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Friday, January 24, 2014

Best time to fly to Europe

Choosing a season to travel to Europe majorly depends on the personal choices and preferences of travellers. There are a number of factors which influence one’s decisions, the most important being the sights, the festivals and events, ideal conditions for the particular travel plans, costs and availability. For example, the beach lovers would prefer the summer seasons while nature lovers would find a better range of sights during the spring and fall seasons. Similarly, someone on the look out for snow and Christmas shopping would prefer to travel during the winters. While we have tried our best to offer our readers with details on the best time to fly to Europe, the ultimate choice is entirely dependant upon the traveller.

The Summer Season – The most touristed and the most expensive season

The summer season begins around the month June and last up to the end of August. The summer months are considered to be the peak seasons in all of Europe. Most tourists around the world prefer to travel to the continent during the summers to escape from the oppressive heat, to take advantage of the long school and college breaks or to have a holiday with their near and dear ones. As a result, the airfare as well as the hotel tariffs are known to be at their priciest. The upside of travelling during the summers is that you have the perfect weather for exploring the beaches and also get to meet more and more people. However, the downside of summer travel is that it can be extremely expensive and you may have to share the city with a large number of tourists which simply results in long queues and lesser availability.

The European Winters – The least attractive and the cheapest time to visit

The winter season begins around mid October and last up to the end of March. The European winters are also considered to be the least popular time to visit Europe due to the bitter cold and the snow covered cities. However, the winter season is ideal for all ski enthusiasts and snow lovers as they can get access to the very best of Europe at extremely low prices. The hotels and airlines are also known to slash down their fares which can make travel to Europe extremely affordable. The main upside of the European winter is that there are very few tourists to contend with and you can take your own sweet time to explore the destination. Moreover, the cold temperatures and the snow also depend on where you wish to travel to. For example, it is still possible to explore the beaches of Southern Europe during the winter seasons.

Spring and Fall Seasons – Perfect weather conditions, breathtaking natural beauty and festivals galore

The Spring and the Fall seasons are considered to be the best time to Europe. The Spring season starts around the mid of March and lasts till the end of June. On the other hand, the fall season starts from the mid of August and ends in October. Both these seasons allow tourists to get access to magnificent weather conditions where it is neither too hot nor too cold, moderate prices and magnificent natural scenery. Autumn might still be a bit cheaper than the spring season as many countries have spring breaks which leads to an increase in the influx of tourists from all over the world. Moreover, the spring and fall seasons allow tourists to enjoy everything that their hearts desire – from the exotic beaches to the magnificent natural sights to the inspiring architectural and historical wonders.

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