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Thursday, February 20, 2014

most travel friendly suitcases

Despite having increased the baggage fees that they charge, airline carriers around the world haven’t really done a great job in taking care of the check in luggage. Every day we come across stories of lost or damaged luggage as well as stories relating to constant luggage thefts in airports around the world. Instead of cribbing and complaining about things that are not really in our control (after all, we will still have to take the flight), us travellers can take that extra step to ensure that our luggage becomes secure by upgrading our luggage and suitcases. Choosing the most travel friendly suitcases in the world might not guarantee the safety of our luggage, but it can help in reducing the chances of theft or damage by a great extent. So delay watching those NCIS, Sherlock, Elementary and Breaking Bad episodes and make sure that your suitcases are travel friendly while you have the chance to do so (obviously, you cannot go shopping for a new suitcase on the day you need to leave for the airport).

The Travel Pro Crew 8 20-inch Rollaboard

A suitcase which gets to costar with the one and only George Clooney cannot be all that bad. Having played a minor part in the movie “Up in the Air”, the Travel Pro suitcases have finally received the popularity that they rightly deserve. The Travel Pro Crew 8 20-inch Rollaboard is considered to be one of the most popular choices when it comes to travel friendly suitcases, not only due to its celebrity status, but also due to the fact that it is actually one of the best carry on suitcases in the market. It is ideal for those business travellers and also includes a separate laptop sleeve which lets you pass through the security checkpoint without having to take out your laptops. The Travel Pro Crew 8 20-inch Rollaboard might cost you about $130, but it is one of the most convenient and sturdy options out there.

The Diane Von Furstenberg Luggage Signature Four Piece Set

The Diane Von Furstenberg Luggage Signature Four Piece Set might come with a hefty price tag of almost $350, but whoever said that designer luggage would be cheap. The suitcase has been made from 51% cotton and 49% polyester and boasts of a 4 wheel spinner system which allows easy mobility. It also boasts of the Diane signature Von Furstenberg body fabric and cognac trim and can be expanded to increase the packing capacity. The interiors include mesh pockets, removable toiletry pouches and adjustable valet straps and the exteriors also offer two extra storage pockets.

Samsonite 5 Piece Travel Set

Known to be the choice of the smart traveller, the Samsonite 5 Piece Travel Set is an extremely impressive piece of luggage which is available at a ridiculously low price. The entire set consists of different sizes of suitcases that can be used on different types of trips or as an entire set when you travel with your families. The various pieces in the set include a duffle bag, two wheeled suitcases, a toiletry kit and a tote. The largest suitcase can easily hold your clothes and other materials for trips that last up to a week and the smaller suitcase is the perfect carry on option for those small hop overs or business trips. Samsonite also offers a 10 year warranty for the entire set, but as you might be well aware, Samsonite suitcases are known to last a lot longer. The entire set can be purchased for a measly sum of about $100.

The Victorinox Spectra

The suitcase is as trendy as its name. Coming from the makers of the Swiss Army watch, it offers an extremely compelling case for travellers with its 8 wheel feature, the possibility of performing 360 degrees spins with the bag, polycarbonate exteriors which allow enhanced durability and its very own tracking number along with a 24 hour helpline to help track the suitcase if it ever gets lost. The Spectra also offers an extra capacity version which is deeper and wider by approximately 1.5 inches and still manages to meet most of the carry on luggage rules. However, with a price tag of $300, it definitely doesn’t fall in the economic category.

The Baggallini Nylon Messenger Bags

Any travel itinerary can become extremely arduous when you consider the distances that you need to travel and all the sightseeing that you need to do. So it always helps to have a suitcase which is not only compact, but easy to carry as well. And nothing fits the bill better than the Baggallini Nylon Messenger Bags. The bag comes with lockable zippers, numerous storage compartments and hidden pockets which makes it an ideal option for a carry on luggage. What it lacks in size, it makes up in its style. The bag boasts of a trendy exterior and is made from Clava Leather. It also offers a double shoulder strap as well as a magnetic snap pocket to make it transport friendly.

The Zuca Pro Travel Suitcase

The Zuca Pro Travel Suitcase is considered to be one of the must haves for all those individuals who need everything to be arranged in the proper order. It offers 5 removable compartments that are closed by zips and are colour coded. The aluminium alloy body also allows passengers to transform it into a seat when they don’t find one at the airport without worrying about damaging the stuff inside. You can also add flashing LED lights to the suitcase to make yourself the centre of attraction wherever you go. Those interested in purchasing the Zuca Pro Travel Suitcase would have to shell out almost $300.

The Samsonite Lift 21-inch Expandable Wheeled Luggage

The Samsonite Lift 21-inch Expandable Wheeled Luggage is an ideal option for travellers looking for something which is easy to manoeuvre through massive crowds and even easier to carry for those long strolls. The most unique feature about the bag is that it provides a storage space of 2205 cubic inches despite weighing only 6 pounds. Furthermore, it is backed by the Samsonite brand, a brand which is known to offer some of the most long lasting suitcases in the market. At a price of just $80, The Samsonite Lift 21-inch Expandable Wheeled Luggage is one of the most travel friendly carry on bags to have in your arsenal of luggage and suitcases.

The Anna Sui’ International Carry On Bag

The Anna Sui’ International Carry On Bag boasts of the iconic Anna Sui floral print along with an extremely hard shell suitcase which has been made from a lightweight polycarbonate to create an extremely strong and yet easy to manoeuvre design. The bag consists of four wheels and allows 360 degree turns. It also comes with TSA approved locks and telescopic and top handles. The interior area offers travellers with zip pockets, compression straps and a zip around divider.

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