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Wednesday, February 12, 2014

best places to visit in the Caribbean

The best places to visit in the Caribbean
With more than 7000 exotic islands to choose from, planning the perfect Caribbean getaway can prove to be a major headache. However, as frustrating as it might sound, it is by far the most important decision that you’re going to make. The right choice can offer you with the typical white sands, crystal clear water, pleasant ocean breeze, exotic man-made luxuries and breathtaking natural beauty. However, if you get your choice wrong, the perfect Caribbean getaway could fade away quickly. Here is a list of the best places to visit in the Caribbean Islands to help you with your research.

01. Anguilla

The islands of Anguilla are famous for their mesmerizing and isolated beaches which are known to be a mecca for the rich and the famous from all over the world. With more than 100 exotic restaurants located in a space of 35 sq. miles, Anguilla also offers tourists with a wide range of exquisite cuisines that range from local specialities to international delicacies. However, one of the biggest drawbacks of Anguilla is that it does not offer tourists with grand shopping opportunities that some of the other islands are famous for. In fact, shopping in Anguilla is restricted to the local galleries showcasing the works of local craftsmen and the hotel gift shops. Some of the best places to visit in Anguilla include The Valley, Sandy Ground, West End, Shoal Bay East and Far East.

02. Grand Cayman

The Grand Cayman Islands are known all over the world for their offshore banking facilities and deep sea diving adventures. The unique appeal of the Grand Cayman can be laid down to the fact that they are surrounded by gorgeously clear waters, beautiful sands and excellent diving spots. Budget accommodations might be scarce, but tourists can find a wealth of luxury resorts and high end hotels all over the Cayman islands. Those looking to explore the local villages are also in for an extremely exotic cultural experience. One of the “must see” sights in the Grand Cayman is the Sunken City of Atlantis, where local artists have constructed a city below the surface of the ocean using rock, sand and cement.

03. St. Martin – St. Marteen

This part Dutch, part French island is famous for having way too much of everything – nightclubs, hotels, resorts and restaurants – there are just too many of them to count. On the French side of the island, the 154 acre nature reserve known as Loterie Farm is famous for its outdoor activities, hiking trails, ziplining and poolside cabanas. The Man of War Shoal Reef is another attraction worth visiting, This marine park boasts of excellent dive sites offering divers with new reasons to jump into the water.

04. The Bahamas

The Bahamas boast of a direct relationship between peace and proximity. The further out you venture into the island, the more peaceful and beautiful things are going to get. From old world pirates to the modern day rum smugglers and travellers in search of solace, everyone has found something just perfect in one of the 2400 cays and 700 islands that make up the Bahamas. In fact, it is said that there is a unique island for each and every type of beach fantasy in the Bahamas. One of the best sights in the Bahamas is known to be the Cat island which is famous for its beach bars, pink sand beaches, gentle hikes and magnificent restaurants.

05. Jamaica

There is no better place on earth for romantics and couples than Jamaica. The birthplace of reggae is known to offer hip shaking beats with every turn and world famous music festivals are known to attract travellers and music lovers from all over the world. However, what makes the island so famous is the fact that Jamaica offers just about everything a traveller could ask for – right from the romance of Negril to the family friendly locales of the Montego Bay to the cruise loving Ocho Rios. There is something unique about Jamaica that simply must be experienced – from the tastiness of its food to the spicy ways of life – everything is known to offer something unique to the travellers.

06. St. Lucia

The lush islands of St. Lucia are known to offer tourists with some of the most unspoilt natural landscapes in the world. Their rich natural beauty attracts all sorts of tourists into the country and beach bums, nature lovers, honeymooners, couples, adrenaline junkies, adventure maniacs, party freaks and music lovers are all known to find something just right in Jamaica. So whether you prefer the magnificent sunrise and sunset views or the wild parties of Gros Islet, whether you prefer to spend your time worshipping the sun amid splendid beaches or wish to embark on exhilarating activities, there is never a shortage of things to do in Jamaica.

07. Bermuda

The customs and traditions of Bermuda might be more British colonial in nature than one would expect from a tropical paradise, but this magnificent destination that sits all alone to the east of North Carolina is known to offer tourists with magnificent weather conditions and idyllic beaches. Some of the must see attractions in Bermuda include the Masterworks Museum of Bermuda Art, the St. George’s Town, the Bermuda Post Office and the Greenbank Guesthouse & Cottages.

08. Grenada

Grenada, popularly known as the Spice Island, is famous for its nutmeg, cinnamon and clove plantations which have been around for decades. The island is also home to mountainous rainforests that are brimming with exotic tropical birds, beautiful waterfalls, a vast variety of flora and monkeys. Those looking for a more relaxed Caribbean getaway can always idle around on its black and white sand beaches that boast of serene natural settings. Grenada is the ideal place to visit for all outdoor and nature lovers who can spend days exploring its beautiful waterfalls, magnificent beaches and lush jungles. However, if you go to Grenada expecting a wild Caribbean party, you are most likely to end up being disappointed. Some of the main attractions of Grenada include the Seven Sisters Waterfalls, the Balthazar River and the Grand Etang National Park.

09. Antigua

Antigua, a mecca for sunbathers and sailors, ranks among the best places to visit in the Caribbean thanks to its splendid beaches and historic attractions such as the Nelson’s Dockyard. This water world is ideal for tourists looking to spend time with their loved ones on secluded beaches and the atmosphere is just about perfect for all romance lovers and couples. The island might not be known for its commercialized luxuries, but it definitely offers one of the best natural sights and delights in the Caribbean.

10. Aruba

Those looking for solitude or peaceful itineraries with nothing to do are not likely to get attracted to Aruba. Instead, this desert island is famous for drawing people looking for ideal weather conditions and more things to do than their itineraries can ever manage. Aruba is ideal for couples who also want access to a wild party scene along with delights such as windsurfing, scuba diving and shopping. It might not offer the picture perfect tropical jungles or the inviting mountains due to its dry and flat landscape, but it more than makes up with its powdery sand, crystal clear waters and majestic beaches.

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