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Friday, December 27, 2013

Best Airline Carriers in the world

All of you about to fly off to your preferred holiday destinations should check this one out. This list of the Top 10 Airlines in the World helps you to start your vacation on the right note by booking a flight in one of the top airlines in the world. What makes great airline carriers different is their capability to think outside the box and offer their passengers with an experience like no other. Remember the recent WestJet Christmas campaign which made waves around the world? With most airlines charging similar fares and offering similar discount packages, it is the subtle things such as cabin comfort, on time reliability, in flight entertainment options, customer service and food that define the best from the rest.

15. Finnair

Finnair has dropped in its rankings from last year. Some of the main reasons for the decline in popularity of this Finnish airline has been poor customer service and lack of adequate in flight service. However, despite its fall from grace, the airline has managed to stay in the Top 20 lists for years and still offers a magnificent flying experience to its passengers.

14. JetBlue Airways

JetBlue is definitely an airline to watch out for in the near future. The airline excelled in all categories apart from its customer service rankings, which were still better than 2012. With 34 inch seats, excellent staff, first bag free policies and delicious crackers, the airline has managed to win the hearts of almost all all flyers.

13. All Nippon Airways

All Nippon Airways, the popular Japanese airline, seems to have dropped in rankings when compared to the year 2012. However, the drop in rankings has primarily been due to the fact that the airline is not seen as offering the best value today. What really hurts its image is the poor cabin comfort and seats that aren’t cushy at all. That being said, the All Nippon Airways has managed to maintain its customer service rankings and food quality and it definitely has a lot in its favour. We would hardly be surprised if All Nippon re-enters the top 10 in the year 2014.

12. EVA Air

One of the biggest success stories in the recent past has been that of EVA Air, the popular Taiwanese carrier. The airline seemed to have reinvented itself in the year 2012 when it jumped almost 10 places to enter the top 15 and has managed to consolidate its position in the year 2013. From high tech cushion material seats in the economy class to delicious food and excellent customer service, the airline has it all.

11. Qantas Airways

Qantas seems to be improving with every passing year. The Australian carrier has been labelled as one of the biggest improvements of the year 2013. What makes the airline so popular is its image of offering the best value. Qantas offers its flyers with plenty of in flight comfort and luxuries such as designer Skybeds in the business class, 42 inch seats in the premium economy class and on demand entertainment options on all A380s.

10. Lufthansa

The iconic German carrier has been one of the major stalwarts of the European airline industry since ages. With hubs in major cities of Europe such as Frankfurt, Munich and Dusseldorf, there is no beating Lufthansa in Europe. It has recently upgraded its business class seatings to keep up with the modern airline industry and the economy class experiences are still known to be as excellent as always.

09. Air New Zealand

Apart from its poor reliability, Air New Zealand seems to have blown away almost all other rankings. It offers services to the South Pacific, Europe, North America, Australia and Asia and boasts of an excellent ad campaign centred around the hit movie The Hobbit which made it famous all over the world. Air New Zealand also offers great in flight entertainment options, excellent cabin quality, delicious meals and a high level of service efficiency.

08. Thai Airways

Thai Airways has been a part of the list for the Top 15 Airlines in the World for quite some time. The airline has managed to maintain its status among its patrons and has upgraded its services with the changing times to be able to offer more value to its flyers. Niceties such as Audio Visual on Demand have gone down quite well. However, it lacks the international stature of one of the best Asian airlines due to its limited connectivity.

07. Virgin Atlantic

The airline seems to have dropped points in major categories such as cabin comfort, food quality, value and in flight service in the recent years. However, its excellent attitude and extremely friendly staff have helped it to maintain steady rankings despite the occasional goof ups. Virgin Atlantic also scores brownie points with flyers thanks to its innovative campaigns which are launched from time to time.

06. Qatar Airways

It might not enjoy the Top 5 status any more, but Qatar Airways have definitely managed to stop its slump and get back into the action. Flyers have welcomed the changes to in flight service and cabin comfort with open arms and stunts like installing 32 inch seats and hiring Chef Nobo Matsuhisa have turned out to be great crowd pullers.

05. Korean Air

Korean Air offers decent connections across 6 continents and consistently manages to score well in almost all categories such as in flight experience, service efficiency and cabin cleanliness. However, the airline could do something about its quality of food which seems to have deteriorated despite the fact that Korean Air has its very own ranch.

04. Emirates

What list of the Top 15 Airlines in the World could be complete without mentioning The Emirates? Even though the iconic airline seems to have slipped in its rankings and has lost the Top 3 spot in the year 2013, it is still known to be one of the most respected and preferred carriers around the world. Emirates is primarily known for its futuristic innovations such as Shower Spas in the first class and excellent customer service. It also offers great connectivity to most major locations around the world. We wouldn’t be all too surprised if the Emirates climbed their way back into the Top 3 in the year 2014.

03. Asiana Airlines

The Asiana Airlines, formerly known as Seoul Airlines, still seems to be enjoying its honeymoon period. The airline shot to fame in the year 2012 when it was voted as the Best Overall Airline in the World by a number of magazines and ranking systems and it has managed to retain top scores in most major fields such as food quality, customer service, cabin cleanliness and in flight entertainment.

02. Virgin America

Virgin America is mainly famous for in-flight entertainment and excellent marketing campaigns. In the year 2012, the flight named one of the airplanes “Stay Hungry, Stay Foolish”, to honour Steve Jobs. This helped the airline score brownie points with all die hard Apple fans. It majorly operates long distance flights between the west coast and the east coast of the US.

01. Singapore Airlines

Topping the list for the Top 15 Airlines in the World is Singapore Airlines. Any flight experience simply cannot get better than what Singapore Airlines offers to its flyers. The airline has consistently managed to top most rating categories such as cabin comforts, in flight entertainment options, overall value, cabin cleanliness, food quality and customer service for more than a decade. The beautiful and friendly attendants in their world famous Sarongs and Kebayas and the 32 inch seats also go down quite well with all patrons. The first class suites offered by Singapore Airlines are also known to be among the best in the world. Those with deep enough pockets cane expect a myriad of features such as sliding doors, hand stitched stand alone beds and 23inch TVs.

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