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Thursday, January 16, 2014

How to get upgraded to First Class

Wailing for an upgrade, throwing tantrums, flirting up the check in staff, begging the airline staff – what’s your preferred style of trying to get yourself an upgrade to the First Class. These tantrums and dramas might not get you a first class upgrade, but will most definitely make you the centre of attraction at the airport. Ever since airlines have taken away most of the control functions offered to agents, talking your way into comfort is simply not possible. Therefore, you need to change your ways with the changing times. Here are the best ways of how to get upgraded to First Class.

08. Be nice and dress well

One of the simplest ways of getting an upgrade is to dress well and ask for an upgrade politely. You would be surprised how many times this still works. However, you need to remember that airlines cannot offer you with first class upgrades if there are no seats available to offer. Well, you might get or might not, but it definitely helps you to be nice and to dress up properly. Remember, you will definitely not get a First Class upgrade if you have “dork” written all over you.

07. Get bumped

You could always offer the airline to get bumped. There are times when airlines oversell seats or need to cater to emergency seat requests. In these cases, airlines might be more than willing to compensate those willing to reschedule their itineraries. However, you need to ensure that you take free discount coupons or a cash voucher from the airline as you won't earn miles for using free tickets that the airlines might offer instead.

06. Book your tickets using a travel agent

Booking your tickets from travel agents still has its own advantages. Apart from saving time on bookings, cancellations and rescheduling, you can also get a number of upgrades such as free meals, seat upgrades, etc. We cannot say the same for all agents, but the very best definitely offer that something extra to their clients.

05. Buy an upgrade

While understanding how to get upgraded to the First Class, it is important for you to understand that the only way of getting a guaranteed upgrade is to purchase that upgrade. Remember to check your mails frequently as a lot of airlines offer heavily discounted upgrades on the date of departure if they have a lot of vacancies in the First Class.

04. Travel alone

Always remember that it is far easier to convince an airline to give you an upgrade if you’re travelling alone rather than when you travel with your entire family or have a travel companion with you.

03. Travel during the lean seasons

The key to actually getting First Class upgrades is to understand when to travel. Your ultimate goal should be to travel in seasons and at times when business travellers avoid air travel. Forget about getting that upgrade during peak seasons – it simply won't happen. But you just might get lucky on Saturdays, when most business travellers are at home and holiday goers are already busy enjoying their holidays.

02. Use your frequent flyer miles

Most people who travel frequently accumulate lots of miles. You can also add to your miles by using the credit cards for regular shopping and buying items such as clothes, flowers, etc. You can then get these miles redeemed from the airline in favour of a First Class upgrade.

01. Avail of the frequent flyer programme

The best solution to get upgraded to the First Class is to become an elite frequent flier with the airline. There are a number of airlines which offer their elite frequent fliers with free upgrades. However, to maintain your elite status, you need to ensure that you accumulate between 10000 – 25000 miles each year.

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