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Why fly to Vienna?

Everything in Vienna is grand and it should be since this is the home of the Habsburg Empire. Two of the most significant sites in the city are the Schoenbrunn and Hofburg palaces. If you wander these palaces in the beginning of your trip then you will understand how the royal opulence has spread to every corner of the city.

The two palaces located in the city's Belvedere complex are stunning and will leave you yearning for the good old days of excess. The city is also home to numerous musems, some of the most unusual in the world, like the Museum of Art Fakes and the Sigmund Freud Museum as well as the Kunsthistorisches Museum which boast original collections of masterpieces.

The city is also home to some of the greatest composers in the world like Mozart and Beethoven, which has created a vivacious music and theatre scene that lives today.

Dining in Vienna is luxurious regardless of wherever you go. The city is also has a strong cafe culture, it is quite easy to wile away your hours drinking fancy coffee in little cups while sitting back on plush, velvet couches, revelling in the fact that you are living like royalty did once.

If you want an experience that will take your Viennese experience over the top, make sure you book your flight during a Viennese Ball. This is when the city's residents are decked and bejeweled in their finest for an evening of over-the-top food and music. These parties can often last right into the next day. A visit to Vienna will change your perspective of reality.

Vienna Weather

Vienna is a seasonal city with distinct temperatures as the months change. The winters are very cold and temperatures are in the minuses. Summers are very warm and bordering on hot with numbers in the mid 20s. The spring and fall find themselves in the teens. Rain is not much of an issue for the city as the amount of rain throughout the year is minimal.

When to fly to Vienna

Peak season

Summer is a popular time to visit the city as the temperatures are quite toasty and that also coincides with summer holidays for many countries. A Vienna Christmas is also very popular and you will see flight prices to the city soar at this time.

Off season

The first three months of the year are not particularly popular for travelling to Vienna so that is the time you can scoop up flight deals. October is a great time to not only book flight rates at a good price, but the weather is also quite nice and crisp.

Getting into Vienna

Your flight will land at Vienna International Airport which is located approximately 15 minutes outside of Vienna city center. Getting into the city is very easy you can use the quick bus service that gets you right into the city center or use one of the taxis parked outside of the terminal.

Getting around Vienna

Vienna has a very integrated and easy-to-use public transportation system. You can hop on the tram or the light rail lines that will take you throughout the city center as well as into the suburbs. Taxis are also an option but can get expensive if you are travelling outside of the city.

Insider Guide

  • Take a tour of the Hofburg Imperial Palace and check out the fabulous museums as well as the National Library. The palace site is massive and will require a full day if you want to get the most out of it. If you make your visit on Sunday you can check out the Vienna Boys Choir singing mass.
  • For a chance to see how people with imaginations spend millions of dollars on their homes head to the Schonbrunn Palace which has a zoo and a really fun maze that the kids will enjoy. It is also magnificent with more than 1000 rooms.
  • For a completely different perspectiveive of Vienna, take in a football game. You will never see this well-heeled society so rowdy as at a FK Austria Wien game.
  • Wiener Schnitzel has found a home all over the world, so much so that many people don't know that it has its orgins in Vienna. Enjoy the authentic version of the cutlet fried in butter at any of the restaurants in the city serving traditional Viennese food. Don't forget to order the hot apple strudel for desert, this is a prized dessert in the city.
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Cheap Flights to Vienna (VIE)

Historical prices for Vienna flights.

Departure Airline Prices
Orlando Air France $816
Atlanta Air France $964
Barcelona Alitalia $127
Seattle American Airlines $942
San Francisco Air France $913
Chicago Alitalia $928
Tampa Air France $809
Miami Air Berlin $661
Belgrade Austrian Airlines $152
Berlin Air Berlin $112
Bangkok Egyptair $890
Brussels SN Brussels Airlines $141
Aqmola (Tselinograd) Air Astana $609
Zurich Fly Niki $165
London Easyjet $122
Manila Aeroflot $1169
Paris Austrian Airlines $135
Pisa Air France $729
Rome Fly Niki $136
Singapore Qatar Airways $1050
Milan Fly Niki $169
Amsterdam Swiss International $242
Athens Austrian Airlines $280
Copenhagen Austrian Airlines $162
Dublin Aer Lingus $193

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