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Rome Flights & Travel Guide

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Why fly to Rome?

"It is where street food is a heavenly mortadella pizza or a mozzerala, prosciutto cotto sandwich and an afternoon break means deep layers of freshly pressed coffee beans poured into a perfectly-sculpted little espresso cup. This is average life in Rome. Sure, food may not be the whole reason to travel half way across the world but after a visit to Rome your tastebuds will surely help you plan your next trip.

The city is home to the Colosseum and yes you probably already knew that. But it is one of those places that is a tourist mecca for all the right reasons. The ancient stadium is depicted in many brochures and magazines but being within its walls is just a whole other experience.

The old bricks are covered in green moss in some places, in other places their kind of black. but if you give yourself a minute or two you can imagine all of the grandeur and chaos that took place there.

Beyond the Colosseum, Rome is home to a wealth of ancient structures with the Pantheon and the Pyramid of Cestius just to name a few. The country has done a great job of preserving these sites so that a visit to the city is virtual time travel through history.

The city is home to magnificent churches with the most famous being St. Peter's Basilica, a church tour will reveal magnificent architecture that was amazingly built without the aid of modern day techniques. The churches are also home to their own wealth of treasures, beyond the ancient architecture. Take for example San Luigi dei Francesi Church, which in itself is a beautiful structure, but creep inside you will be given your own private viewing of two of early 17th century artist Caravaggio's most renowned works.

Rome is a living museum of sorts and this can make it difficult to decide which buildings are worth the the time to step inside. One of the oldest and best preserved is the Palazzo Farnese, an afternoon spent there will be well worth your while. The 16th century renaissance palace once belonged to Pope Paul III, but that is not what makes it so important. Rather, it is the beauty of the frescoes that make the site visit-worthy. The Loves of the Gods and the Hercules Frescoe are just incredible in their detail and style. Outside the palace are lovely gardens and two massive fountains, originally basins from the Baths of Caracella, that make for a truly grandiose scene.

Although, Rome may not be Italy's designer capital it still oozes style and if you are looking for designer duds look no further than the famed Via Condotti where you can get your fix of Versace, Armani and all the other Italian designers. Now, once you've got your designer goods, forget about sitting down for a fancy lunch in one of the numerous Italian restaurants serving decadent dishes and head towards your a street food experience only Rome could produce.

If "you wanna the pizza, you gotta the pizza." There are lovely joints lining the cobble-stones streets serving pizzarie al taglio in the most heavenly of topping combinations. From the standard Margherita - tomato and cheese - to sausage, eggplant, zucchini - oh my! Sitting in a leafy park, near a fountain, across from a a 15th century building as you lick your lips after a bite of cheesy, tomato bliss, a truly Roman experience.

Rome Weather

Rome's proximity to the Mediterranean means the winters are soft on you and the summers fairly hot. The winter days bring cool temperatures that are generally in the 10s in the day and about 0 in the evenings. In the summer, expect a toasty 30 degrees and humidity.

When to fly to Rome

Peak season

Summers are always busy in Rome regardless of the weather since this is the time most families can get away together.

Off season

Tourism in the city slows down a fair bit after December which means flight prices are at their lowest. However if you'd rather venture upon the city during the warmer months plan ahead and you may be able to snag a few good deals in April and May

Getting into Rome

You will land into the romantically-named Leonardo da Vinci International Airport and from there you have a few choices on how to reach your destination. The train located just a few steps outside the international terminal is really a great option that is not only purse-friendly but also whisks you into the city in no time flat. Taxis are also a good alternative.

Getting around Rome

Take a few minutes to read and understand the public transportation map and you will be all set for getting around the city. The network provides train, bus, tram and metro services to get you from point A to B all over the city. Once you are in the historic center, everything is in walking distance.

Insider Guide

  • Make a wish at Trevi Fountain and then stroll around the area to view some of the most awesome mural art depicting the stories of yore you will ever see.
  • Head to Palatine Hill to see where the uppercrust of society lived several hundred years ago. The site is home to great museums and provides a unique lens into an interesting period in Italian history.
  • The Forum is a must-see site on traveller lists and is quite a formidable site when you are viewing it live and in colour.
  • If you are in Rome you should visit the Vatican Museums. This site houses an incredible number of regarded works by artists like Raphael as well as ancient artifacts that will stoke your imagination and take you back several centuries.
  • Definitely have a fine dining event when you are in Rome. Even the most average restaurant isn't so average when you are in this city. The use of fresh ingredients and the blending of the finest herbs ensure that wherever you decide to go will be one of the best places you've ever had a chance to experience.
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Cheap Flights to Rome (ROM)

Historical prices for Rome flights.

Departure Airline Prices
Portland Air Canada $770
Philadelphia Air France $539
Chicago Alitalia $850
Los Angeles Air France $701
Barcelona Air France $82
Miami American Airlines $696
Skopje Alitalia $272
New York Aer Lingus $603
San Francisco Air Canada $868
Las Vegas Air France $925
Cincinnati Covington Air France $705
Frankfurt Air France $134
Rochester Air Canada $697
Kuala Lumpur Austrian Airlines $953
Detroit Air France $645
Birmingham Air France $633
Cleveland Hopkins Airport American Airlines $691
Denver Air France $705
San Diego Air Canada $828
Brussels Alitalia $132
Columbus American Airlines $656
Hyderabad Emirates $822
Pittsburgh Air France $671
Vancouver Air Canada $984
Seattle Air France $718

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