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Saturday, February 01, 2014

How to find a cheap flight

Why should you spend a bombshell on your flight ticket when there is a cheaper fare available? While, airlines across the world have slashed down fees to fill up empty seats, the rising oil costs, low turnouts, increasing labour and material costs and heavy losses have all caused them to increase the flight fares from time to time. However, there are still ways which can be used to purchase a flight ticket at literally half the cost. All you need to do is understand how to find a cheap flight.

Become flexible with your travel date

It is essential to become flexible with your travel date if you want the cheapest possible fare. If you compare the fares for a particular airline for the entire week, you will see that certain flights and certain days offer a lower fare than the other connections. This is because these seats are the least likely to fill up and therefore the airlines offer attractive fares to get more people to book them.

Use budget carriers whenever possible

Budget carriers are a great way of travelling comfortably from one place to the other without having to spend a bomb. The immense competition among airlines has helped the budget carriers to constantly develop and expand their horizons and facilities. As a result, flyers can expect great customer service, access to basic amenities and a comfortable experience at a much lesser cost.

Try out connections to secondary airports

Most major cities have two airports the larger international airport and a much smaller regional airport. Most of the low cost airlines fly to these secondary airports as it helps to keep the costs down. You could therefore get access to extremely low flight fares simply by flying from one regional airport to the other. Remember, the airport taxes are lower as well.

Ask your local travel agents for a quote

Most of the top travel agents manage to get sweet deals from the airlines due to their volumes of bookings and pass on some of the extra discounts to their customers and clients. If you could find such an agent, you could actually get the best possible fare in the market. Remember, you need to make sure that the agent chosen by you is reliable and responsible.

Make use of student discounts and senior citizen discounts

If you are a student or a senior citizen, you can make use of the attractive discounts offered by airlines. There are a number of airlines who offer these discounts and you can choose from a variety of student and senior citizen promo codes. Most of the travel agencies who specialize in backpacker travel can help you get such discounts.

Make use of the frequent flyer programme

If you travel frequently, sign up for a frequent flyer programme with a particular airline and try to use that particular airline for most of your travels. As you travel, you accumulate travel points which can be redeemed in favour of cheaper fares, upgrades, freebies and a variety of purchases. You can also accumulate points by shopping at partner outlets and watching out for special offers.

Travel during the off seasons

Travelling during the peak seasons can turn out to be extremely expensive as most airlines increase their fares by a huge margin. You will not find cheaper fares during the peak seasons as the airlines are under no pressure to fill up their seats due to the increased demands. On the other hand, if you travel during the off season, you can take advantage of the lower number of flyers which result in lower fares as the airlines are under pressure to fill up their seats.

Book well in advance

Sometimes booking your journeys well in advance is the best way of ensuring that you get the sweetest deals. Ideally, you should book your tickets at least 6 8 weeks before your travel dates to make sure that you get access to the best fares. However, remember that you open yourself up to heavy cancellation fees if you have to cancel your journeys at the last minute.

Use the social media effectively

A number of airlines around the world have been experimenting with social media as a major source of their promotions. As a result, you can get access to some of the best deals through sites like Facebook and Twitter. However, make sure that you grab the opportunity the moment it arises as these offers are known to disappear within hours.

Using credit cards

Make sure that you keep a track of credit card promotions while booking your flight tickets. There are a number of travel centric credit cards which offer passengers with extremely attractive discounts for using the card to book their tickets and hotels. What makes this even better is that flyers can not only get credit card discounts, but also increase their frequent flyer points every time they travel.

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