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Marrakech Flights & Travel Guide

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Why fly to Marrakech?

Located on the foothills of the Atlas Mountains, Marrakesh is a city that invokes dreams of souks, dancing snakes and sumptuous nights filled with Oriental music and belly dancers.

The Medina of Marrakesh is a bundle of energy and also a UNESCO World Heritage Site. The area was founded in the 11th century and contains a number of important sites that reflect its beginnings.

The Koutoubiya Mosque is a standout with its 77 meter minaret towering above a flat landscape and low buildings. Visit the Saadian Tombs that sit near the mosque where you will find tombs of princes, marble pillars and graves of those whose names have long-been forgotten. The preserved Menara pavillion as well as the ruins of Badia Palace are also sights of significant historical importance and part of the UNESCO area.

The heart of Marrakesh is in Djemaa el Fna Square, which is a bustling area full of alley after alley filled with shops selling everything from spices to carpets and silk to leather. The sounds of bartering punctuated by offers of tea and animals wandering about, create an all sorts of awesome kind of affair, just remember to eat your Wheaties in the morning as you will need your energy. At night, the square is lit up and a grand site to see from a distance.

Enjoy a relaxing afternoon at a hamam. Sure it is something like a spa, but it includes a full body scrub down that you will have not experienced in your typical spa experience. Additionally, the very hands on massage will feel you invigorated or a night on the town. There are several located throughout the city, including a few in some of the hotels.

Once you've gotten the desert sand out of your pores, it is time to hit the town. Many people come to Marrakesh looking for the mystery and exotic opulence of this far off land and for belly dancers of course, all of which you will find at in a large villa that houses the restaurant Le Comptoir. The restaurant has become a bit of a legend for its ambiance. The venue is part restaurant, part lounge and part bar with a menu influenced by Moroccan, French and Asian cooking styles.

Additionally, Moroccan cuisine is delicious and whether you try it from a tiny stall on the street or one of the many restaurants, the layered flavors of a cuisine developed over a thousand years and numerous influences will tantalize you. The cuisine is meat heavy with a large emphasis on succulent pieces of lamb.

Marrakech is still that city that has inspired so many to take this far-off trek to Saharan Africa. It is the magical city you have dreampt of and will likely provide you with a few more things to add to your night dreams.

Marrakech Weather

The weather in Marrakesh ranges from warm to very hot. The summers hit the high 30s while winters on average are in the low teens but can hit the low 20s quite easily. Despite it's desert reputation, Marrakesh does get sprinkled with rain throughout the winter months.

When to fly to Marrakech

Peak Season

Marrakesh has beautiful weather year round and is a popular destination as a result. Despite the heat, Marrakesh is particularly busy in the summer as many Westerners take holidays during this period and with that the flight tickets to Marrakesh come with a hefty price tag.

Off Season

The first three months of the year are a slower time for travel to Marrakesh and due to this the flight tickets are priced far lower than during the summer months. November is also a good time to uncover some flight deals to this romantic city.

Getting into Marrakech

Your gateway to mystical Marrakesh opens up at Menara Airport which is just 10 minutes outside the heart of the city. You can use the public bus into the center of the city and then walk with your luggage from there. Alternatively, there are taxis available but you should agree on a fixed price with your driver before you leave the terminal and with that said, if you are going into the city center the average price is around $20.

Getting around Marrakech

Marrakesh is working on its public transport but at the present time your best option is a taxi or a hired car. Discuss your options with your hotel staff and they should also be able to find you some options to get to the prime destinations.

Insider Guide

  • If you are hoping to take in some art there are numerous options as the city has developed a bit of a gallery scene over the past decade. Galleries feature work by both Moroccan and international artists. Some of the better known galleries include Galerie 127 and the Light Gallery.
  • Visit high-end Palmeraie where you will find luxury hotels and restaurants, but don't worry even there you will find camels to ride.
  • Moroccan cuisine is very developed and has had many influences due to the various empires that have ruled in the region. One of the classics you will try is tajine, which is essential a meat stew cooked in a clay pot, which helps to give its unique flavor. A typical tajine could include lamb and dates or chicken and olvies. Other foods include couscous as well as grilled kebabs. The foods are uniquely spiced and in turn always very flavorful.
  • If you've ever wondered how smooth, sleek leather is created out of animal hide, you can learn all about it in the city's tannery district. Craftsmen practice the art to this day and you can watch them at work as well as make purchases of finished products. Be forewarned it is a bit of a smelly business.
  • If you need to take a break from Moroccan food, you will be able to find some international fare in a really cool place. Enjoy some Thai in the courtyard of a an old mansion circa the 1800's.
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Historical prices for Marrakech flights.

Departure Airline Prices
Boston Delta $1048
London Easyjet $116
Madrid Iberia $134
London Heathrow British Midland $356
Paris Easyjet $153
Newcastle Royal Air Maroc $2384
London Gatwick Easyjet $163

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