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New Orleans Flights & Travel Guide

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Why fly to New Orleans?

The culture and beat of New Orleans is one of a kind, not only in the US, but also in the world. The mix of cultures has created an interesting tapestry in the city and the combination of French and Caribbean flavor and style can't be found anywhere else.

From the architecture to the food, to the music and way of living, New Orleans has to be experienced to be understood. The city is known the world over for it's over-the-top celebrations during Mardi Gras with parades and street parties and of course those beads.

Beyond the great party of the year the city is just a great to be. Head to the legendary bayous of New Orleans to experience the swamp culture and lifestyle. It's not everyday you will see giant alligators swimming in calm swampy waters. Be sure to try the local fare, which may include some unusual items, but a holiday is an experience so enjoy it.

The city has a great music scene centered in the French Quarter, and a vibrant Cajun food culture, all worth a try. And also note the people of the city are very relaxed and friendly so don't be afraid to strike up a conversation and learn a little bit about the city.

Despite an extremely destructive hurricane in 2008, the city has bounced back and many people have returned to New Orleans to restart their businesses and lives. This hope and faith makes the city a very exciting place to be right now as dreams of hope for many are turning into a reality.

New Orleans Weather

Summers in the city are supremely hot with temperatures hitting the high 30s, there is also a danger of hurricanes during the summer months. The winters are cold and rainy. In fact, the city receives a good amount of rain throughout the year and when the heat and dampness combine you can imagine the sticky feel of the city. Perhaps, that would be a good time to head to the bayous.

When to fly to New Orleans

Peak season

Mardi Gras celebrations means thousands of tourists descend upon the city in the spring and flight tickets are at premium prices. The city is absolutely hopping in March and April, which for many means the high flight fees are a good exchange for the electric experience of the city at this particular time of the year.

Off season

Summers in New Orleans can be difficult to handle due to the high heat so tourism slows down somewhat, especially after the big Mardi Gras party, and this means you may be able snatch up some good flight deals.

Getting into New Orleans

You will fly into the Louis Armstrong New Orleans International Airport. Once you land and get your luggage, make your way outside of the terminal and there you can take either the airport shuttle or the airport express bus to get into downtown. Alternatively you can also use a taxicab.

Getting around New Orleans

Moving around central New Orleans is very easy. The city has an extensive bus system that can get you wherever you wan to go within the city. The streetcar is handy for going short distances within the city core. If your day is going to include a lot of running around to various locations and you are travelling with your family you can also arrange a taxicab to take you around the city for a day rate.

Insider Guide

  • No matter what time of year you visit you can still enjoy the city's famous Mardi Gras. There are several places dedicated to celebrating all year long and one of them is Blaine Kern's Mardi Gras World. It's not the real thing of course but the Mardi Gras tour gives you a chance to see some of the parade highlights up close and persona.
  • New Orleans is the home of the true queen of vampire fiction and you can get a taste of it by a visit to the Anne Rice shrine. Anne Rice is the author of Interview with a Vampire, which was turned into a blockbuster motion picture, as well as many other vampire-related novels that all came before the Twilight series the world has been crazy about in recent years.
  • The New Orleans swamp regions are famous for their alligators and the people who catch them. You should take a trip to one of these swamps. One of the popular one will take you out to Bayou Segnette.
  • Head to one of the many markets the city is known for. Their a great place to pick up souvenirs you will actually use like a bottle of New Orleans style bourbon sauce (delicious).
  • Compare flights to New Orleans from Australia on

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Cheap Flights to New Orleans (MSY)

Historical prices for New Orleans flights.

Departure Airline Prices
Harrisburg (Middletown) AirTran $211
Dayton AirTran $161
Milwaukee AirTran $166
Fort Lauderdale AirTran $158
Los Angeles AirTran $309
Manchester American Airlines $615
Sacramento American Airlines $245
New York JFK American Airlines $195
San Francisco Airtran Airways $212
Minot Delta $328
Baltimore AirTran $148
Kansas City American Airlines $190
New York Delta $172
Miami American Airlines $182
Chicago American Airlines $186
Portland Alaska Airlines $282
Detroit Metro AirTran $171
La Guardia Delta $178
Syracuse Delta $152
Savannah Continental $210
Houston Continental $176
Las Vegas Delta Airlines $340
Boston AirTran $184
Cancun American Airlines $480
Des Moines Delta $505

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