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Thursday, January 02, 2014

How much are airport lounges really worth?

One of the perks of travelling business and first class is access to airport lounges which allow you to relax amid comfortable surroundings and rest your aching limbs after a tiresome long haul flight. However, this does not imply that passengers flying in economy class cannot access these lounges. The only difference is that economy class passengers need to buy their way into the lounge. Most passengers wonder how much are the airport lounges really worth and whether they should shell out the money to access these comfortable rest areas.

The answer to this question depends from person to person. Some might simply find airport lounges to be a waste of money while others might feel like they simply cannot make do without the airport lounges. Actually, the answer depends on the level of pampering that a passenger is used to and their personal preferences.

Airlines and airports around the world have started offering their guests with luxurious airport lounges which offer richly decorated colours, a great ambience, beautiful drapes and fabrics, extremely comfortable seating options, a shopping area, food and beverages. These lounges also exude a luxurious charm rather than the utilitarian feel that most public lounges offer. A calm and quiet tone helps the passengers to relax after a tiresome flight and a multitude of entertainment options helps to keep the kids busy while they wait for their connecting flights.

If this doesn’t sell the lounge concept, you can think about the wonderful shopping and delicious food on offer. Most lounges offer their guests with a special menu offering a wide range of meal selections, daily newspapers and a multitude of magazines to keep guests busy. The excellent shopping opportunities also ensure that one can purchase gifts for their family and friends if they did not have the time to shop during the trip.

In fact, food is one of the main selling points for most lounges. Forget about the nuts, candies and chips that are available at the airport. These lounges offer a wide range of menus and boast of food items which range from snacks and sandwiches to continental starters and multi cuisine main courses. More importantly, the service is top notch and the staff go out of their way to make sure that the guests feel comfortable while in the lounge.

There are a number of reasons why passengers love lounge access. Firstly, they offer an extremely comfortable and luxurious place for people to get away from the airport, relax or work. Passengers can also get free beverages and snacks at the lounge. Then there is the case of free WiFi. All lounges offer WiFi facilities to their guests which allows them to stay in touch with the world and spend time while waiting for their connecting flights.

When you consider the various advantages offered by these lounges, shelling out $25 for lounge access seems to be a decent idea, particularly if you have a few hours to spend at the airport. For anything lesser than two hours, you would be better off with the free facilities and public waiting areas.

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