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Thursday, January 09, 2014

Low cost carriers operating in Asia

The rapid growth of low cost carriers that operate in Asia is for all to see. Known to be one of the best markets for airline travel, Asia is home to a number of low cost airlines with about 25 different airlines operating in Southeast Asia itself. The boom in airline travel is reflected in the data generated by the Association of Asia Pacific Airlines (AAPA) which shows a growth of almost 5.5% in this year itself. Today, about 163.5 million passengers are known to fly on low cost carriers on an annual basis. Considering these mind boggling stats, it comes as no surprise that Asia is home to some of the best low cost carriers in the world. Here is a list of the top low cost carriers operating in Asia.

07. SpiceJet, India

SpiceJet, one of the most popular low cast carriers in India has become the second largest low cost carrier in India in terms of its market share. After an immensely successful launch, the airline’s balance sheets began spiralling around 2008. However, it has undergone massive reforms ever since and has managed to successfully consolidate on its market share by improving its service and reliability as well as offering attractive fares and routes to airline passengers.

06. Tiger Airways, Singapore

Tiger Airways has always stressed on offering its guests with a hassle free and convenient travel environment. In fact, its strategy seems to have worked wonders due to innovative features such as pre-booking meals, through check in services, a massive network of destinations across 13 countries and excellent customer service.

05. Hong Kong Express, Hong Kong

Hong Kong Express Airways Limited was established way back in the year 2004 and has grown its networks tremendously ever since. The airline offers connections from Hong Kong to more than 30 cities across Asia and also boasts of an excellent fleet of Boeing 737 – 800 aircrafts. Some of the main connections offered by the airlines include flights to Shanghai, Bali, Manila, Okinawa, Osaka, Beijing and Phuket.

04. Cebu Pacific, Phillipines

Cebu Pacific is a Phillipines based airline that started operations in the year 1996. Known to the pioneer of low cost carriers in the country, the airline began its international operations in the year 2001. Today, it offers excellent connectivity to cities such as Shanghai, Singapore, Bangkok, Hong Kong, Ho Chi Minh, Kuala Lumpur, Seoul, Taipei, Jakarta and Guangzhou. The domestic sectors are known to offer the lowest “all inclusive” fares and Cebu Pacific was also known to be the first airline in the Phillipines to offer e-booking and SMS booking to its guests. Some of the main advantages offered by Cebu are comfortable journeys, on time departures and arrivals and a great deal of reliability.

03. Indigo Airlines, India

Ever since its launch, Indigo has managed to grab a lions share of the low cost travel market in India and has become the top low cost carriers operating in Asia. Indigo has successfully established itself as a brand which lays a great deal of stress on on-time flights, comfortable travel experiences and excellent customer service. It also offers travellers with innovative flight + hotel packages which offer great discounts when you book your flights and your hotels through Indigo. What makes Indigo stand out in the Indian market is its obsession to always offer low cost fares, but never offer low quality airlines or poor services.

02. Jetstar Asia, Singapore

Jetstar Asia is ranked at the second spot among the low cost carriers of Asia. This Singapore based airline first began its operations in the year 2004 and has slowly transformed itself into one of the most popular choices for Asian travellers. Jetstar merged its operations with Valueair in the year 2005, another Singapore based airline. With its increased number of flights and infrastructure, the airline now manages to offer a plethora of routes and connections all over Asia along with friendly staffs and a comfortable flight experience.

01. Air Asia, Malaysia

When it comes to the top low cost carriers operating in Asia, nothing even comes close to the popularity and rankings that Air Asia has been enjoying for a really long time. Known to be one of the best low cost carriers in the world, Air Asia attracts its clientele with extremely affordable airfares, hassle free services and a plethora of routes which cover a number of cities in Asia. The airline is known to cater to about 40 million passengers each year and also plans to introduce enhanced passenger experiences on its flights to help improve customer relations and increase the brand loyalty.

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