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Sunday, February 23, 2014

How to secure your luggage while flying

With the ever increasing measures towards airport security, passengers can sometimes fall into a dilemma of how exactly to secure their luggage. There are thousands of cases where luggage gets stolen, lost, damaged or tampered with at airports and this issue is not just restricted to the developing countries. Thus, luggage safety is extremely important and receiving your luggage safe and secure can go a long way in ensuring that your trip is stress free and pleasant. Read on to learn how to secure your luggage while flying so that you donít have to bother yourself with lost or damaged luggage ever again.

Never allow your luggage to leave your sight

The most basic rule of securing your luggage is to never allow it out of your sight unless it has been safely deposited at the airline check in counter or an airport locker.

Donít forget to place ďfragileĒ stickers while transporting breakable items

The airline attendants might discourage you from getting the fragile sticker placed on your luggage, but you have the right to ask them to place one, particularly if you are carrying breakable items. It might not always be the safest method of transporting your fragile items, but it definitely helps to place a sticker if you have no other option available to you.

Consider getting your luggage insured if you need to carry valuables

Most airlines offer lost luggage compensation up to a pre specified limit only. If you are carrying expensive and valuable merchandise you might want to consider getting your luggage insured. There are a number of airlines that offer Excess Valuation coverage directly. However, if your airline does not offer the added insurance, you can always get in touch with a travel insurance company or your local travel agents to get your valuables insured.

Wear the things that you care about the most

The best way to secure something that you really care about is to leave it back at home. However, if you really must take it on your trip, try to wear them for your flight journey. This minimizes the chance of losing the great item by a huge margin. It is also important to carry your jewellery, your cash and your wallets in your carry on luggage. Ideally, it would be best to bury the most valuable items and the cash deep within your luggage so that it would not be easy for anyone to take them out. You can always keep some spare change in your pockets to pay for things like food and beverage.

Lock your luggage for all journeys

A lock might not guarantee the security of your luggage, but it can act as a huge detriment for someone trying to crack open your suitcase or your bags. It also helps to purchase anti theft luggage. There are a number of suitcases and handbags which have been designed keeping the modern day traveller in mind. These items are not easy to break into and can offer a higher level of security than your typical cloth backpacks which can be easily cut open with the help of a knife. It is also important to ensure that you use locks which have been approved by agencies such as the TSA.

Minimize the Chance for Lost or Damaged Luggage

Try to ensure that you arrive the airport with adequate time in hand so that you donít have to rush through everything. Remember that it might take some time to get your boarding pass and proceed through the security checks. You also need to ensure that your baggage tags have been pasted properly and correctly before the flight attendant stows away your luggage on the conveyor belts. You are offered with a claim stub for each piece of check in luggage. Make sure that you keep these stubs safely as the security might ask for them at any point of time until you leave your destination airport as a security procedure. Finally, you need to ensure that your luggage is in a condition to make the journey. Loose locks, holes, zippers that are bursting at the seams are things that you would not want to take with you on a flight. Not only can they be opened easily, they can also get damaged and lead to spillage of your luggage.

Making use of the luggage lockers

If you need to take hopping flights and have a considerable time gap between your connecting flights, it always makes sense to make use of the airport luggage lockers. These lockers allow you to get rid of the hassle of constantly having to look over your luggage and also makes mobility a lot easier for you. You can always redeem them when it is time for your onward connection. Nowadays, a number of airlines offer through check in facilities. If the same is possible for your particular itinerary, make sure that you avail of the service. This removes the hassle of having to collect and re check in your luggage at the connecting airport.

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