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Friday, February 21, 2014

best movie inspired travel destinations

There are some movies which make you laugh your bowels out and there are some movies that make you cry like there is no tomorrow. And then there is the third kind – the movies which leave you longing to drop everything and visit the destination being portrayed – the kind of movies which inspire people to travel. So if you’re planning about that much awaited holiday, take a look at the best movie inspired travel destinations in the world before you make your decisions.

Las Vegas, USA from “The Hangover”

The Hangover released in the summer of 2009 and became an instant hit all over the world. The movie revolves around four guys going for a bachelor trip to the one place which prides in being one of the best destinations in the world for bachelors – Las Vegas. Ever since the release of the movie, countless tourists from all over the world have expressed their desires to visit the iconic Las Vegas and let go of themselves, do things that they normally can't do at home and party like beasts. Of course, having a tiger in their hotel rooms isn't one of the things on their “to do” lists, but the Sin City still remains to be the best destination in the world for a city break.

Venice, Italy from “The Tourist”

With a title like The Tourist, there was no doubt that this Angelina Jolie and Johnny Depp starrer would soar to the lists of the best movies that inspire travel. The movie allows audiences to dive into the intrigue and twisted atmosphere offered by the Venetian canals and understand the breathtaking beauty that awaits them in the most beautiful canal city of the world. We might not see tourists trying to escape speeding boats, but a luxury gondola ride definitely seems to be in order while in Venice. Right from the Ponte di Rialto to the Piazza San Marco, Venice is a city worth exploring and every inch of the city offers travellers with beautiful bridges, exotic canals, busy marketplaces, surreal sights and hidden treasures.

Barcelona, Spain from “Vicky Christina Barcelona”

There are very few who can narrate a film with the panache that is so natural to Woody Allen. The movie Vicky Christina Barcelona is about two women who travel to Barcelona and visit the various exotic locales that the city has to offer. Of course, the movie leaves us wanting to drop everything and rush off to Barcelona with our loved ones and explore the Spanish countryside, the romantic and gothic sights and Gaudi’s exquisite monuments. Well, planning for a trip to Barcelona might take some time, but you can definitely listen to the acoustic tunes of the Spanish guitar in the meanwhile. Actually, you can simply chalk out your itineraries by following the movie – Vicky and Juan Antonio offer the perfect holiday itinerary for any trip to the city.

New Zealand from “The Lord of the Rings”

Hollywood movies are known to shoot at some of the most exotic locations of the world, but none reaches close to depicting the beauty of an area than the Lord of the Rings. In fact, many people around the world hardly knew about the sights and adventures that New Zealand had to offer before the movie showcased its majestic mountain panoramas and surreal landscapes. Today, tourists can visit the original Hobbiton that is located in the Matamata regions of the North Island and explore the actual village as is seen in the Lord of the Rings and The Hobbit movies. What’s more, tourists can also plan to stay in the Hobit Motel, one of the strangest hotels in the world that offers the perfect fantasy like setting with its porthole style windows and unique accommodations.

Paris, France from “Les Miserables”

Well, you might not wish to dress like those street urchins or sing like the characters from Les Miserables, but you can definitely explore the city of Paris with the help of the movie. Start off your tours by visiting the 13th century Sainte Chappelle Chapel and Cathedrale Notre Dame and hop to the Musee des Egouts de Paris as you feel your loyalties shifting towards Marius and Jean Valjean. Oh, don’t forget to miss out on the iconic Eiffel Tower and the more attractive better French cuisine.

Hawaii, USA from “The Descendants”

The Descendants is an Oscar winning movie that starred George Clooney and offered audiences with an extremely interesting storyline. But, that’s not why we are talking about the movie. The Descendants has been filmed in the mesmerizing locales of Hawaii and no other movie comes close to depicting the exotic beaches, splendid flora and even better fauna that the mesmerizing Hawaiian islands have in store for all its travellers. What makes The Descendants so unique is that it takes tourists off the beaten path and allows them to learn about sites that only the locals would know about. One such site that was also shown in the movie is a 25000 acre land trust which offers a breathtaking coastline that has been completely untouched by mankind. Just looking at this jaw dropping landscape on the big screen will make tourists want to visit the islands.

Czech Republic from “Casino Royale”

The Daniel Craig starrer Casino Royale is a James Bond movie that takes tourists across a number of locales such as Lake Como, the Bahamas, Czech Republic and Venice. However, the one destination that the movie truly does justice to is the Czech Republic. In fact, most of the movie has been shot in the famed Barrandov Studios located in Prague. This studio was also used in movies like Mission Impossible and Amadeus. Another destination worth visiting is the Strahov Monastery, shown in a Judi Dench scene. The interiors of the Vitkov Monument’s History Museum also found a place in the movie. You might be hunting for a hotel lobby which matches the one shown in the movie, but the lobby is actually a part of the Prague National Museum located on Wenceslas Square. Located at a distance of about two hours from the city of Prague is the Hotel Grand Pupp which offered the backdrops for Hotel Splendide in the movie.

Phi Phi Islands, Thailand from “The Beach”

The Beach shows an American backpacker arriving at the Bangkok airport all ready to begin his Asian journey. However, he soon ends up meeting Daffy, who lets him in on the location of a secret island paradise and provides him with a map of the island. We don’t know about Richard, but we can guarantee that you don’t need any map to find the island that Daffy was talking about. This piece of heaven has been depicted perfectly in the movie and is actually known as the Phi Phi Islands, one of the best destinations in Thailand for those looking for exotic sceneries and surreal locales.

New York, USA from “Date Night”

The movie Date Night is about a mid aged couple who find adventure on the streets of Manhattan as their quiet date night goes all wrong due to a case of mistaken identity. From a journey to the Central Park to the animated Times Square discussion to the hilarious car chase, the movie provides a whirlwind tour of some of the best tourist sights that the city of New York has to offer. Don’t forget that the Statue of Liberty, the Empire State Building, a plethora of museums, an excellent nightlife and magnificent cuisines are also awaiting those who visit the city. Also, you don’t have to worry about the mistaken identity bit. The crime rates of New York have been constantly dropping and as long as you have your passports in order, you won't be in the same state as Phil and Claire Foster.

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