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Saturday, March 08, 2014

how to use your frequent flier miles

So you have been travelling for quite some time and have amassed yourself a healthy amount of miles? Wondering what to do with your miles and how to use them in the best possible manner? The process of redeeming your frequent flyer miles is actually quite simple. All you need to do is remember that you understand how many frequent flyer miles you have while booking your tickets. The flight tickets purchased with your miles is quite similar to how you purchase it with cash. The airline accesses your frequent flyer system, allows you to select the number of miles you wish to use and deducts the same from your billed amount. However, before you go about deducting or using your frequent flyer miles, it is important for you to understand how best to use them. The actual value of most miles is close to the equivalent of 2 cents for each frequent flyer mile.

When to use your miles

It is also important to know when to use your miles. Letís say that you need 30000 miles to get a free ticket for your journey and you get a low cost connection on the same route for just $400. It actually makes sense for you to save your miles and pay for a low cost flight instead. Simply put, the amount you would spend with your miles would be 30000 miles x 2 cents, which would cost you about $600. Furthermore, all airlines have limited seat availability for frequent flyer miles and have blackout dates as well. Finally, your frequent flyer miles are not just restricted to purchasing tickets. You can get a world of upgrades for yourself using these miles or even use them to purchase goods or pay for services from selected merchant outlets. You can also transfer or donate your miles to a third person, if you choose to do so.

The best use of your frequent flyer miles

The best possible use of your frequent flyer miles is to purchase an extremely expensive ticket. For example, it does not make sense to use your miles to purchase a ticket that costs $100. But it definitely makes sense to use your miles to pay for a ticket which costs almost $2500. While there is no definite calculation for the same, it is best if you understand that miles are normally best used for international journeys. Upgrades also offer an excellent value for your miles, particularly if they are made for long haul flights.

You have the freedom of paying a part of your total fare using your miles

Most airlines and frequent flyer programs allow their guests to partly use the accumulated miles to pay for the ticket and pay the balance by cash or card. This option truly helps passengers when they fall short by just a few miles when trying to avail of an attractive purchase using their miles without having to overpay.

How long do these miles last and when do they expire

There is no definite timeline which states the expiry date for the miles that have been accumulated. As long as there is some activity in the memberís account within a period of 36 months, there should not be any problems whatsoever. However, a few low cost carriers only allow their passengers to redeem their miles within a fixed period of time. It is always best to contact your specific airline program and find out details if and when your miles are set to expire and use them before they expire.

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