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Taipei Flights & Travel Guide

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Why fly to Taipei?

Get your vocal chords ready because you are in for karaoke good time if you had into Taipei. That is just a taste of what the city has to offer but it is an indication that the city is a super fun place to be. Any place where people group singing is a collective hobby has got to be a pretty friendly place.

Taipei city is the capital of Taiwan and located in the north of the country. The city is surrounded by two rivers the Keelung and the Xindian rivers. A walk along the banks will give you a great view of the city and bring it all into perspective. Taipei is also home to some beautiful parks as well as natural hot springs, plan a visit for a weekday if you are able since the weekends are extremely busy.

The city is home to beautiful temples as well as churches and mosques, which is a reflection of the diverse make up of the city. A truly inspiring site is the Taipei Confucius Temple. For a taste of history head to the memorial halls dedicated to the city's forefathers. The Sun-Yat-sen Memorial Hall is a great place to learn about the founding father of China. You can also witness the changing of the guard ceremony and tour the various exhibitions.

This is also the city of themed restaurants which may or may not whet your appetite like the Modern Toilet restaurant, the food may not look appetizing but it is quite delicious and the accessories in the place can make a good opportunity for a photo op.

One of the most fantastic thing about Taipei are the night markets. Sure you can buy weird odd touristy things but more importantly is the food. There are mini morsels of everything you an think of from tofu to fried chicken and lovely glazed tomatoes.

Taipei Weather

Summers in Taipei are very hot and humid and the beginning of summer is also when typhoon season begins. Temperatures tend to hover between the high 20s and low 30s. Winters are quite foggy, however the air is warm. Temperatures are in the mid teens for the winter period.

When to fly to Taipei

Peak season

Despite the heat and humidity the summer is still a popular time to travel to Taipei, however you will find occasional deals.

Low season

The winter months are not a popular time to travel to the country so that makes it a good time to land some deals. If you plan your trip for hte first three months of the year you will definitely find some good flight prices and the weather is still quite warm at this time so strolling from site to site is not difficult.

Getting into Taipei

Your flight will land at Taiwan Taoyuan International Airport. From the airport you can use several modes of transportation to get into town. For a quick trip use the quick train, you can also use the bus service or taxis which are available outside of the terminal.

Getting around Taipei

The city is fairly small and walkable. However the public transportation is also a good reliable option. You can use the city trains or buses. Taxis are also a good option.

Insider Guide

  • Head to Party World in Shi Lin. From the outside it looks like a business skyscraper but inside it is a whack of a good time. The whole building is filled with groovy karaoke rooms, you can book a room and order snacks it is quite a fantastic experience.
  • For a strange experience head to the D.S. Music Restaurant. This restaurant theme here is hospital. Yes, your waitress will be dressed like a nurse and your drinks will come in syringes. The food however will not make you sick.
  • For a great shopping experience head to the Wufenpu Market. Here you will find all sorts of funky clothing that will take you into new age fashion. The bonus is that the prices are ridiculously cheap, so you can come home with a whole new wardrobe.
  • Have some tea. Tea is a ritual in Taipei and you will find many connoisseurs. Head to a tea house and take part in a traditional tea ceremony to enjoy the experience as the Taipei people do.
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Cheap Flights to Taipei (TPE)

Historical prices for Taipei flights.

Departure Airline Prices
Singapore China Eastern Airlines $165
Bangkok Cathay Pacific $265
Houston Continental $1099
Honolulu All Nippon $1076
Portland Delta $1066
Barcelona Air China $1347
Ottawa Continental $1007
Las Vegas Air China $821
Dublin KLM Royal Dutch $987
San Francisco Cathay Pacific $1042
Detroit Metro Continental $948
Kuala Lumpur China Eastern Airlines $413
Los Angeles Air China $709
Manila Philippine Airlines $483
Siem Reap Vietnam Airlines $1770
Hong Kong Eva Airways $1955
Jakarta China Southern Airlines $928
Chicago Cathay Pacific $1823
Chiang Mai China Eastern Airlines $1627

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