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Saturday, February 22, 2014

airport travel tips

Travelling on a flight might be a stressful experience, but it is nothing compared to the stress you need to go through in order to complete the entire segment of departing your for the airport and arriving at the destination airport. Right from the packing to the pre departure check ins to the post arrival baggage claims, a single wrong move could trigger a series of responses that could leave you in a pathetic state of affairs. Make use of these airport travel tips to ensure that you are not one of those poor passengers stranded at the airport due to a minor oversight or lapse in concentration.

Prepare your Smartphones

Face it. In the world of technology and gizmos, Smartphones and Smartphone apps take predominance at every point of time. There is an app which caters to every aspect of life and a number of problems such as checking your flight status, finding out about changes in the departure gates, requesting seat upgrades can be easily solved with the help of a Smartphone app. As a modern day traveller, you need to ensure that you stay up to date with these latest apps and make travel simpler for yourself and those travelling with you.

Donít forget to pack those Hand Sanitizers

You might argue that this point caters to the women, but when you consider the fact that hundreds of passengers grasp those aircraft lavatory doors, a hand sanitizer does not seem to be such a bad thing to have. Well, it might not save you from the blemishes of a coughing and sneezing passenger seated next to you, but it can definitely go a long way in ensuring your overall hygiene and saving you from nasty bugs and diseases.

Always carry a water bottle

You might consider a water bottle to be a major hindrance and a huge hassle to carry, but considering the fact that you would have to dish out almost $5 for every bottle of water that you need to purchase at the airport, the extra effort of carrying does seem to be worth the effort. You can always carry one or two of those disposable bottles that can be thrown away when you finish off your water supply.

Get a set of wheels

No, of course not. You cannot drive your car up to the aircraft. Well, definitely not until youíre rich enough to own your private aircraft (in which case, these tips do not apply to you) or famous enough to get VIP treatment (again, these tips would do you no good). For all of us, people who are a part of a general public, a set of wheels in connection to airport travel tips would always imply to a suitcase which has wheels for easier mobility. Most travellers make the mistake of taking suitcases which only have two wheels. However, we would suggest that you take the ones which have 4 wheels. This allows you to push the bag in front of you, thereby making mobility easier for you, and spin the bag in small circles to manoeuvre in tight spaces such as the centre of the aisle.

Reach the airports on time

Never leave things until the last minute when it comes to boarding a flight. Make sure that you arrive well in advance to allow for a smooth and hassle free check in. Generally, it is recommended to reach the airport two hours in advance for domestic departures and three - four hours in advance for international departures.

Make use of the online check-ins

There is a reason why the concept of online check-in became so famous. It allows passengers to skip those insanely long queues of the ticket counters and proceed to the security checks directly. However, this system only works when you donít have any check in luggage.

Ensure a hassle free security check for yourself

The amount of time that you end up spending during a security check (apart from waiting for your turn) ultimately depends on you. Make sure you understand what items you are allowed to carry as a part of your cabin luggage and refrain from carrying things that could raise suspicion or trigger alarms. This is only bound to delay the entire process for you and could also lead to unwanted tension.

Make use of the airport lounges

What, just about a minute back you were thinking about spending those $5 on a bottle of water which could have easily been saved. While we advised you to save money when it comes to water, we would always advise you to spend that extra sum on money on a day pass that offers entry into an airport lounge if you have a long layoff between your connecting flights.

Remember to say Thank You

Yes, youíve had a stressful and exhausting journey and your feet hurts from all that walking. But being polite has nothing to do with how you feel. It always helps to thank a person who helped to make your experience as comfortable as possible. If nothing else, youíll definitely feel a lot better after thanking someone for doing their duty and putting in the efforts for making your experience pleasurable.

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