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Wednesday, February 05, 2014

Best airports in america for avoiding flight delays

Tired of getting stranded at the airport every time your flight gets delayed? Sick of missing your onward connections because your flight departed late? You would be surprised to see that most of the times you experience delays at the same airports. According to the Bureau of Transportation Statistics ( there are a number of airports which are prone to frequent flight delays and then there are those airports which boast of an excellent on time performance. So find out which airports are the least likely to keep you waiting at the airport and consider yourself lucky of you manage to get a connection through these airports.
Note – The statistics currently available with us only include on time arrivals for the period January 1, 2013 – October 31, 2013.

10. The San Diego International Airport (SAN) San Diego, CA

Keeping up with the other airports in the top 10 list, the San Diego International Airport also dropped points and lost out on its 9th spot from last year by a whisker. It recorded an on-time performance of 81.36% which is almost 2.68% lower than last year’s performance. That being said, the airport boasts of the fact that the delays do not exceed 20% ever since it entered into the top 10 list.

09. The Charlotte – Douglas International Airport (CLT) Charlotte, NC

One of the biggest dips in on-time performance this year was experienced by the Charlotte – Douglas International Airport when it recorded an on-time departure performance of 81.95%. Having dropped its performance by a whopping 4.53%, the CLT airport dropped in its ranking from the 5th spot to the 09th spot and just managed to hold on to a top 10 spot by 0.59 percentage points.

08. The Detroit Metropolitan Wayne Country Airport (DTW) Detroit, MI

With an on-time departure performance of 82.30%, the Detroit Metropolitan Wayne Country Airport has successfully managed to jump 2 places from the 10th spot that it achieved last year to reach the 8th spot in the rankings, a spot that was vacated by the Philadelphia International Airport as it dropped out of the Top 10 list.

07. The Tampa International Airport (TPA) Tampa, FL

The Tampa International Airport has consolidated its spot in the top 10 list for more than 5 years at a stretch. However, it has experienced a slight hiccup this year in its strive to reach the top spot. With an on-time departure performance of 82.32%, the Tampa International Airport has lost its coveted 6th spot to the Reagan National Airport this year. However, the airport is prone to experiencing enormous flight delays during the late evening hours.

06. The Reagan National Airport (DCA) Washington, DC

There is no doubt that tourists and locals alike love the DCA airport. It is far more convenient, allows passengers to make the most out of the happy hours and boasts of an excellent on-time performance as well. With an on-time departure performance of 82.61%, the DCA airport has successfully managed to jump from the 11th spot last year to the 6th spot this year for the period January 1, 2013 – October 31, 2013.

05. The Phoenix Sky Harbor International Airport (PHX) Phoenix, AZ

Having jumped 2 spots from the 7th place (for the same period in the year 2012), the Phoenix Sky Harbor International Airport finds itself happily sitting at the 5th spot this year. With an on-time departure percentage of 82.82%, the PHX Airport is still known to be one of the most reliable airports out there. However, this jump does not necessarily mean that the airport has done really well. In fact, it has still dropped about 2.62% from last year. It has managed to grab the 5th spot due to the fact that it has managed to arrest its decline better than most other airports.

04. Minneapolis – St. Paul International Airport (MSP) Minneapolis, MN

A dip of 3.85% in the on-time departures led to the downfall of the MSP airport as well as its exit from the top 3 list. With an on-time departure percentage of 84.40%, the MSP airport could only manage to grab the fourth spot and lose the coveted third place to the Seattle Tacoma International Airport. However, when compared to airports that offer an on-time departure percentage in the 60s and 70s, the MSP airport still manages to fare quite well.

03. The Seattle Tacoma International Airport (SEA) Seattle, WA

The Seattle Tacoma International Airport might have dipped by 0.97% in its on-time performance when compared to last year, but it still manages to overtake the MSP Airport to grab the bronze medal with an on-time departure percentage of 86.17%. However, one of the main features of the airport is it never experiences a delay of more than 15% even during the worst weather conditions.

02. The Portland International Airport (PDX) Portland, OR

The trend for top 10 airports of America when it comes to on-time departures to drop in their on-time performances seems to continue at the Portland International Airport as well. Despite having dropped from an on-time departure percentage of 88.49% to 86.93%, the airport still continues to enjoy the second spot for more than 5 years at a stretch.

01. The Salt Lake City International Airport (SLC) Salt Lake City (UT)

Despite having dropped in its on-time departure performance for the same period last year, the SLC airport still manages to retain the crown as the best airport in America to avoid flight delays. That being said, the airport still boasts of an on-time departure of 87.36% and continues to reign on the top spot for the second consecutive year.

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