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Moscow Flights & Travel Guide

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Why fly to Moscow?

There are few cities in the world that are as intriguing as Moscow. . Maybe it's because you're not quite what sure what's happening behind the scenes, similar to looking at Russian President Vladmir Putin's icy blue stare. Whatever it is, the city itself is stunning and the mystery of it all lures visitors from around the world

Your visit should start out at the Red Square, this is where you will find the iconic and beautiful Kremlin. Take a tour and lap up the history through visuals. The Kremlin is also where you will find beautiful churches housed in fairytale buildings like the onion-domed fascination called St. Basil's Cathedral or the delicately ornate Assumption Cathederal.

From the old, head to the new-ish. The Seven Sisters are a series of skyscrapers that show Moscow's move from ancient relic to modern day hero.

Moscow is much warmer than many of its sister cities so there is a real summer and you will find green spaces in the city crowded with locals trying to enjoy every second of the warm temperatures.

Russian fare is quite unique as is the climate which inspires the dishes. The country has often been isolated from the rest of the world and has had to rely on locally produced food. Food varieties are limited due to the cold weather and short growing season in areas where anything can be grown at all.

Enter borscht, the quintessential Russian soup, or stew, depending on who you ask which is hearty and made of cabbage, potatoes and whatever else the cook feels like adding that day. Enjoy blinis, Russian pancakes, stuffed with salmon for lunch or instead oozing with chocolate for dessert, you won''t be disappointed either way.

Moscow is really a dynamic city filled with numerous things to see and do that you will not find anywhere else. Top off one of your explorations with a visit to one of the city's many snazzy or hometown bars and enjoy a Russian vodka neat to round out the true Moscow experience (consume with food or your Russian adventure may find you in the strangest of places in the morning).

Moscow Weather

There is no other way to describe Moscow weather besides cold. It is very cold for the most part of the year. The winter months are especially freezing which is why the Russian hat makes so much sense there (and maybe less sense elsewhere). Temperatures drop into the minuses and stay there for long periods of time. The summers are short and cool with numbers in the teens.

When to fly to Moscow

Peak season

July and August are a busy time in Moscow as anyone who has everyone wanted to visit the city will choose these warmer months to go. This means tickets are at an all time premium. December is also fairly expensive as some families tend to vacation to far-off destinations during this time.

Off season

The coldest months receive the least amount of visitors. The freezing temperatures of January through April mean travellers purchasing tickets to the city are generally only those that must due to business. This means the best time to purchase tickets to the intriguing city of Moscow is January.

Getting into Moscow

The closest airport to the city is Sheremetyevo International Airport and is located approximately a half-hour drive from the city. Once you land you can take an express bus or a minibus from just outside the terminal. You can also grab a fixed-price taxi from the designated stand.

Getting around Moscow

The city's integrated public transportation services are very easy to navigate. The system has a great metro service, which is not only utilitarian but a bit of a feast for the eyes as the stations have been adorned with superb pieces of artwork. You can also use the public buses or the minibuses which work on a specific route. As in any foreign city, if you plan to rent a car make sure you know what the regulations are in the country.You can also grab a taxi off the street, but calling ahead is a better plan so you to avoid sticky situations with a runaway driver.

Insider Guide

  • Whether you are a history buff or not, visit Lenin's mausoleum and learn about one of the orchestrator's of modern day Russia. The country today is surely different than he imagine, but nonetheless he played a huge part in getting it to where it is today.
  • Visit the Tretyakov galleries for a glimpse into the Russian art world. You will be entranced and fascinated by some of the older pieces including one very significant piece belonging to Ilya Repin that will take your breath away.
  • Hop the river and head to Gorky Park for a getaway day. Go for a stroll around the beautifully manicured and there are a number of things you can do like ice skating in the winter.
  • If you want to see how Moscow does Western-styled malls head to GUM and checkout the shopping. You won't help but begin to mentally calculate how much you could purchase that exact same item at a much more reasonable price in the West. However, definitely visit for the experience, do some people watching and fascinate it in learning how different the shopping rituals in Moscow are from your home city.
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Cheap Flights to Moscow (MOW)

Historical prices for Moscow flights.

Departure Airline Prices
Barcelona Aeroflot $282
Vancouver Air Berlin $987
Brussels Aeroflot $242
Kuala Lumpur Air France $778
Spokane Delta $861
Boston Air France $1027
Mumbai Air France $463
Chicago Delta $590
Miami Delta $639
Houston Air France $767
Orlando Delta $1247
Seattle Delta $732
Lagos British Airways $932
London Austrian Airlines $252
Los Angeles Delta $865
Bangkok Aeroflot $1167
Boise Delta $1094
Copenhagen Austrian Airlines $355
Bali Qatar Airways $1490
Frankfurt Austrian Airlines $340
London Heathrow Austrian Airlines $270
Hong Kong Air China Intl $3637
Honolulu Lufthansa $1614
Cork KLM Royal Dutch Airlines $561
Singapore Aeroflot $1391

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