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Wednesday, March 12, 2014

how to get through airport security faster

With airports becoming more crowded than ever and airline staffing reducing day by day, long check in queues and even longer security checks have become the common norm. As a result, even with the two hour norm in place, a number of travellers just make it to their flights by a whisker. There is hardly any time for age old pastimes such as grabbing a magazine, enjoying a cup of coffee at the airport or simply roaming around the terminal. Here are a few tips which can help you to get through airport security faster and also allow you have a moment of peace before boarding your flight.

Choosing the Global Entry program

There are a number of countries which are now offering passengers with programs which aim at allowing them to fasten up the check in process in return for a fee. All members of the program are pre-screened and cleared beforehand so that they can be allowed to whiz through the security checks without having to go through thorough searches. A few such programs are the TSA’s PreCheck and the Global Entry Program. Both these programs offer excellent short cuts to travellers looking to cut the queue.

Checking the status of your flight before you leave home

Despite being so obvious, most travellers forget to check the status of their flights before leaving their home due to the hectic schedules. Apart from the tedious phone calls and website checks, passengers can also make use of a number of Smartphone apps to get the latest updates with regards to their airlines on the go.

Perform an online check in

If you do not have any check in luggage, the best thing for you to do is perform an online check in. This helps you to save a lot of time as you can skip the counter queue entirely and head straight for your security checks.

Try to avoid taking your car to the airport as much as possible

If you can help it, simply avoid taking your car to the airport if you are on self drive. Simply call up your local cab company and pre-book a cab for your airport transfer. This makes things extremely simple and hassle free. If you are rich enough to afford a private chauffeur, enjoy the luxuries that money offers to you. However, if you must take your car to the airport, make sure make sure that you check the situation of the airport parking online. There might be times when parking is simply not available, and you would want to know this before you leave for the airport, not when you actually reach there with your car.

Pre-book your transfers if you are taking a cab to the airport

If you are one of us and fall within the “common man” bracket, it always makes sense to pre-book your cab with a reputed taxi company in your area than trying to hail a cab off the street when you’re in a hurry. This becomes even more important when you have an early morning or late night flight.

Make sure that you have the phone number for the airline call centre on hand

It is important to ensure that you program the number of the airline call centre on your phone or have it handy before leaving for the airport. If you get stuck at the airport due to a cancelled or a delayed flight, a call centre helpline might actually be more handy than an understaffed airport counter.

Prep your Smartphone with the relevant apps

Face it. Smartphones are the way the world moves today. With an app for almost every facet of life, it has become impossible to function efficiently without them. Make sure that you download the relevant travel apps and equip yourself with access to the very best and the latest that modern day technology has to offer. In fact, having the right app can also be a huge lifesaver in most cases.

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