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Why fly to Seoul?

A tale of two cities plays out harmoniously in this storied place. Seoul is the capital of the Republic of Korea and the metropolitan area is home to a mind-boggling 25 million people. This buzzing city is divided by the Han River, and divides the city into new and old quarter, which is also under redevelopment.

The southern portion of the city is the new face of Seoul. This is where skyscrapers are shooting up one after another and numerous multinational corporations have set up shop. Some of the most impressive new buildings include the Tower Palace residents which is made up of an impressive seven sky scraping buildings. Other highlights include the Jongno Tower as well as the World Trade Center.

Head north of the river and you get a chance to travel into the old world. This is where traditions are upheld and the city is made up of a winding set of narrow laneways lined with pagodas and temples. Here you can find the serenity of a Buddhist garden. However, the river has not been able to prevent a city that is literally growing upwards and that means the north has its share of new construction projects. What once used to be a quaint city of Bonsai gardens is now home to the giant Seoul World Cup Stadium as well as numerous Western-style malls.

Eastern architecture can still be found throughout the city such as the Five Grand Palaces of Soul which are located in the Jongno District. A portion of the old fortress wall circa the 14th century still surrounds part of the city.

The city has a strong tradition of preserving music, art and culture. It is home to more than 100 museums, but the most impressive of all is the National Museum of Korea which is home to one of the world's largest collections of Eastern artifacts. The Seoul Art Museum also deserves a visit for the unique exhibits providing a light into the unique culture of the east.

The city is bustling bubble of energy 24 hours a day, get your energy levels up and head to Seoul for a little jolt of electricity.

Seoul Weather

The city of Seoul has four distinct seasons and each of them come with temperatures that will knock your socks off (or require a double pair if its winter). The summer temperatures will make you feel as though you are in a wood-fired oven with temperatures in the high 30s on average. The winter means ice and snow and freezing temperatures from December through to February. The spring and summer bring a welcome reprieve to the extreme temperatures.

When to fly to Seoul

Peak season

Travelers generally tend to book flight tickets to Seoul during September and October which means prices at these times are fairly expensive. Another popular time to book is from May to June. Despite the heat. you will also see flights booking up fairly quickly during the summer months.

Off Season:

The deep cold freeze of winter tends to keep tourists away and is the best time to book flight tickets. If you enjoy winter sports this is a great time to go and you will save a bundle on flight tickets.

Getting into Seoul

Gimpo International Airport will welcome you into the city. Once you land you have a few choices on how you will make your way into the city. The city's subway line connects to the airport so that is a great option. Alternatively you can also use the public buses, or hire a taxi (there are two different kinds of taxis, the mobeom's charge more than the others but are more comfortable).

Getting around Seoul

Seoul is an easy city to get around. The subway system is great, especially when the weather makes it difficult to walk even a few steps. The buses are a bit of an adventure but do give you a chance to really experience the city like locals do. Of course, taxi service is always an option and fairly inexpensive if you take a regular cab.

Insider Guide

  • Visit the 63 building to take an amazing view of Seoul. The skyscraper houses wonderful restaurants and shopping and in the evening is the perfect place to have a drink and take in Seoul in all its glittery night glory.
  • Head to the mountains for some fresh air and a change of scenery. Namhansanseong Provincial Park is located conveniently just outside of the city and provides a lovely reprieve from Seoul's honking and traffic.
  • Visit the 2,000 year old Namhansanseong Fortress for a truly amazing sight. The fortress is an incredible piece of work and the view from the top will leave you breathless.
  • If you are travelling with children head to Children's Grand Park where they can visit the zoo. The grounds of the park are immaculately groomed and provide the perfect setting for a family picnic. The park also has a lovely botanical garden that houses some unique and unusual plant species.
  • Head to the National Museum of Korea to truly understand the history of the city and the country. Exhibits will take you back to Korea and Seoul's beginnings with a beautiful collection of artifacts. The museum also plays tribute to its Asian neighbors with art pieces from neighboring countries.
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Cheap Flights to Seoul (SEL)

Historical prices for Seoul flights.

Departure Airline Prices
New York Asiana Airlines $989
Chicago Asiana Airlines $803
Singapore Air China $416
Amsterdam Air France $936
Rome Air China $865
Kuala Lumpur Air China $503
Bangkok Air China $471
Barcelona Air China $1149
Seattle Air Canada $810
Tokyo All Nippon $344
Frankfurt Air China $720
Berlin Aeroflot $901
Miami American Airlines $1057
San Francisco Air China $638
Paris Air China $1125
Brussels China Southern $1058
Newark American Airlines $864
Mumbai Cathay Pacific $635
Manila Air China $656
Vancouver Air Canada $782
Tampa Continental $712
Dublin Air France $808
Birmingham American Airlines $1341
Hyderabad Air India $731
Buenos Aires Delta $2176

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