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Montreal Flights & Travel Guide

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Why fly to Montreal?

It is a chilly northern city in the Americas but its French connection is more than apparent. Montreal sits in the province of Quebec in eastern Canada straddling the St. Lawrence River.

Canada is multi-lingual, English and French, and Montreal sits in the French-speaking part of the country, you will notice all the signage is in both languages but the language of the people is Francais. Montreal is home to arts, galleries and some of the most beautiful and old buildings found found in Canada. Head to the Vieux Montreal district to see 18th century structures that are now home to museums and boutique galleries. Visit Notre Dame de Bon Secours for a taste of French Canadian classic.

The cold can be scary for visitors but locals are used to it and that is why outdoor activities are are big in the city, especially ice skating. You can find as many skating rinks as most cities have baseball fields, basket courts and soccer pitches combined. There are numerous places to rent skates and go out for a turn.

Skiing is also popular just outside of the city as well as snowshoeing and boarding. The ski hills are soft and smooth and wonderful for beginners, if you want something a little more expert you will need to head a little further outside of the city.

Many pieces of the French lifestyle have seeped into this city from fashion and style with numerous French names represented in the city as well as to the cafes and restaurants. The city also has a very large Italian community and you will find some of the most delicious Italian fare outside of Italy in Montreal.

Montreal is a quaint old Canadian city that has French charm and a welcoming Canadian attitude, which combined will make for a wonderfully, delightful trip - even in the winter.

Montreal Weather

Summers in the city are nice and warm with temperatures in the low 20s.

Winters, however, are freezing cold with temperatures in the minuses.

The city tends to receive heavy snowfall, especially in January and


When to fly to Montreal

Peak Season

Summers are very busy in Montreal, the warm weather

coupled with the numerous festivals held in the city make it a popular

time to visit, which also means flight ticket prices are expensive.

December is also especially busy with the city celebrating the Bonhomme

winter festival and the city is also a popular destination for skiing.

Off Season


best time to get fairly inexpensive flights into Montreal is February

through to April. Winter and early spring is cool and festival season

hasn't hit yet so flight ticket prices drop. If you don't mind the cold

weather, there is a lot to see and do indoors as well.

Getting into Montreal

Your gateway to Montreal opens up at Montreal-Trudeau International Airport, which is located 25 minutes outside of the city center. From the airport you can take the public bus or use one of the shuttles that travel to various regions in the city. There is also a shuttle service that will get you to the nearby Dorval train station, which you can then board to get into Montreal. Alternatively, taxis are available outside of the terminal.

Getting around Montreal

Montreal is a fairly compact city so walking and biking are great options during the warm months. Otherwise, the city has a great public transportation system that connects above and below ground. You can use the subway to get pretty much anywhere within the city and public buses travel within and further out of the city as well. Taxis are also accessible on the streets.

Insider Guide

  • The freezing cold temperatures of winter can be daunting but Montreal has a solution for that. The city has built itself an underground land full of shopping and restaurants named Ville Souteraine. The maze is connected by subway, which means you don't have to step outside at all if you should so choose.
  • Visit the Montreal Biodome, this wonderful place will have you travelling through four ecosystems and experiencing every one of them. The Biodome is home to numeous animals that live in each of the ecosystems like penguins and monkeys. A visit is also a great learning experience for kids.
  • Take a trip to the Jean-Talon Market for a completely different side of Montreal. From fresh produce to spices and lovely cheeses, the market is a sensory adventure. You can enjoy a lovely lunch of grilled sausage and people-watch and then follow that up with a little artisan chocolate.
  • Although, Montreal is home to some of the best restaurants in Canada, one of the local favorites is a little dish that may not sound so fancy. Poutine is a Montreal creation made up of french fries, gravy and cheese curds and is absolutely comforthing and delicious, especially in the winter months. A dish this sublime deserves a country of its
  • own.
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Cheap Flights to Montreal (YMQ)

Historical prices for Montreal flights.

Departure Airline Prices
Brussels Air Canada $565
Tampa American Airlines $246
Las Vegas Air Canada $329
New York Air Canada $247
Barcelona Air France $600
Los Angeles Air Canada $398
New York JFK American Airlines $295
Paris Air Canada $504
Honolulu American Airlines $590
Rio De Janeiro Continental $796
Kansas City Air Canada $499
Boston Air Canada $391
Mumbai Continental $778
Atlanta Air Canada $372
Raleigh Durham Air Canada $380
Little Rock Air Canada $457
Houston Air Canada $383
Tulsa American Airlines $424
Providence Continental $446
Bangkok Air Canada $1535
Nashville Air Canada $454
Chicago Air Canada $422
West Palm Beach Air Canada $248
McAllen American Airlines $618
Miami Continental $310

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