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Tuesday, March 11, 2014

latest air travel trends

The advancement of the travel industry combined with the constant consolidations between airlines has completely transformed the airline industry. This brings some much needed good news for flyers as the increasing competition has led to airlines modernizing their fleets and adding more and more in-flight amenities to attract a greater number of travellers and hold a higher market share. Let’s check out the latest air travel trends and how the flying is projected to change in the year 2014.

Improved security checks and a faster security check

The success of the TSA’s PreCheck program has led to a rapid increase in plans to introduce similar programs in other countries as well. Moreover, TSA itself plans to expand to more than 100 new airports in the year 2014. However, the exhaustive background checks and fingerprinting is still expected to be a part of all such programs.

The use of in-flight phone calls is on its way

The time has finally come when it shall soon be possible to stay in touch with the world and accept in-flight phone calls while on air. Despite the fact that most flyers have opposed to the idea of having to bear someone babble on the phone at an altitude of 30000 feet, the ball is ultimately in the hands of the airline industry.

Rise in taxes for air travel

Governments around the world are planning to slap an extra surcharge on flyers. These taxes are expected to hit different segments of air travel in different countries which is ultimately going to raise airfare around the world.

Higher hikes in fares

With the ever increasing fuel prices and taxes and the cut throat competition among major airlines, passengers can expect higher hikes in airfares across the world. Despite the fact that most governments watch and regulate airfares, there is no stopping these price hikes as the airlines struggle for basic survival in the industry.

Further additions to inflight amenities

A number of airlines have already begun to offer WiFi connectivity to their passengers on their aircrafts. However, with approval for use of gate to gate portable devices, the services offered are scheduled to go even further. Flyers can expect the top airlines to soon offer a complete broadband experience which allows them to stay connected to the internet from the moment they set foot in the airport till the time they leave the destination airport. There are a number of innovations being brought about to make the seats more comfortable for flying as well.

Airlines plan to launch a three class service

As they say, if you want more, you need to pay more. This concept shall soon be seen in airlines across the world where different seatings and different amenities and in-flight services shall be offered to passengers willing to pay for them. Most low cost carriers are also planning to launch their own premium class cabins and the lie flat concept shall soon be seen on transcontinental journeys as well.

Print your bag tags at home

Airlines are scheduled to come up with a brand new technology that shall allow passengers to print and attach their own bag tags during the check-in process. IATA has been pushing quite hard for a larger acceptance of the concept and a number of airline such as Iberia and Lufthansa are already experimenting with the concept.

The squeezy feeling is about to become a lot worse

With the success of the Slimline seats that were recently introduced in the airline industry, you can expect many more airlines to change their interiors and add these seats into their aircrafts. These seats have a lesser width than the seats present today, despite the fact that they offer the same seat pitch. Ultimately, the airlines can make more money at the expense of passenger comfort due to the fact that the reduced width is ultimately bound to increase the cramped up feeling.

Low cost transatlantic flights are scheduled to make a comeback

Remember how Freddie Laker’s Skytrain changed the world about 30 years back. You can expect a similar concept to launch very soon, thanks to the new $199 fares from US to Europe. This new breed of low-cost long-haul carriers should roll into the markets around summer with the Icelandic Airline and the Norweigian Air Shuttle leading the way.

You just might be able to afford a private jet in the year 2014

Yes, you got that right. The brand new “ultra light” jets are expected to make private jets much more affordable and it can soon be possible to charter a private jet for a price which is a little bit more expensive than a first class ticket. You can also expect a few ride sharing companies to crop up and help flyers to split the costs.

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