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Sunday, February 09, 2014

best perks airline offered by airlines

The age of luxury travel might be fast diminishing and low cost carriers and budget fares might be ruling the skies, but there are still a few perks offered by airlines across the world which remind travellers of the luxuries of air travel of yesteryears. It is true that the luxuries of air travel have diminished over the years. However, if you’re rich enough to travel First or Business class or are lucky enough to catch an airline promotion, you could be in for a treat thanks to the excellent perks offered by airlines from time to time. From violin chairs and on air massages to exquisite champagne and pampering, here is a list of the 10 best perks offered by airlines that is sure to blow you away.

An airline that deserves special mention

WestJet, a low cost airline, recently surprised its passengers with a unique Christmas campaign which made Christmas extremely special for passengers flying on the Toronto - Calgary sector. A virtual Santa asked passengers what they would like as a gift for Christmas while they were boarding the flight. And to their surprise, these wishes came true in the form of wrapped up Christmas presents that rolled out from the baggage area for all passengers leaving leaving them choked with emotion. How’s that for making someone’s Christmas truly special.

Special perks for families and pregnant mums

There is no doubt that family travel or travelling with small children can be extremely stressful for parents. To help relieve their guests from the pressure of flying with kids, a number of airlines have come up with unique concepts which can not only help reduce the stress, but also allow parents to enjoy air travel. British Airways boasts of a Children First policy where children are always offered the first meals on all flights so that they are busy sleeping by the time their parents get to eat. Gulf Air is also famous for its Sky Nanny program on its long haul flights to and from Bahrain. Specially trained nannies travel on all Gulf Air flights and take care of the children so that the parents can get some much needed rest. The South Korea based Asiana Airlines also offer pregnant mothers with front row seats to allow easy access and offer guardians travelling with infants with nursing blankets, baby seats and slings. Delta Airlines is another airline making waves when it comes to perks for families. It offers kids and adults who wish to become kids all over again with gold and silver coloured plastic wings to keep them happy and entertained during the flight.

Special perks and unique on-ground services

There are a number of airlines which offer their passengers with unique on-ground services before or after the flights to help them reduce the stress of flying for long hours. Turkish Airlines leads this category with its free city tours of Istanbul for all passengers who have at least 7 hours of spare time between their connecting flights. Singapore Airlines also offers passengers having a minimum of a 5 hour layover with a 2 hour tour of the city. Not to be left behind, Lufthansa offers its business class passengers with access to the coveted Munich Airport Beer Garden which is famous for its Bavarian pretzels and Franziskaner draught beers.

Special perks and complimentary drinks

Travellers looking for a drink should try to fly the Porter Airlines, Air Canada, Air France or WestJet. The Porter Airlines serves complimentary beer and wine on all its flights. Air Canada offers similar perks to all passengers flying on the Montreal – Toronto route. Another airline which is famous for serving alcohol on a number of its routes is WestJet. Those passengers who have the privilege of flying Air France are offered a glass of champagne for free.

Special perks and pampering

The concept of pampering guests is no longer restricted to hotels. The ANA Airline offers its passengers with scented hand towels and relaxed lighting on all flights flying between Bangkok, Singapore, Los Angeles and Tokyo. It also boasts of separate toilets for men and women on its international flights. Another airline that deserves special mention is the Scandinavian Airlines. It offers its passengers with exercise bars to keep fresh and small mirrors to refresh makeup.

Special perks and comfort kits

All first class passengers aboard the KLM Royal Dutch airlines are offered unique Viktor & Rolf comfort bags which are backed with branded toothbrushes, toothpaste, eye masks, socks, etc. The airline still continues to offer its luxury passengers with miniature ceramic houses which are full of small bottles of flavoured Jenever, a tradition which has been going on for almost 6 decades. Another airline famous for offering comfort kits to its passengers is JetBlue. However, the difference is that JetBlue offers comfort kits that include ear plugs and eye shades along with hot towel services and in flight self service snack bars to economy class passengers as well. Virgin Atlantic is also known to provide luxurious comfort kits to its passengers.

Special perks and unending internet connectivity

The Delta Airlines rolled out an industry first WiFi pass which offers guests with access to nonstop WiFi on their iPads, laptops, internet devices or Smartphones even while they are in the air. The airline allows guests to choose from annual memberships for frequent fliers and day passes which last for about 24 hours.

Special perks and personal fridges

The Ethiad Airways offers its Diamond First passengers with personal mini bars on all flights. Seems attractive right? Wait, there’s more. The mini bar is fully stocked with drinks and a variety of snacks which ensure that there is always something to munch on while in the air. What’s more, the super luxurious 6’8” beds ensure that there is enough place to rest and catch up on some much needed sleep.

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