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Singapore Flights & Travel Guide

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Why fly to Singapore?

"Singapore is a roaring economic beast in Southeast Asia. As you begin your descent into the city remember that despite it's small land area it is just one of three city-states in the whole world, the other being Vatican City and Monaco, which makes it one of those rare places in the world that has managed to carve out its own identity on the world stage. The city is a mix of temples and skyscrapers sitting on a very organized road network and furthermore handled by a very organized state.

Singaporeans for the most part boast roots that hit on one of a mix of Malay, Indian and Chinese cultures. This cultural salad bowl is evident throughout the city, from buildings of worship to monuments and right down to lifestyle and cuisine (and thank goodness because the mix is dee-licious). Visit the Sri Mariamman Temple, which is the largest Hindu temple in the city.

Next, head to Chinatown to experience some delicious food that is Chinese but with a bit of Singapore fusion. Chinatown is also home to the Chinatown Heritage Center where life-size dioramas of life in Singapore in the 19th and 20th century await you.

The city is also home to several museums including the Asian Civilizations Museum and the new Peranaken Museum, both of which help shed light on the tri-culture city-state, region and how it all came to be.

The thriving financial center has developed a citizenry that loves to shop and private business has catered to this desire with enthusiasm by building numerous, massive, high-end shopping centers on every corner. One of the largest examples is the Yue Hwa Shopping Center which hosts international chains as well as local brands. If glitzy malls are not enough and you need a little apres-mall shopping fix, head to the city's markets which is where you will find the noise and color.

For a bit of relaxation head out of the city to the nearby islands like St. John's Island and Palau Ubin, which will give you a chance to experience Singapore without the new skyscraper mayhem. Although once you get out there and get some relaxation in, you will want to get back to the buzz.

Singapore is a fascinating city and despite its big and very well-developed urban structure, it is still developing an identity, one that will surely hold on to some of that old Asian mystic charm.

Singapore Weather

Singapore is hot year round and experiences high humidity. Temperatures highs are in the low 30s and temperature lows are generally in the mid 20s. The monsoon season hits in November and lasts through until January.

When to fly to Singapore

Peak season

Since the weather in the city remains pretty much the same throughout the year, there are other factors that affect travel. Singapore's role as a financial center in Asia means business travel is frequent from September to June and vacationers tend to head there in the summer. The Chinese New Year is celebrated by a large percentage of the population and therefore flights from mid January to February can also be expensive.

Off season

March and April are not particularly busy months for travel to Singapore and this means there are flight deals are to be had. November is also a good time to find yourself some flight discounts to the city.

Getting into Singapore

Your gateway to Singapore will have your flight touching down at the Singapore Chiangi International Airport. Once you arrive you can board a bus or shuttle to get into the downtown core. If you need some semi-alone time after a long flight than grab a taxi outside of the airport terminal.

Getting around Singapore

Singapore has a great public transportation system as purchasing a vehicle and paying the fees required to get it on the road could be viewed as astronomical in some countries. Public transport consists of a great bus and light rail system, both of which are heavily utilized and extremely efficient. There is a lot of competition when it comes to cab companies in the city which means rates are quite reasonable for the consumer.

Insider Guide

  • You may want to pack some chewing gum because sales of it are illegal although chewing it isn't. Also make sure to close the curtains before walking around in your skimpy nightclothes or you could face a fine if someone sees you as it could be regarded as nudity which is illegal.
  • Make some time for the night safari at the Singapore Zoo where you can see almost 100 species of nocturnal animals. The open-air zoo has a tram that can take you through the large sight if you're tired after all that Singapore retail therapy.
  • Jurong Bird Park is also a great place to visit, especially if you're with kids. The park not only hosts more than 600 bird species but also has a beautiful man-made waterfall.
  • Shopping is a bit of a national pastime in Singapore so get into the mix and head out to the Shoppes at Marina Bay Sands where you can find designer labels and all sorts of other high end goods. The city's malls are also worth a visit if not for anything else than to see how Singapore dolls up the traditional Western mall.
  • If you want to meet up with fellow tourists, head to the Clarke Quay for a drink, tapas and live music. The city also has some great rooftop bars for a sleek drink and a sleeker view.
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Cheap Flights to Singapore (SIN)

Historical prices for Singapore flights.

Departure Airline Prices
Chicago Air China $1010
New York Air China $852
Phuket Jetstar $80
Mumbai Air India $309
Manila Air Philippines $85
Moscow Air China $590
Frankfurt Air France $749
Houston American Airlines $954
Tokyo Air China $456
Bangkok Bangkok Airways $128
Berlin Air France $775
Amsterdam Air France $774
Las Vegas All Nippon $909
London Air China $612
Seoul Air China $568
Boston All Nippon $1133
Delhi Air India $328
Cairo Egypt Air $731
Washington Dulles Air China $1102
Hong Kong Jetstar $227
Philadelphia Air China $996
Paris Air France $698
Guangzhou Air China $431
Anchorage Delta $1338
Jakarta Jetstar $64

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