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Salt Lake City Flights & Travel Guide

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Why fly to Salt Lake City?

It is an interesting place with an interesting history. Chances are that if you visit Salt Lake City you will find yourself exploring the cradle of the Latter-Day Saints.

The city sits on Great Salt Lake and has a gorgeous backdrop of mountain ranges including Wasatch. The city is full of natural beauty and if you head out to the beautiful canyons you will witness extreme sites of Mother Nature at work.

The area ski sites bring visitors in from around the world. The cupcake-frosting like snow that sits across the roofs of the ski chalets gives the whole area a romantic feel but once you hit the slopes it is adventure full-tilt.

Visit Utah Olympic Park to get a sniff of what all the adrenalin-chasing Olympic athletes saw during the 2002 games. You can take a trip down the actual bobsled run - dress your face up in its warmest as it is a super fast ride in super cold temperatures. You can also check out some of the museums housed on site like the 2002 Eccles Winter Olympic Museum to learn a little bit more about what went on ther.

Off the hills you must visit Latter-day Church of the Saints home turf. Temple Square stretches for three blocks and is home to numerous old buildings that tell the story of the city's beginnings. The Salt Lake Temple is quite beautiful and is a massive presence in the area. You should also visit the Tabernacle after whic a stroll through the gardens is a must. The methodoligcally compiled archives of the Family History Museum that sit at Temple Square are fascinating and really depict the root of the city culture.

And although Salt Lake City is known for its Mormon roots and at times strict idealogy about lifestyle, the city has moved forward into modernity. In 2009, liquor laws were normalized which means the bar and restaurant scene is now thriving. Restaurant choices offer international cuisine. Check out Oh Mai for delicious Vietnamese or Aristo's for Greek and if you're in the mood for Indian, Italian, juicy burgers or vegan you are in luck as Salt Lake City has a list of restaurants for all of your cravings.

Check out some specialty foods you can take home while you are in the city like Slide Ridge Honey Wine Vinegar. The gourmet vinegar is created using fresh honey from Utah beehives and you can find it at various food shops throughout the city. If you head over to the 9th and 9th district you will find many artisan shops producing fresh-baked goods and locally-cured meats.

Salt Lake City makes for a fascinating visit with its Mormon roots clearly evident but weaved through a very modern city flanked by awe-inspiring mountains and a local population that is becoming more cosmopolitan. You will discover a whole new side to the Salt Lake City you may have thought you knew.

Why Fly

If you love flying down powdery slopes, you are going to fall in love with Salt Lake City.

Salt Lake City Weather

Salt Lake City is serious about its weather with summers-a-sizzling and winters brrr-cold. Summer temperatures hit the low 30s and rains hit the city. In the winter the numbers hover around 0 and that is when the powdery snow makes a showing in the city.

When to fly to Salt Lake City

Peak season

Summer is a very popular time to visit the city despite the heat and this means flight ticket prices can be fairly pricey at this time. On the other hand, winters are also very popular despite the cold due to ski season and booking a flight during December will have you paying premium fares.

Low season

The autumn months are not a particularly popular time to travel to Salt Lake City so you can find some great deals on flight tickets during this time. The early spring is also a good time to find yourself a good flight rate and enjoy Salt Lake City without the massive crowds.

Getting into Salt Lake City

Your portal into Salt Lake City opens up at Salt Lake City International Airport. There are several ways you can get from the airport into the city center. Take the rail service for quick transport into the city. There is also bus service but it does not run on the weekends. Alternatively, taxis are also available outside the terminals. Airport shuttles are also available but you should book prior to arriving at the airport. Also, check with your hotel to find out if they offer a courtesy shuttle from the airport.

Getting around Salt Lake City

The city has quite a few options when it comes to using public transport for travel. The public buses are efficient and there is also a light rail service that will get around the major sightseeing parts of the city. In addition, taxi services are also available.

Insider Guide

  • Visit Red Butte Garden, it sits on the site of University of Utah. A wander through the site will give you a glance into various ecosystems and an intense education on botany. This is a great site if you are travelling with children as they will get a chance to receive some in-labratory learning.
  • If you are a fan of quality cheeses head to Tony Caputo's cheese cave. Here you will find cheeses that have been imported from around the world which are then aged to perfection in the cheese cave. There are often special cheese events held at the shop in which the cave is housed.
  • Take a day trip to nearby Antelope Island. Here you will be enamoured with the local wildlife which includes coyotes and elk among others. It's a great place to enjoy a picnic and take in rugged nature.
  • Get ready to Jell-0. The state, the city loves jiggly gel stuff. You will find all sorts of jello concoctions on dessert menus and who knows, as a beaming waiter serves you a dish, you may fall in love with the stuff all over again.
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Cheap Flights to Salt Lake City (SLC)

Historical prices for Salt Lake City flights.

Departure Airline Prices
Portland Alaska Airlines $189
San Diego Delta $172
Seattle Alaska Airlines $141
New York Delta $257
Miami Continental $258
Boston American Airlines $316
Kiev Air France $780
Chicago American Airlines $234
Atlanta Delta $296
Louisville Continental $186
Los Angeles American Airlines $162
Boise Delta $135
Rome Air France $805
Mexico City American Airlines $458
Evansville American Airlines $270
Honolulu Delta Airlines $788
Dubai American Airlines $1023
Phoenix Delta Airlines $411
Madison Delta $320
Anchorage Delta $405
Appleton Delta $207
San Francisco Frontier Airlines $315
Victoria United Airlines $578
State College Delta $419

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