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Why fly to Oslo?

Oslo is natural northern beauty. It is flanked by hills and mountains and dotted with more than 300 lakes.

Numerous green areas can be found in the city, some with a distinctive Norwegian touch. Head to Frogner Park where you will find amongst the trees and paths, numerous sculptures that may or may not disturb you. Picture giant babies attacking men or angry babies being - well angry. They are interesting to say the least.

The city itself is very old but much of the architecture is new as Oslo was the victim of several mass fires which resulted in the loss of ancient structures. However, there are still some great examples of old work like the Akershus Castle and Fortress which date back to the 13th century. The castle has been well-preserved and the interior is quite stunning and worth a visit. In addition to being open to the public, it is also used by the government for large functions. Great representation of early 19th century architecture can be seen at the Royal Palace and Christiania Theater.There is also distinct modernist work throughout the city such as the building housing the Kunstnernes Hus gallery.

Oslo has numerous museums and, if it exists, there is likely a museum for it in Oslo. Check out the Kon-Tiki Museum and see the famous Kon-Tiki and Ra boats used by legendary explorer Thor Hyderdahl. Seeing the boats in person will cement in your mind Hyderdahl's legendary status as it is hard to believe he used such fragile vehicles to traverse the high seas. If you're curious to see a giant ship housed in a building, head to Fram Museum where you explore a ship used Arctic expeditions during the late 19th and early 20th centuries. One of the greatest museums for fans of legendary artist and writer Edvard Munch is the Munch Museum which houses much of his original work. Theater and arts are much appreciated in the city with the Oslo Opera House and the National Theatre hosting some of the country's prime performances.

Norwegian cuisine is delicious and healthy with fish playing a strong role in the diet. Start the day off with Laks og eggerore, which is scrambled eggs and smoked salmon. Lutefisk is stockfish served alongside bacon and potatoes as well as mustard greens. Pork meatballs are a typical dinner in any household and can be found at most Norwegian restaurants. The city has several Michelin-starred restaurants like Maaemo where you will get excellent Norwegian fare.

Oslo is a wealthy city and as a result dining out can be pricey so remember to factor that into your budget, however you always get what you pay for and Oslo is as smooth and sleek as those price lists. It's a city of creativity and pizzazz and will leave you appreciating the Scandinavian approach to life.

Oslo Weather

Oslo is full of warm people and cool weather. The winter temperatures are usually on the negative side and can fall into the minus teens at night. The city gets its fair share of snow through the winter starting as early as November. The summers are relatively warm with numbers in the mid teens to low 20s in the height of summer in July.

When to fly to Oslo

Peak season

Summer is a popular time to visit Oslo as the days are long and the weather balmy, which means flight ticket prices to the city are fairly high.

Off season

The winter months bring with them frigid temperatures and short days, which means the city slows down on the tourist end and which also means you an score some good prices on flight tickets. Early spring is also a good time to book as the days become longer but there are still flight deals to be had.

Getting into Oslo

Your gateway into Oslo is located at Oslo Airport, which sits approximately an hour outside of the city center. Once you arrive and get your luggage you can use the bus, airport shuttle or taxi.

Getting around Oslo

Moving around Oslo is very easy. The city has clock public transportation which includes bus, tram and metro. Clean taxis are of course always an option.

Insider Guide

  • Go quote-spotting. The city has invested in a most whimsical project in which quotes from the famous literary figure Henrik Ibsen have been carved in steel letters and set into the sidewalks of city streets.
  • Head to Bygdoy for an afternoon of museum-hopping the site is home to the Norwegian Museum of Cultural History as well as the Norwegian Maritime Museum. This area is also where Norwegian royalty summers and where Oscarshall Castlis located. Besides the expanses of green Bygdoy also has several beaches including a nude beach.
  • The Nobel Peace Prize is given out in Oslo every year to some of the world's most fascinating people. To learn more about what it takes to be awarded this prestigious prize, head to the Nobel Peace Center. The exhibits and installations takes you into the minds of the laureates and also how the Nobel Peace price ever came to be.
  • You must try cloudberries, the name is as beautiful as the flavor. These are a rare delicacy and Norwegians go to great lengths to pick beautiful, buxom berries so you can be sure they are not easy to find in simple fruit form. For a lovely cloudberry experience try the yogurt or cloudberry desserts - soft cloud sweet loveliness.
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Cheap Flights to Oslo (OSL)

Historical prices for Oslo flights.

Departure Airline Prices
Portland Continental $737
Bucharest Austrian Airlines $149
New York Continental $555
Kuala Lumpur KLM Royal Dutch $952
Tokyo Air France $1318
Miami Air France $583
San Diego Air France $584
Paris Air France $220
Rio De Janeiro Air France $1169
Atlanta Multiple Airlines $652
Columbus Multiple Airlines $732
Barcelona Brussels Airlines $213
Munich Air France $218
Linz Austrian Airlines $531
Berlin Air Berlin $120
Frankfurt Scandinavian Airlines $114
Salzburg Austrian Airlines $414
Vienna British Airways $319
Hong Kong Lufthansa $8063
Copenhagen Scandinavian Airlines $205
Jakarta Qatar Airways $1352
London Scandinavian Airlines $235

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