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Wednesday, January 08, 2014

Choosing your airline seats while on a honeymoon

Whether you are flying for the umpteenth time or its your first journey abroad with your better half, choosing the perfect seat while on your honeymoon is an extremely important aspect of your in flight enjoyment. In fact, having the right seat can go a long way in increasing your comfort in the air. While business class and first class travellers have the luxury of choosing any seat they want, passengers travelling in economy might not have the same advantage. Here are a few tips which should help you choose your airline seats while on a honeymoon.

The seats at a glance

Most economy class cabins offer the three seats per row settings. This makes the window and aisle seats the most popular options among travellers. The biggest advantage of choosing the window seat is that it allows you more space and access to the views from the cabin windows. However, window seats are a major pain when you need to use the restrooms. On the other hand, an aisle seat offers easy access to the restrooms as well as more personal space for yourself. The biggest disadvantage is that you’d have to get up every time the passengers next to you need to use the loo.

Choosing a seat

When it comes to your honeymoon, choosing from an aisle or window seat isn’t the only option that you need to make. You need to consider whether to choose the emergency exit seats, first row or regular seats. If you select a regular seat, another decision that needs to be made is whether you prefer your seats at the front, centre or the rear of the aircraft. So how do you actually go about choosing your seat. The ideal option for couples is to either choose the first row seats or emergency exit seats. These seats offer more legroom and generally offer a more comfortable flight experience. Secondly, you would also be better off choosing the window and centre seats. This offers you a degree of privacy which an aisle seat fails to offer.

Tips for choosing the best available seats

You feel like you did not get the seat that you wanted? Here are a few tips which should help you select your airline seats while on a honeymoon.
- Choosing the best seat that is available while booking your ticket – When you book your flights, you have an option to pick and choose your preferred seats. This is the best way to book your seats as the sooner you book your seats, the more likely you are to get something that you desire.
- Checking in early – If you forgot to pre-book your seats or if your airline offers seat selections only upon check in, we would advise you to make advantage of the web check-in facilities. Most airlines open up web check-in facilities for their guests 48 hours or 24 hours prior to departure. Remember to book your seats as soon as the web check-in opens for your flight to get the seat that you and your partner want.
- Requesting for a seat at the counter – What most passengers fail to realize is that most airlines block several seats until the last minute. As a result, the airline representatives at the counter and the gate workers have the power to check seat availability on your flight and actually offer you with a much better seat. Well, they might help you out or might not. But it never hurts to ask.
- Upgrading your ticket – Passengers who have accumulated frequent flier miles over their travels can easily use the miles to upgrade their tickets to business class for free. And what better time to upgrade than on your honeymoon.

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