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Thursday, January 23, 2014

Last minute flight booking tips

Whether you suddenly plan your last minute holidays or need to rush to another city on business or due to an emergency, you can take full advantage of these last minute flight booking tips to ensure that you get the cheapest possible fares and the sweetest deals. Most people believe that the best fares are only offered weeks in advance. While this might be true in most cases, there is no denying the fact that you can get extremely attractive fares on your last minute flight bookings. All you need to do is have some patience and conduct a painstaking research and last minute flight bookings can become a piece of cake.

Finding the right airfare requires time and patience

Remember that you cannot expect to find the right fares at the last minute by simply surfing through the net for a few minutes. You need to make sure you spend some time checking out the fares over the period of a few days and grab a low fare as soon as it appears. Remember, the secret to getting the best deals is to have patience and perseverance and check the fares from time to time until you get something that seems just right.

Travelling mid week can help you save money

Mid week travel is a great way of saving money on your airfares. Since most people prefer to travel during the weekends or towards the beginning or the end of a week, you can get really cheap tickets while booking mid week flights.

Act Quickly

Last minute flight deals donít last for long as there are a number of people vying for that cheaply priced ticket. Therefore, you need to ensure that you jump on the opportunity when it arises and book the ticket the moment you get an attractive deal. It is common for a fare to get sold out within hours.

Keep track of the flights

Keep a track of the last minute airfares that release weekly for each city. If you keep a track of these fares for long enough, you can begin to notice patterns in the way the fare fluctuates. You can use this knowledge to ensure that you get the best possible deals for yourself.

Travel alone

It is far easier to find one cheaply priced ticket than to find 3 Ė 4 tickets in the last minute. Make sure that you travel alone unless you are going for a holiday with your family to make use of the last minute flight deals.

Use late night flights

Late night flights can offer you with extremely cheap fares as most people prefer to avoid these flights. You can therefore stay on the lookout for a low fare in any one of these flights and jump at the opportunity the moment it arises.

Purchase your tickets directly from the airports

It might also help you to purchase a last minute ticket from the airport directly. Remember that it becomes impossible for flights to sell tickets that have been cancelled at the last minute. You can therefore take advantage of any last minute cancellations and get an extremely attractive fare for yourself.

Be wary of the fees

It makes sense to check out the fee that airlines charge for various services before booking a ticket. Nowadays, budget airlines charge extra for almost anything and everything. Therefore, you need to ensure that you stay above the fee structure so that you donít end up spending on something uselessly.

Getting in touch with a travel agent

Many agents advertise extremely low last minute fares and rightly so. This mostly happens when an agent has not managed to sell their quota of the seats for a particular flight or airline. In such cases, the travel agents might offer extremely low fares to their guests and clients to entice them to travel, thereby saving the agents from potential losses.

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