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Shanghai Flights & Travel Guide

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Why fly to Shanghai?

It is an economic superpower and home to almost 30 million people. Shanghai is a city buzzing with the electricity of being a financial center that still has much of its old city charm.

The city sits on the Yangtze River Delta and is home to one of the world's busiest container ports. The city skyline is something to witness as it is all kinds of futuristic sitting in a silver glass mass.

Behind this sheen of new Shanghai are the old buildings that speak of the city's mixed past. You can see Buddhist temples like the Jade Buddha Temple or Taoist temples like the City God Temple. Shanghai is also home to a Christian minority and a number of churches exist in the city.

Several important museums are located in the city like the Shanghai Art Museum, which houses important ceramic collections among others. The city is also home to great Chinese theater and cinema so take in a show for the sheer experience, you might not understand the words but the actions will speak volumes.

If you enjoy food full of layers of flavor you will love Shanghai cuisine. The dishes are made of fresh ingredients flavored with rice wine, rice vinegar and soy sauce. You will find numerous fish dishes due to the city's close proximity to the Yangtze river. Restaurants range from the uber luxurious sitting in one of the city's new skyscrapers to little roadside stalls. Take your pick for two very different dining experiences, but one great taste.

Shanghai is a supremely futuristic city but you can still find a little bit of its old flavor in the back streets, either way there are tons of things to do and you will find yourself immersed in a culture that is uniquely its own but ready to welcome you in.

Shanghai Weather

Shanghai is a city of extremes, the summers are hot, hot, hot, while the winters are uber cold. Temperatures in the summer easily cruise into the mid 30s while in the winter they tease at around zero. Residents find their happy medium in the fall and spring numbers in the mid teens to low teens.

When to fly to Shanghai

Travel to Shanghai in the summer is very popular as it is usually vacation time from schools and work for many people in Western countries. This means flight ticket prices to the city are extremely high. The Chinese New Year celebrations that take place from January to mid February are also a big draw for the city, which also means flights sell out quickly leaving just first class seats, if even those.

Getting into Shanghai

The major international airport in the city is the Shanghai Pudong International Airport. Once you get into the airport you will have several choices for getting into the city. The super high speed Maglev train will get you from the airport to the Longyang Road Metro Station in less than 10 minutes from where you can catch the metro into the city core. The metro train also runs from the airport and is less expensive than the Maglev but takes longer.

Your other options include airport buses or taxi.

Getting around Shanghai

The metro system is a great way to travel around Shanghai's center. The system has undergone several expansions and now has stations all over the main areas of the city. The public transit system is also a good way to get to know the city and culture a little better, the buses can be a little more crowded than the metro. Alternatively you can use taxis or rent a bike and really get to know the city.

Insider Guide

  • Take a tour of a 400-year old garden. The Yu Yuan Garden provides a great getaway from the busy city.
  • Visit the Pearl TV Tower which provides a great view of the city. You can do some shopping, have dinner at the revolving restaurant and checkout the beautiful skyline
  • Visit the watefront area for the afternoon and take in numerous architectural styles of years gone past. You will find Renaissance buildings among Baroque and Gothic among others.
  • Head to the Dianpu River and visit a little town call Zhujiajiao which that still rings of the Ming Dynasty. A walk or bike around the quaint homes and quiet courtyards first thing in the morning makes for a magical experience.
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Cheap Flights to Shanghai (SHA)

Historical prices for Shanghai flights.

Departure Airline Prices
New York Continental $670
Chicago Air China $962
Frankfurt Aeroflot $818
Tokyo Air China $548
Paris Aeroflot $861
Singapore China Eastern Airlines $335
Kuala Lumpur Air China $422
Brussels British Airways $832
Berlin Aeroflot $853
Bangkok Air China $341
Las Vegas Air China $910
Rome Air China $808
Seoul China Eastern Air $196
Barcelona Aeroflot $858
Amsterdam Aeroflot $741
San Francisco Air Canada $795
Vancouver Air China $789
Dallas Fort Worth Delta $969
Dublin Air France $1067
Buenos Aires Aeromexico $1564
Minneapolis St. Paul Delta $1004
Los Angeles Air Canada $716
Manila Cathay Pacific $405
Boston Continental $619
Ho Chi Minh China Eastern Airlines $346

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