet kiosks.

04. The Zurich Kloten Airport (ZRH), Zurich

The Zurich Kloten Airport is known to be one of the best airports in Europe due to the fact that it offers travellers with everything that you can possibly think of. One of the best things about the Zurich airport is that you are never alone. No matter where you look, you can find a number of travellers snoozing away on the seats that are free of armrests. The airport also dims the lights at night so that tourists having an all nighter at the airport can have some moments of peace and quiet. Other facilities at the airports include shower rooms, dedicated rest zones, day rooms, airport tours, bicycle rentals, pay-in lounges, in-line skate rentals, a hotel connected to the airport, internet kiosks and free WiFi for 60 minutes. The airport is also known to be cleaner than most hospitals in the continent and is famous as an extremely peaceful place. Everything runs with the perfect Swiss efficiency and the airport is well served by public transportation as well.

03. The Munich Airport (MUC), Munich

The Munich Airport is known to be the second busiest airport in Germany after the Frankfurt Airport. What makes the airport so special is that despite the massive amounts of footfall, it still manages to allow travellers to enjoy a myriad of facilities and efficient services such as pay-in lounges, dedicated rest zones with reclining seats, sleeping cabins, shower facilities, 24 hour restaurants, free WiFi for 30 minutes, luggage storage facilities, observation terraces and an airport brewery. The airport also boasts of a number of entertainment activities such as spa services, a casino, mini golf, airport tours, flight simulators, movie halls and gaming rooms.

02. The Helsinki Vantaa Airport (HEL), Helsinki

The Helsinki Vantaa Airport is one of the most amazing airports in Europe. It offers tourists with extremely neat, clean and peaceful atmospheres and dedicated zones for everything that an airport traveller can possibly need. There are comfortable benches placed all over the airport which offer the perfect place to sit down and relax or have a nap. Some of the facilities offered by the airport include free WiFi, an art gallery, spa services, airport tours, dedicated relaxation zones featuring chairs, beds and pods, pay-in lounges, 24 hour restaurants, shower areas, a hotel which is connected to the airport, a transit hotel and luggage storage facilities.

01. The Amsterdam Airport Schiphol (AMS), Amsterdam

Despite being the third busiest airport in Europe and handling about 47 million passengers per year, the Amsterdam Airport Schiphol is by far the best airport in Europe due to the supreme comfort levels offered and the vast number of facilities available. What makes the airport so unique is that the area between the Departure terminals 3 and 4 has been built to resemble a forest. Tourists can check out the nature sounds which go on till about 12 am and relax in those leaf shaped beanbag type chairs which make the most comfortable beds. Other facilities offered by the airport include free WiFi for 60 minutes, city tours, TV lounges, a casino, a spa, massage and sauna facilities, a museum, a movie theatre, a library, shower facilities, 24 hour restaurants and coffee shops, luggage storage facilities, prayer rooms, dedicated sleeping zones and a transit hotel.

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