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Sharm El Sheikh Flights & Travel Guide

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Why fly to Sharm el-Sheikh?

The turquoise waters will enchant you into sitting for hours with your toes snuggled into the sand just gazing across the glittering sea.

Sharm el-Sheikh is an Egyptian city and sits on the chin of the Sinai Penisula although it may feel a little more Mediterranean.

The waters surrounding the city are renowned for their dive spots which are teeming with hundreds of fish species and coral. A snorkelling trip feels like you've dived jumped into an underwater cartoon series where all of the fish are ultra bright and colorgul. And the set of this show is made up of red coral that pops against against the jewel blue of the water.

One of the most magical and some might say cathartic experiences you can have above sea level is out in the desert under the night sky. A night with the bedouin people, enjoying food cooked out of the ground and learning about desert life and turning into your own private tent is something not to be missed. Due to the lack of light pollution the stars appear bright and seem to be sparkling right at at you, combine that with the silence and the vastness of the desert landscape and you have the making of an ethereal experience.

In the city itself there are several mosques but entrance inside may be limited to those of the Muslim faith. However everyone can visit the beautiful Coptic Church, which sits just outside of old Sharm el-Sheikh. The church is fairly new and is quite colorful and airy. The interiors are quiet spectacular with numerous wall paintings that depict stories from the bible. A church guide will actually go through the stories with you as well as tell you all about how the church came to be. You must cover your shoulders and knees to enter.

For shopping and dining away from your resort or hotel facilities visit the extremely relaxed Soho Square. There are great bars, restaurants and lovely shops. However, most importantly there is a dancing fountain. The magical fountain lights up at night and the water is choreographed making for a very pretty sight.

Whether it is under water or under the night sky, maybe in the desert, It is impossible to leave Sharm el-Sheikh without having had at least one surreal experience.

Sharm el-Sheikh Weather

Sharm el-Sheikh is a hot city even in the winter. December though February are the coolest months and on average the temperatures are in the high teens. In the summer the numbers quickly climb into the low to mid 30s and there have been instances of the digits moving into the low 40s although it is not common. Spring and fall weather tends to swing between the low to mid 20s.

When to fly to Sharm el-Sheikh

Peak Season

Although the city experiences tourism throughout the year due to a warm climate, the spring and summer are particularly popular times to travel to Sharm el-Sheikh. During these high tourist travel times flight ticket prices come at a premium.

Off Season

The winter months are not cold, but they are definitely cooler especially in the nights and this results in a decrease in traveler flow. The low tourist traffic from October through to February also means there are great flight ticket deals to be had.

Getting into Sharm el-Sheikh

Your gateway into Sharm el-Sheikh is located at the Sharm el-Sheikh International Airport, which sits approximately 15 minutes from the city center. From the airport you can take a mini-bus, which is essentially a shared taxi and will only depart once all of the seats have filled up. Your other option is taxi service, you can take a regular cab and agree upon a fair with the cab driver before leaving the terminal or you can take the tourist taxis. The tourist taxis are more expensive as the drivers all speak English and the cars are more luxurious.

Getting around Sharm el-Sheikh

You can use the mini-bus services or taxi services to get around the city. Alternatively, you can hire a car with a driver to ferry you around for the day.

Insider Guide

  • Visit Ras Mohamed National Park for some of the best snorkelling and diving in the city. Tour operators will take you into the hot spots where you can see some of the most beautiful coral reefs and species of fish. Make sure to ask your operator about what is included in the trip before booking as some places will charge you extra for gear and the like.
  • Go kite-surfing. Sharm el-Sheikh is a popular location for what some would call this daring sport. The city has a kite-surfing center if you are a newbie and want some training.
  • Hike up Mt. Sinai to take in some of the great views of the city. If you can do this hike close to the sunrise you will be handsomely rewarded with a spectacular view.
  • Spend a day at Aqua Blue Water Park and go on all 32 slides if you dare. This water park is located on hotel grounds but non-guests can enjoy the park with an entrance fee. This is a great place for families and the perfect way to cool down from the summer heat.
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Cheap Flights to Sharm El Sheikh (SSH)

Historical prices for Sharm El Sheikh flights.

Departure Airline Prices
Bordeaux KLM Royal Dutch Airlines $1224
Moscow Egyptair $1362
Paris Egyptair $860
Tbilisi Egyptair $1090

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