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Monday, January 13, 2014

Air Travel packing tips

The long wait for security checks, exorbitant fees for your check in baggages and cramped seats have become the basic realities of modern day airlines. As important as air travel might be, it can be extremely unpleasant unless you have loads of money to spare. However, if you pack your bags properly, you might be able to save yourself from some of the troubles associated with lost baggage, baggage fees and overweight baggage. Here are a few air travel packing tips to help you pack light and pack better.

What to pack

The first and foremost thing to understand is that you should always pack as less as you possibly can. Make sure that you mix and match neutral colours from your wardrobe so that you can repeat the same piece of clothing with different outfits. You should also make sure that you always wear your heaviest piece of clothing while flying. This helps you reduce a lot of weight from your luggage. It is also recommended for travellers to carry single carry on bags for their trips regardless of its duration. Instead of packing all the toiletries that you can possibly think of, you should just pack enough to last for the beginning of your journeys. You can always buy more from the city you travel to. It is also important to check the sizes that airlines allow and make sure that your luggage match the stipulated sizes. Finally, make sure that you throw in your favourite outfits along with outfits which would be comfortable to wear on the road. As a general rule, you donít need more than two trousers or jeans, one sweater, three T-shirts, a few seasonal items, one formal shoe, a pair of sneakers, underpants and socks and nightwear.

How to Pack

Once you decide on what you plan to take on your journey, the trick is to get all of it to fit in your luggage. Ideally, you should wear your heaviest piece of clothing and your sneakers on the flight. This helps you to save a lot of weight and space for your luggage. When you begin to pack, place the hard and bulky items along with your shoes (wrapped in shoe cases) on the bottom. Fill in the gaps with your undergarments and other smaller items. The larger clothes should always occupy the second layer of your suitcase or backpack. The third tier should include items which you might need from time to time, your toiletries bag, smaller clothes and delicate items.

Getting through airport security

Make sure that you avoid carrying items that might flay your luggage at the airport. This leads to an unnecessary hassle of having to unpack your luggage at the airport and explain the officials the purpose of the item that you are carrying. Try and avoid manual inspections as much as possible by not carrying items that might flag your luggage. This can help you save a lot of time and harassment at the airport.

Minimizing your baggage fee and protecting your luggage

It is important to stick a label onto your baggage stating your name, contact number, email id and address. This makes it easier to for people to get in touch with you if your luggage gets lost. Also make sure that you only used approved and high quality locks which do not crack or break open easily. You should also ensure that you check in online if you do not have any check in baggage with you. Most airlines offer airline check in 24 to 48 hours in advance. This helps you to skip the check in queues and proceed to airport security directly.

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