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Why fly to Stuttgart?

From vroom-vroom to wheee, the capital city of Baden-Wurttemberg in Southern Germany is home to elite auto makers set on a rolling landscape.

Stuttgart sits in a volcanic basin with the edges rising up on the side like the crust of a pie. Except this pie crust is speckled with big beautiful houses that look down on the city below. Stuttgart is lumpy with rolling hills an picturesque valleys.

The heart of the city is Schlossplatz where you will find lovely cafes, restaurants and shops. Every city has that one area where "the stuff" happens and that area in Stuttgart is this particular square, so it is home to all sorts of celebrations and is part of the Christmas Market area. It is also a great place to sit back and just get a feel for the city and its people. The city is dotted with numerous buildings of cultural value.

One of the most beautiful pieces of old architecture is Collegiate Church of the Holy Cross. Although it was damaged in air raids during WWII, the exterior remained intact. The interior was rebuilt after the war in a modern style, however the interior was rebuilt recently and no longer carries the modern-era feel. You can also take in an organ performance at noon, which adds to the ambiance.

Stuttgart is host to a number of castles including Castle Solitude circa the 18th century as well as Altes Schloss and Neues Schloss just to name a few. The castles of the city however don't sit idle and have been put into modern-day use such as Castle Solitude which is a school and the new castle is home to government.

The Mercedes-Benz Museum's incredibly sleek exterior is just a hint of what's to come inside. The gorgeous building houses all the history you're ever going to want to know about the illustrious car company. You can take the train to get there and just note it's closed on Mondays. By the way if you are a car enthusiast you can also visit the Porsche Musuem

Stuttgart is not your average car manufacturing kind of city. It is quaint and old with bits of new weaved throughout and will definitely charm you in a way quite different from other German cities.

Stuttgart Weather

Temperatures in Stuttgart are fairly moderate. The summers are warm with highs in the mid 20s. The winters cool down with numbers hovering around 0. Record temperatures of negatives in the 20s have been recorded, however this is not common. The city also experiences snowfall during the winter however it usually tends to be late.

When to fly to Stuttgart

Peak season

Summers are a popular time to visit Stuttgart as temperatures are quite nice for enjoying the outdoors and taking in the Black Forest, which can be extremely bleak in the winter months. With high tourist numbers during summer months, flight ticket price are also fairly high.

Off Season

The first three months of the year are not particularly popular for visiting Stuttgart. The cold temperatures and snow tend to keep visitors away and as a result flight ticket prices drop during this time.

Getting into Stuttgart

Your gateway into Stuttgart sits at the Stuttgart Airport. From the airport you have several ways of getting into the city. You can catch the metro rail service from the first level at Terminal 1 and this train will get you into the city center. Just note that trains have slower service on the weekends which means they run every 30 minutes while on the weekdays they run every 10 to 20 minutes. There are also buses available outside of the terminal as well as taxi services.

Getting around Stuttgart

There are plenty of ways to get around Stuttgart and some of them are touristic in themselves like the old rack railway. The rail will get your from Marienplatz to Degerloch and the views of the city are quite incredible as you head up the incline. The city has a rail system that switches between above ground and subway depending on the station's location in the city. There is also a funicular service in Heslach. Bus service can get you around the city as well as outside of the city. Additionally, taxis are also available.

Insider Guide

  • If you book your flight for December you can check out the lovely Stuttgart Christmas Market. The festive air will pull you in to the stalls loaded with delicious foods from sausage to jams. You can find some great, original and quality gifts at the numerous stalls featuring locally made arts and crafts. Don't forget to stop off for some lovely hot chocolate.
  • For a taste of 12th century architecture visit The Stiffts Church. Pieces of the church date back to the 1100s. It is the last representation of the Stauferzeit.
  • Necker Park is popular for all of the festivals that are held there. From the summer festival to Oktoberfest, the park is taken over by food vendors selling traditional German goodies like sausage and onions and mass beer tents are erected as well as amusement park rides.
  • Visit the Stuttgart library if for nthing else than just to see its perfection. The gleaming white walls and beautiful organization of each level is a representation of true German quality.
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Cheap Flights to Stuttgart (STR)

Historical prices for Stuttgart flights.

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Houston Delta $884
Portland Air France $762
Atlanta Air France $601
Kuala Lumpur Austrian Airlines $1078
Seattle American Airlines $843
Miami Air Berlin $688
Raleigh Durham Air France $621
Mumbai Air France $633
New York JFK Air France $534
Rome Alitalia $184
Singapore Qatar Airways $1041
Skopje Swiss International $1214
Sofia Swiss International $345
Toulouse KLM Royal Dutch Airlines $252
London Swiss International $329
Frankfurt Lufthansa $212
Hannover Germanwings $320

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